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Seth Rollins (WWE Raw)
Roman Reigns (WWE SD)
Samoa Joe (AEW)
Ilja Dragunov (NXT)
Eddie Kingston (ROH)
Moose (Impact)
Daniel Garcia (PWG)
Katsuhiko Nakajima (AJPW)
Tetsuya Naito (NJPW)
El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. (NOAH)
El Hijo Del Vikingo (AAA)
Gran Guerrero (CMLL)
Robert Dreissker (wXw)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. What is this website about?

A. This site contains a variety of professional wrestling results in database form. The web-based front-end allows searching of results to generate match histories of particular wrestlers. The results of over 250,000 cards matches are now included. Many wrestlers have hundreds of matches listed; some have over 2,500 matches listed!

Q. When did this website go live?

A. The site was originally launched on 5th August 2008. Due to heavy bandwidth, we moved to a new server on 16th January 2009 and later moved again on 6th October 2009. We did a major server upgrade on 28th June 2013 that has kept us running okay since.

Q. At what stage of development is this website and database?

A. This site is an ongoing project.  Due to the nature of professional wrestling this site will continuously be updated with new results. Whilst the majority of major cards from recent years (at least in the United States) are already entered, there will be numerous more results added as time allows.

Q. What information is included in the database so far?

A. Amongst the card results in the database so far are:

  • All WWF/E, AEW, NWA, WCW, ECW and TNA Pay-Per-View (PPV) results, including weekly TNA PPV's and UK-only events.
  • All WWF/E TV results for Raw, Smackdown!, ECW, NXT, Superstars of Wrestling (WWF era,) Superstars (WWE era,) Saturday Night's Main Event (and The Main Event,) Heat, Jakked (aka Metal), Velocity, Shotgun Saturday Night and Super Astros.
  • All WWWF/WWF/WWE Madison Square Garden results.
  • All WCW Nitro and Thunder results.
  • All AEW results.
  • All TNA iMPACT! results.
  • All NWA/WCW Clash of the Champions results.
  • All NJPW results (that we know of, at least!)
  • All AJPW Tokyo Dome, Budokan Hall and Sumo Hall show results, plus essentially all 21st century matches
  • All NOAH results
  • All ROH results
  • All PWG results
  • All ECW results
  • All AAA TripleMania results and the majority of other results too
  • All CMLL Super Viernes results
  • All Dragon Gate (including Dragon Gate USA) results
  • All WCCW Parade of Champions, Cotton Bowl Extravaganza and Star Wars shows.
  • All CZW shows
  • All NWA Anniversary shows
  • All ECWA Super 8 tournaments
  • All IWA:MS Anniversary shows, Sweet Science Sixteen, Ted Petty Invitational, King of the Deathmatch and Queen of the Deathmatch tournaments
  • All FCW results
  • All OVW results
  • All SMW results
  • All DSW results
  • All FIP results
  • All XWF results
  • All NWE results
  • All HUSTLE results
  • All SMASH results
  • All SHIMMER results
  • All CHIKARA results
  • All Lucha Libre USA results.
  • All Wrestling Society X results.
  • All APW King of the Indies tournaments
  • All UWF results (essentially house shows featuring TNA stars)
  • All FWA results
  • All MLW results
  • All MXW results
  • Selected other PPV's, such as those from UWF, WWA, i-Generation, LPWA, AWA (SuperClash III) and Heroes of Wrestling
  • Memorial/ Tribute/ Retirement shows for Giant Baba, Bruiser Brody, Brian Pillman, Ilio DiPaolo, Brian Hildebrand, Fritz Von Erich, Eddie Gilbert, Terry Funk, Norio Honaga, Osamu Kido and Kodo Fuyuki
  • Selected other non-PPV events, such as Royal Rumble '88, early StarrCades, Great American Bash tours and King of the Ring tournaments, other SuperClashes, Battle in Seattle, Boston Brawl, Malice at the Palace, Profiles in Pain, L A Melee, PMG Clash of Legends, WrestleReunion and Hardcore Homecoming shows.

Q. What is being added to the database currently?

A. All sorts of stuff from around the pro wrestling world.

Any PPV's or TV results from WWE, AEW, Impact or ROH that occur during this time will be updated as soon as possible.

Q. What is in scope for inclusion in the future?

A. Essentially, as much as we can add, we will.

Over time, expect more results from every promotion you can think of. However please note that adding results to the database is a lengthier and more involved process than just publishing them as text on a website. As such, it cannot happen overnight.

House shows are in scope. Many are already included, including all Madison Square Garden (MSG) results and a large number from Japanese promotions. More North American house show results will be added in due course.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) results are not in scope unless they took place on a pro wrestling card. The site fulfills the need for a MMA database already.

Q. How can I stay up-to-date about new features/ scheduled downtime, etc?

A. We have a Twitter account @wrestlebase. Feel free to follow us. In the future we will have an opt-in/opt-out email distribution list too.

Q. If I follow your Twitter account, will you follow mine?

A. Honestly... probably not. People should use Twitter to follow a person or a body if they feel it is in their interest to do so. But reciprocal schemes just for the sake of boosting social media numbers isn't something we want to be part of.

Q. How can I send feedback or let you know about a mistake in the results/ code bug?

A. Please use the Contact Form. We appreciate all constructive comments.

Q. What sources did you use to obtain the results?

A. Whilst many of the results on this site come from our own unique research, some of the results were obtained through a combination of other sources. In some cases, results sent in by our users may have been partially sourced from other sites. All of these deserve credit for their own individual research. We would like to single out the following sources for their hard work and dedication:

All information used from any sources is evaluated for correctness and conflicts against other sources.

Q. Can I link to your site?

A. Yes, please feel free.  All incoming links help the site to become more well known and are greatly appreciated. We have a series of banners you may wish to use when linking, including full HTML code for the link to work.  (Using banners to link to our site is, of course, completely optional.) For more information, please see our Link To Us page.

You can also help spread the word about our site by using any of the 7 social bookmarking links at the bottom right of each of our pages.

Q. Can I re-use information on your site?

A. Yes, however please include a link back to the page you sourced the information from.  That way people can see where it is referenced from.  They can also use the link to see any updates to the information you have included.

Q. Will you link to my site?

A. We will link to certain wrestling-related sites if we feel them to be of use to our readers. There is no definitive criteria for inclusion and all links are considered on a case-by-case basis to see if they have merit.  Please let us know about the site by using the Contact Form.

Q. Do you sell/ trade wrestling tapes/ DVD's?

A. No. We recommend you obtain them from a reliable source.

Q. Can you put me in touch with a particular wrestler, or pass on a message on my behalf?

A. No. Whilst we have been contacted by numerous wrestlers, we will not divulge contact information under any circumstances.

Q. Can I have an offline copy of your database/ schema/ source code?

A. No, sorry! :)  The information on this website is continuously being added to, enhanced and refined so therefore any offline copy would not be up-to-date anyway.

Q. Do you have an API available?

A. No, sorry. Also no plans to develop one.