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starPro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) 500 for 1991

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position born wrestler previous year position difference notes
1 United States Hulk Hogan N/A N/A
2 United States Lex Luger N/A N/A
3 United States Ric Flair N/A N/A
4 United States Randy Savage N/A N/Adeceased
5 United States Sting N/A N/A
6 United States Scott Steiner N/A N/A
7 United States Ricky Steamboat N/A N/A
8 United States Steve Williams N/A N/Adeceased
9 United States Arn Anderson N/A N/A
10 United States Rick Steiner N/A N/A
11 United States The Ultimate Warrior N/A N/Adeceased
12 United States Jerry Lawler N/A N/A
13 United States Curt Hennig N/A N/Adeceased
14 United States Barry Windham N/A N/A
15 United States Road Warrior Hawk N/A N/Adeceased
16 United States Sid Justice N/A N/A
17 United States Ted DiBiase N/A N/A
18 United States Road Warrior Animal N/A N/Adeceased
19 United States Nikita Koloff N/A N/A
20 Japan The Great Muta N/A N/A
21 Canada Bret Hart N/A N/A
22 United States Terry Funk N/A N/A
23 United States Jake Roberts N/A N/A
24 United States Stan Hansen N/A N/A
25 United States Big Boss Man N/A N/Adeceased
26 United States Rick Rude N/A N/Adeceased
27 Japan Jushin Liger N/A N/A
28 United States Jeff Jarrett N/A N/A
29 United States Ron Simmons N/A N/A
30 United States Bobby Eaton N/A N/Adeceased
31 United States Steve Austin N/A N/A
32 United States Eric Embry N/A N/A
33 United States Big Van Vader N/A N/Adeceased
34 Japan Antonio Inoki N/A N/A
35 Canada Abdullah The Butcher N/A N/A
36 United States Sergeant Slaughter N/A N/A
37 United States Shawn Michaels N/A N/A
38 United States Larry Zbyszko N/A N/A
39 United States Irwin R. Schyster N/A N/A
40 United States Kerry Von Erich N/A N/Adeceased
41 Canada Rick Martel N/A N/A
42 Japan Mr. Saito N/A N/Adeceased
43 United States Eddie Gilbert N/A N/Adeceased
44 United States Brian Pillman N/A N/Adeceased
45 United States Cactus Jack N/A N/A
46 United Kingdom Davey Boy Smith N/A N/Adeceased
47 Italy Dino Bravo N/A N/Adeceased
48 United States Tom Zenk N/A N/Adeceased
49 Cuba Konnan N/A N/A
50 Canada Earthquake N/A N/Adeceased
51 United States Tony Anthony N/A N/A
52 United States Terrance Taylor N/A N/A
53 United States Greg Valentine N/A N/A
54 United States Bob Backlund N/A N/A
55 United States The Patriot N/A N/Adeceased
56 United States Richard Morton N/A N/A
57 United States Marty Jannetty N/A N/A
58 United States Bam Bam Bigelow N/A N/Adeceased
59 United States Doug Furnas N/A N/Adeceased
60 United States Michael Hayes N/A N/A
61 United States Stan Lane N/A N/A
62 United States Dan Spivey N/A N/A
63 United States Robert Gibson N/A N/A
64 United States Tony Atlas N/A N/A
65 United Kingdom Bill Dundee N/A N/A
66 United Kingdom Chris Adams N/A N/Adeceased
67 United States Colonel DeBeers N/A N/A
68 United States The Berzerker N/A N/A
69 United States Iceman King Parsons N/A N/A
70 United States Jim Neidhart N/A N/Adeceased
71 Kazakhstan Victor Zangiev N/A N/A
72 United States Austin Idol N/A N/A
73 United States Hercules N/A N/Adeceased
74 United States Al Perez N/A N/A
75 United States The Warlord N/A N/A
76 United States The Diamond Studd N/A N/Adeceased
77 Canada The Mountie N/A N/A
78 United States Kevin Von Erich N/A N/A
79 Canada Roddy Piper N/A N/Adeceased
80 United States Samu N/A N/A
81 United States Gary Young N/A N/A
82 United States Jim Duggan N/A N/A
83 United States Jeff Gaylord N/A N/A
84 United States Big Bully Busick N/A N/Adeceased
85 Tonga The Barbarian N/A N/A
86 United States P. N. News N/A N/A
87 United States Manny Fernandez N/A N/A
88 United States Tracy Smothers N/A N/A
89 United States Black Blood N/A N/A
90 United States Smash N/A N/A
91 South Korea Riki Choshu N/A N/A
92 United Kingdom Dynamite Kid N/A N/Adeceased
93 United States Jim Garvin N/A N/A
94 United States Axis the Demolisher N/A N/A
95 United States Beau Beverly N/A N/A
96 United States The Samoan Savage N/A N/A
97 United States Billy Jack Haynes N/A N/A
98 United States Ken Patera N/A N/A
99 United States Bad News Brown N/A N/Adeceased
100 United States Joel Deaton N/A N/A

starPro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) 500 for 1991

position born wrestler previous year position difference notes
101 United States Johnny B. Badd N/A N/A
102 United States Robert Fuller N/A N/A
103 United States Larry Cameron N/A N/Adeceased
104 United States Angel of Death N/A N/Adeceased
105 United States Brad Armstrong N/A N/Adeceased
106 Fiji Islands Jimmy Snuka N/A N/Adeceased
107 Canada Chris Benoit N/A N/Adeceased
108 United States The Grappler N/A N/A
109 United States Mark Briscoe N/A N/A
110 Mexico Jerry Estrada N/A N/A
111 Mexico Negro Casas N/A N/A
112 Argentina El Gigante N/A N/Adeceased
113 United States Blake Beverly N/A N/A
114 United States One Man Gang N/A N/A
115 United States Paul Orndorff N/A N/Adeceased
116 France Andre the Giant N/A N/Adeceased
117 United States Dick Murdoch N/A N/Adeceased
118 United States Tom Prichard N/A N/A
119 United States Skinner N/A N/A
120 United States B. Brian Blair N/A N/A
121 United States Thomas Rich N/A N/A
122 United States Buddy Roberts N/A N/Adeceased
123 United States Butch Reed N/A N/Adeceased
124 United States Don Muraco N/A N/A
125 United States Paul Roma N/A N/A
126 Canada Ron Garvin N/A N/A
127 United States Randy Rose N/A N/A
128 United States Big Josh N/A N/Adeceased
129 Puerto Rico Carlos Colon N/A N/A
130 United States Bob Orton Jr. N/A N/A
131 United States Dustin Rhodes N/A N/A
132 United States Steve Armstrong N/A N/A
133 United States Brickhouse Brown N/A N/Adeceased
134 United States Tito Santana N/A N/A
135 Japan Akira Nogami N/A N/A
136 United States Brad Rheingans N/A N/A
137 United States Dan Davis N/A N/A
138 United States Jimmy Jack Funk N/A N/A
139 United States Billy Black N/A N/A
140 United States Fatu N/A N/A
141 United States Scott Norton N/A N/A
142 Mexico Mil Mascaras N/A N/A
143 United States Wendell Cooley N/A N/A
144 Tonga Haku N/A N/A
145 United States Mike Davis N/A N/Adeceased
146 United States Steve DiSalvo N/A N/A
147 United States Pat Tanaka N/A N/A
148 United States Kokina Maximus N/A N/Adeceased
149 United States Doug Gilbert N/A N/A
150 United States Ricky Rice N/A N/A
151 United States Jim Brunzell N/A N/A
152 United States Kevin Sullivan N/A N/A
153 United States Derrick Dukes N/A N/A
154 Canada Ivan Koloff N/A N/Adeceased
155 United States Rip Oliver N/A N/A
156 United States Buzz Sawyer N/A N/Adeceased
157 United Kingdom Johnny Smith N/A N/A
158 United States Junkyard Dog N/A N/Adeceased
159 United States John Tatum N/A N/A
160 Japan Hiro Hase N/A N/A
161 Unknown Awesome Dog N/A N/A
162 United States Scott Anthony N/A N/A
163 Yugoslavia Kato N/A N/A
164 United States Bobby Fulton N/A N/A
165 United States Dick Slater N/A N/Adeceased
166 United States Brian Knobbs N/A N/A
167 United States Makhan Singh N/A N/Adeceased
168 United States Mr. Hughes N/A N/A
169 Canada Dan Kroffat N/A N/A
170 United States Honky Tonk Man N/A N/A
171 United States Shane Douglas N/A N/A
172 United States Steve Doll N/A N/Adeceased
173 United States Masa Chono N/A N/A
174 United States Chris Walker N/A N/A
175 Unknown The Yellow Dog #2 N/A N/A
176 Japan Jumbo Tsuruta N/A N/Adeceased
177 United States Tim Horner N/A N/A
178 United States D. C. Drake N/A N/A
179 United States Vic Steamboat N/A N/A
180 United States Lou Perez N/A N/A
181 Yugoslavia Paul Diamond N/A N/A
182 United States Steve Regal N/A N/A
183 United States The Equalizer N/A N/A
184 United States Buddy Landell N/A N/Adeceased
185 United States Chris Chavis N/A N/A
186 United States David Sammartino N/A N/A
187 Japan Mitsuharu Misawa N/A N/Adeceased
188 United States Al Madril N/A N/A
189 United States Jerry Sags N/A N/A
190 United States Joe Savoldi N/A N/A
191 United States Blackheart Destruction N/A N/A
192 United States The Sheik N/A N/Adeceased
193 United States Tommy Rogers N/A N/Adeceased
194 United States The Soultaker N/A N/A
195 United States Johnny Ace N/A N/A
196 United States Tommy Jammer N/A N/A
197 United States Rex King N/A N/Adeceased
198 United States Harley Race N/A N/Adeceased
199 United States Rochester Roadblock N/A N/A
200 United States Brad Anderson N/A N/A

starPro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) 500 for 1991

position born wrestler previous year position difference notes
201 France Jerry Morrow N/A N/A
202 United States Billy Travis N/A N/A
203 United States Sam Houston N/A N/A
204 United States Tom Brandi N/A N/A
205 United States D. J. Peterson N/A N/Adeceased
206 United States Cheetah Kid N/A N/Adeceased
207 Mexico Octagon N/A N/A
208 United States Ricky Santana N/A N/A
209 Unknown Terminator N/A N/A
210 United States Steven Dane N/A N/A
211 United States Steve Sawyer N/A N/A
212 United States Blackheart Apocalypse N/A N/A
213 United States Ken Wayne N/A N/A
214 United States Doug Masters N/A N/A
215 Iran Colonel Mustafa N/A N/A
216 United States Charlie Norris N/A N/A
217 United States King Cobra N/A N/A
218 United States Larry Sharpe N/A N/Adeceased
219 United States Todd Morton N/A N/A
220 United States Larry Oliver N/A N/A
221 United States Chip the Firebreaker N/A N/A
222 United States Sunny Beach N/A N/A
223 United States Jonnie Stewart N/A N/A
224 United States Dutch Mantel N/A N/A
225 Puerto Rico Miguel Perez Jr. N/A N/A
226 United States Stevie Ray N/A N/A
227 United States Bill Irwin N/A N/A
228 Samoa Afa N/A N/A
229 Canada Lanny Poffo N/A N/A
230 United States Typhoon N/A N/A
231 United States Ranger Ross N/A N/A
232 United States Ray Odyssey N/A N/A
233 United States Kamala N/A N/Adeceased
234 United States Jay Strongbow, Jr. N/A N/A
235 United States Preston Steele N/A N/A
236 Haiti Tyree Pride N/A N/A
237 South Africa Steve Simpson N/A N/A
238 United States Badstreet N/A N/Adeceased
239 United Kingdom Adrian Street N/A N/A
240 United States Rip Rogers N/A N/A
241 United States Ray Stevens N/A N/Adeceased
242 United States Jack Victory N/A N/A
243 United States The Juicer N/A N/Adeceased
244 United States Russian Brute N/A N/A
245 United States Scott Putski N/A N/A
246 United States Virgil N/A N/A
247 Canada Terry Garvin N/A N/Adeceased
248 Japan Mr. Pogo N/A N/Adeceased
249 United States Steve O N/A N/A
250 United States Dean Malenko N/A N/A
251 United States Doug Somers N/A N/Adeceased
252 United States Skip Young N/A N/Adeceased
253 United States Lightning Kid N/A N/A
254 United States Erich Sbracchia N/A N/A
255 United States Handsome Stranger N/A N/A
256 Puerto Rico TNT N/A N/A
257 United States Teijho Khan N/A N/Adeceased
258 United States Barry Horowitz N/A N/A
259 United States Koko B Ware N/A N/A
260 Yugoslavia Nikolai Volkoff N/A N/Adeceased
261 United States Ken Timbs N/A N/Adeceased
262 United States Rob Zakowski N/A N/A
263 United States Mondo Kleen N/A N/A
264 United States Fire Cat N/A N/Adeceased
265 New Zealand Rip Morgan N/A N/A
266 Japan Toshiaki Kawada N/A N/A
267 United States Tasmaniac N/A N/A
268 United States Pez Whatley N/A N/Adeceased
269 Poland Ivan Putski N/A N/A
270 United States Joe Malenko N/A N/A
271 United States Buddy Rose N/A N/Adeceased
272 United States Jackie Fulton N/A N/A
273 United States Ron Harris N/A N/A
274 New Zealand Bushwhacker Luke N/A N/A
275 India Gama Singh N/A N/A
276 Canada Leo Burke N/A N/A
277 Unknown T. C. Carter N/A N/A
278 United States Scott Casey N/A N/A
279 United States Chris Champion N/A N/A
280 United States Chick Donovan N/A N/A
281 United States Dory Funk, Jr. N/A N/A
282 United States Greg Gagne N/A N/A
283 United States Mike George N/A N/A
284 United States Mike Graham N/A N/Adeceased
285 Puerto Rico Invader #1 N/A N/A
286 Canada Rocky Johnson N/A N/Adeceased
287 United States Corporal Kirchner N/A N/Adeceased
288 United States Rufus R. Jones N/A N/Adeceased
289 United States Wahoo McDaniel N/A N/Adeceased
290 United States Van Hammer N/A N/A
291 Japan Yoshihiro Asai N/A N/A
292 United States Killer N/A N/A
293 Mexico El Hijo del Santo N/A N/A
294 United States Crush N/A N/Adeceased
295 Unknown Larry Power N/A N/A
296 United States The Motor City Madman N/A N/A
297 United States Brian Adias N/A N/A
298 United Kingdom Mark Rocco N/A N/Adeceased
299 United States Ron Bass N/A N/Adeceased
300 Unknown Brad Baiton N/A N/A

starPro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) 500 for 1991

position born wrestler previous year position difference notes
301 United States Bobby Blair N/A N/A
302 United States Bob Bradley N/A N/A
303 Unknown Mark Miller N/A N/A
304 Japan The Dragon Master N/A N/Adeceased
305 Canada John Rambo N/A N/A
306 United States Johnny Rich N/A N/A
307 United States Nelson Royal N/A N/Adeceased
308 United States Greg Wokowski N/A N/A
309 Japan Akio Sato N/A N/A
310 United States Soldat Ustinov N/A N/A
311 United States The Fabulous Lance N/A N/A
312 United States Humongus N/A N/A
313 Unknown Jeff Collette N/A N/A
314 United States Bart Batten N/A N/A
315 United States King Kahlua N/A N/A
316 United States Johnny Rodz N/A N/A
317 United States Dennis Condrey N/A N/A
318 United States Gary Albright N/A N/Adeceased
319 United States Ole Anderson N/A N/A
320 United States Don Bass N/A N/Adeceased
321 United States Mark Youngblood N/A N/A
322 Unknown Jon Michaels N/A N/A
323 Unknown Equalizer Zip N/A N/A
324 Unknown David Power N/A N/A
325 United States Jerry Grey N/A N/A
326 United States Equalizer Zap N/A N/Adeceased
327 American Samoa Sika N/A N/A
328 United States Frank Lancaster N/A N/A
329 Canada Iron Mike Sharpe N/A N/Adeceased
330 United States Steve Cox N/A N/A
331 United States Chris Youngblood N/A N/Adeceased
332 United States Baron Von Raschke N/A N/A
333 United States Steve Lawler N/A N/Adeceased
334 United States Ray Candy N/A N/Adeceased
335 United States J. W. Storm N/A N/A
336 United States Buck Zumhofe N/A N/A
337 United States Joey Maggs N/A N/Adeceased
338 United States Psycho N/A N/A
339 United Kingdom Les Thornton N/A N/A
340 Canada Bob Brown N/A N/Adeceased
341 South Africa Shaun Simpson N/A N/A
342 Unknown Mike Samson N/A N/A
343 Unknown Festus N/A N/A
344 United States Tiger Conway, Jr. N/A N/A
345 United States Barry O N/A N/Adeceased
346 Unknown Mike Jackson N/A N/A
347 United States Tugboat Taylor N/A N/A
348 Canada Jason the Terrible N/A N/A
349 United States Kevin Kelly N/A N/A
350 United States Mike Winner N/A N/A
351 Unknown Terry Daniels N/A N/A
352 United States Scott Armstrong N/A N/A
353 United States Jim Backlund N/A N/Adeceased
354 United States Hurricane Walker N/A N/A
355 United States Black Bart N/A N/A
356 United States Tom Davis N/A N/Adeceased
357 Unknown Texas Ranger N/A N/A
358 United States Jimmy Valiant N/A N/A
359 United States Killer Brooks N/A N/A
360 United States Boris Zhukov N/A N/A
361 United States Botswana Beast N/A N/A
362 Unknown Bonecrusher N/A N/A
363 United States The Cuban Assassin N/A N/A
364 United States Rikki Nelson N/A N/A
365 United States Brady Boone N/A N/Adeceased
366 United States Larry Winters N/A N/Adeceased
367 United States Oz N/A N/A
368 United States Bull Rantos N/A N/A
369 United States Axl Rotten N/A N/Adeceased
370 United States Buddy Lee Parker N/A N/A
371 Unknown Jimmy Powell N/A N/A
372 United States Rod Price N/A N/A
373 United States J. T. Smith N/A N/A
374 United States Mark Starr N/A N/Adeceased
375 United States Hoss N/A N/A
376 United States Ron Cumberledge N/A N/A
377 United States Steve Lombardi N/A N/A
378 Unknown Tony Capone N/A N/A
379 Unknown Brian Donohue N/A N/A
380 United States Tommy Angel N/A N/A
381 United States G. Q. Madison N/A N/A
382 United States Madd Maxx N/A N/A
383 United States Dusty Wolfe N/A N/A
384 Unknown Frank Melson N/A N/A
385 Unknown Ron Shaw N/A N/A
386 United States Bob Cook N/A N/A
387 Puerto Rico Jose Luis Rivera N/A N/A
388 Unknown Mike Cervich N/A N/A
389 United States Sabu N/A N/A
390 United States G. I. Bro N/A N/A
391 United States Mr. Atlanta N/A N/A
392 United States Jerry Lynn N/A N/A
393 United States Gene Ligon N/A N/A
394 United States Chris Michaels N/A N/A
395 United States Leatherface N/A N/Adeceased
396 United States Moondog Spot N/A N/Adeceased
397 United States Carl Styles N/A N/A
398 United States Tony Stetson N/A N/A
399 United States Jim Powers N/A N/A
400 United States G. Q. Stratus N/A N/A

starPro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) 500 for 1991

position born wrestler previous year position difference notes
401 United States Lou Fabiano N/A N/A
402 United States George South N/A N/A
403 United States Chris Candido N/A N/Adeceased
404 United States T. D. Madison N/A N/A
405 Unknown Charlie Madison N/A N/A
406 United States Bobo Brazil N/A N/Adeceased
407 United States Master Blaster N/A N/A
408 United States Jim McPherson N/A N/A
409 United States Brian Christopher N/A N/Adeceased
410 United States Chaz N/A N/A
411 Unknown Samson N/A N/A
412 Unknown Muhammad the Butcher N/A N/A
413 United States Hillbilly Cousin Luke N/A N/Adeceased
414 United States Louie Spicolli N/A N/Adeceased
415 United States Perry Jackson N/A N/A
416 Unknown TA-GAR N/A N/A
417 United States Rockin' Rebel N/A N/Adeceased
418 Italy Italian Stallion N/A N/A
419 United States Mario Mancini N/A N/A
420 Belgium Centurian Marsella N/A N/Adeceased
421 United States Solomon Grundy N/A N/A
422 Unknown Bull Man Downs N/A N/A
423 United States Johnny Valiant N/A N/Adeceased
424 Canada Goldie Rogers N/A N/A
425 Unknown Randy Rhodes N/A N/A
426 United States Thunderfoot N/A N/A
427 Unknown Jim Lancaster N/A N/A
428 Unknown Rasta the Voodoo Man N/A N/A
429 Unknown Tommy Seabolt N/A N/A
430 United States Jimmy Jannetty N/A N/A
431 Unknown Slammer N/A N/A
432 Puerto Rico El Grande Pistolero N/A N/Adeceased
433 United States Mr. Sandman N/A N/A
434 United States Denny Brown N/A N/A
435 United States Moondog Moretti N/A N/A
436 United States Cousin Harold N/A N/A
437 Unknown Black Demon N/A N/A
438 United States Jules Strongbow N/A N/A
439 United States Crowbar N/A N/A
440 Canada Nitron N/A N/A
441 United States Robbie Ellis N/A N/A
442 United States Thunderfoot II N/A N/A
443 Unknown Fred Avery N/A N/A
444 United States Max Thrasher N/A N/A
445 United States Curly Moe N/A N/A
446 Unknown Randy Harris N/A N/A
447 United States Super Ninja N/A N/A
448 United States Paul Bunyan N/A N/A
449 United States Star Warrior N/A N/A
450 United States Sonny Blaze N/A N/A
451 United States Joshua Ben-Gurion N/A N/A
452 Unknown Michael Bruno N/A N/A
453 Unknown Psycho Sam Cody N/A N/A
454 United States Crybaby Waldo N/A N/Adeceased
455 United States Earthquake Ferris N/A N/A
456 United States Tom Stone N/A N/A
457 United States Kenny the Stinger N/A N/A
458 United States Ron Starr N/A N/Adeceased
459 United States C. N. Redd N/A N/A
460 Unknown Scorpion II N/A N/A
461 India Tiger Jeet Singh N/A N/A
462 Unknown Mad Dog Joe N/A N/A
463 Unknown Ed Robinson N/A N/A
464 Unknown T. C. Reynolds N/A N/A
465 United States Bobby Heenan N/A N/Adeceased
466 Unknown Death Row N/A N/A
467 United States Johnny K-9 N/A N/Adeceased
468 Unknown T. D. Steele N/A N/A
469 United States Mr. Fuji N/A N/Adeceased
470 United States John Rock N/A N/A
471 United States Brian Walsh N/A N/A
472 United States Phil Apollo N/A N/A
473 United States Kevin Dillinger N/A N/A
474 United States Horace Boulder N/A N/A
475 Canada Rick Hunter N/A N/A
476 Unknown Jammer N/A N/A
477 Unknown Freezer Thompson N/A N/A
478 United States Pete Dougherty N/A N/A
479 Iraq General Adnan N/A N/A
480 United States Bobby Rogers N/A N/A
481 United States Deadeye Dick N/A N/A
482 Unknown Johnny O N/A N/A
483 Canada Dave Johnson N/A N/Adeceased
484 United States Khris Germany N/A N/A
485 Mexico Tamba the Flying Elephant N/A N/Adeceased
486 Unknown Farmer Boy Ellis N/A N/A
487 Unknown Hunter Thompson N/A N/A
488 Unknown Johnny B. Goode N/A N/A
489 United States Rockin' Randy N/A N/A
490 United States Boss Hogg Cowhoun N/A N/A
491 Unknown Eric Fountaine N/A N/A
492 Unknown Black Knight N/A N/A
493 Unknown Bubba Fangman N/A N/A
494 United States Dynamo N/A N/A
495 Unknown Duke Snider N/A N/A
496 Unknown Scorpion I N/A N/A
497 Puerto Rico Conquistador I N/A N/A
498 United States Tojo Yamamoto N/A N/Adeceased
499 United States Duane Gill N/A N/A
500 United States Zeus N/A N/Adeceased