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starCards on This Day in History

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datepromotioncard namelocation
Sun, Aug 27th 2023AEWAll In: LondonLondon, England
Sun, Aug 27th 2023WWEWWE Live SuperShowHuntsville, Alabama
Sun, Aug 27th 2023Impact WrestlingEmergence 2023Toronto, Ontario
Sun, Aug 27th 2023Impact WrestlingDigital Media Match TapingToronto, Ontario
Sun, Aug 27th 2023NOAHN-1 Victory 2023 - Day 8Kawasaki, Kanagawa
Sun, Aug 27th 2023GCW/ROWGCW Vs. ROW - Day 3Brisbane, Queensland
Sun, Aug 27th 2023FMW-ENo Bullying! Current Explosion In AsahikawaAsahikawa, Hokkaido
Sun, Aug 27th 2023STARDOM5STAR Grand Prix 2023 - Day 12Tsuruga, Fukui
Sun, Aug 27th 2023Blitzkrieg! ProRetro World Expo 2023 - Day 2Hartford, Connecticut
Sun, Aug 27th 2023Michinoku Pro30th Anniversary In KobeKobe, Hyogo
Sun, Aug 27th 2023AJPW10th Royal Road Tournament 2023 - Day 4Nagoya, Aichi
Sun, Aug 27th 2023NWA75 - Night 2St. Louis, Missouri
Sun, Aug 27th 2023Dragon GateThe Gate Of Adventure 2023 - Day 9Nara, Nara
Sat, Aug 27th 2022OVWThe Big One 2022Louisville, Kentucky
Sat, Aug 27th 2022Dragon GateThe Gate Of Adventure 2022 - Day 10Kobe, Hyogo
Sat, Aug 27th 2022NWA74th Anniversary Show - Night 1St. Louis, Missouri
Sat, Aug 27th 2022STARDOM5STAR Grand Prix 2022 - Day 9Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Aug 27th 2022WWEWWE Live - Saturday Night's Main EventSpringfield, Massachusetts
Sat, Aug 27th 2022NOAHN-1 Victory 2022 - Day 7Nagoya, Aichi
Sat, Aug 27th 2022Independent Wrestling Expo#8Fort Worth, Texas
Sat, Aug 27th 2022ICW No Holds BarredPitfighter X: Battle of the Tough Guys II - Part 1Cambridge, Massachusetts
Sat, Aug 27th 2022ICW No Holds BarredPitfighter X: Battle of the Tough Guys II - Part 2Cambridge, Massachusetts
Sat, Aug 27th 2022LimitlessVacationland Cup 2022Yarmouth, Maine
Sat, Aug 27th 2022AEWFight Forever @ Gamescom - Day 3Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia
Sat, Aug 27th 2022AIWWrestleRager 6Cleveland, Ohio
Sat, Aug 27th 2022LVACSteelStacks SmackdownBethlehem, Pennsylvania
Sat, Aug 27th 2022MLWLive in El PasoEl Paso, Texas
Sat, Aug 27th 2022Black Label ProTotal Eclipse Of The HartCrown Point, Indiana
Sat, Aug 27th 2022AAABatalla De TitanesOrizaba, Veracruz
Sat, Aug 27th 2022Impact WrestlingBefore the Impact #82 TapingDallas, Texas
Sat, Aug 27th 2022Impact WrestlingImpact #944 Taping - Part 1Dallas, Texas
Sat, Aug 27th 2022Impact WrestlingImpact #945 Taping - Part 2Dallas, Texas
Sat, Aug 27th 2022Impact WrestlingBefore the Impact #84 TapingDallas, Texas
Sat, Aug 27th 2022Impact WrestlingImpact #947 Taping - Part 2Dallas, Texas
Sat, Aug 27th 2022Garden State PWThy Kingdom ComeMonroe, New Jersey
Sat, Aug 27th 2022Blitzkrieg! ProRetro World Expo 2022 - Day 1Hartford, Connecticut
Fri, Aug 27th 2021NJPWSummer Struggle 2021 - Day 20Tokyo, Tokyo
Fri, Aug 27th 2021WWEFriday Night SmackdownLittle Rock, Arkansas
Fri, Aug 27th 2021ROHTV #519 (airdate)Baltimore, Maryland
Fri, Aug 27th 2021DEFYLeviathan - Day 1Seattle, Washington
Fri, Aug 27th 2021Sean Henderson Presents After LaughterWilliamstown, New Jersey
Fri, Aug 27th 2021WrestleProGreat Alaskan Bash: Palmer (incomplete card)Palmer, Alaska
Fri, Aug 27th 2021NOAHThe Home #11Tokyo, Tokyo
Fri, Aug 27th 2021Freelance UndergroundPhase In #5Itasca, Illinois
Fri, Aug 27th 2021Freelance UndergroundPhase In #6Itasca, Illinois
Fri, Aug 27th 2021NJPWSTRONG #55 - Summer Struggle USA 2021 - Day 2 (airdate)Port Hueneme, California
Fri, Aug 27th 2021CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Aug 27th 2021AIWA Touch Of EvilCleveland, Ohio
Thu, Aug 27th 2020NJPWSummer Struggle 2020 - Day 13Tokyo, Tokyo
Thu, Aug 27th 2020Dragon GateThe Gate Of Adventure 2020 - Day 9Tsushima, Nagasaki
Thu, Aug 27th 2020IWTVThe Masked Wrestler Season 1 TapingsPlains, Pennsylvania
Thu, Aug 27th 2020AEWDynamite #47 - Thursday Night DynamiteJacksonville, Florida
Thu, Aug 27th 2020AEWDark #49 TapingJacksonville, Florida
Tue, Aug 27th 2019WWE205 Live #144Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Tue, Aug 27th 2019WWESmackdown LiveBaton Rouge, Louisiana
Tue, Aug 27th 2019AJPWSummer Explosion Series '19 - Day 9Kodaira, Tokyo
Tue, Aug 27th 2019Dragon GateThe Gate Of Adventure 2019 - Day 10Tsushima, Nagasaki
Tue, Aug 27th 2019DDTBASARA 104 ~ Banquet ~Tokyo, Tokyo
Mon, Aug 27th 2018WWEMain Event TapingToronto, Ontario
Mon, Aug 27th 2018WWEMonday Night RawToronto, Ontario
Mon, Aug 27th 2018PROGRESSChapter 75: These Violent Delights Have Violent EndsLondon, England
Mon, Aug 27th 2018Dragon GateThe Gate Of Adventure 2018 - Day 13Kobe, Hyogo
Sun, Aug 27th 2017FREEDOMSJun Kasai Produce: Tokyo Death Match Carnival 2017Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Aug 27th 2017STARDOM5STAR Grand Prix 2017 - Day 4Hamamatsu, Shizuoka
Sun, Aug 27th 2017DWWSummer Heat 2017Mississauga, Ontario
Sun, Aug 27th 2017PROGRESSChapter 54: Go To Your God Like a SoldierLondon, England
Sun, Aug 27th 2017NEWWrestling Under The Stars VIWappinger's Falls, New York
Sun, Aug 27th 2017RevProLive in Portsmouth 9Portsmouth, England
Sun, Aug 27th 2017AJPW45th AnniversaryTokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Aug 27th 2016ROHField of HonorBrooklyn, New York
Sat, Aug 27th 2016WWEWWE LiveSan Angelo, Texas
Sat, Aug 27th 2016NXTJacksonville ShowJacksonville, Florida
Sat, Aug 27th 2016NGXHonor Never DiesMonterrey, Nuevo León
Sat, Aug 27th 2016WWEWWE Live - Mexico TourHeroica Puebla de Zaragoza, Puebla
Sat, Aug 27th 2016NEWWrestling Under The Stars VWappinger's Falls, New York
Sat, Aug 27th 2016Blitzkrieg! ProThem Versus UsEnfield, Connecticut
Sat, Aug 27th 2016AJPWSummer Explosion '16 - Day 5Nagoya, Aichi
Sat, Aug 27th 2016NOAHSummer Navigation 2016 - Day 4Shimizu, Hokkaido
Sat, Aug 27th 2016Dragon GateSummer Adventure Tag League 2016 - Day 9 ~ Naruki Doi Homecoming ~Nara, Nara
Sat, Aug 27th 2016wXwFans Appreciation Night 2016Oberhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Sat, Aug 27th 2016Heroes & LegendsFitness FestFort Wayne, Indiana
Thu, Aug 27th 2015Dragon GateThe Gate Of Generation 2015 - Day 8Kanazawa, Ishikawa
Thu, Aug 27th 2015NXTTampa ShowTampa, Florida
Wed, Aug 27th 2014OVWTV Taping #784Louisville, Kentucky
Wed, Aug 27th 2014AJPWSummer Impact '14 - Day 4Chino, Nagano
Wed, Aug 27th 2014CZWDojo Wars 8Blackwood, New Jersey
Tue, Aug 27th 2013WWEMain Event TapingLas Vegas, Nevada
Tue, Aug 27th 2013WWESmackdown! TapingLas Vegas, Nevada
Mon, Aug 27th 2012WWESuperstars Taping #1Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mon, Aug 27th 2012WWEMonday Night RawMilwaukee, Wisconsin
Mon, Aug 27th 2012FREEDOMSJun Kasai Produce: Pain In Limit 2012Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Aug 27th 2011CHIKARAYoung Lions Cup '11Easton, Pennsylvania
Sat, Aug 27th 2011WWEWWE Live (Smackdown)Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Sat, Aug 27th 2011LL USAMasked Warriors #15Albuquerque, New Mexico
Sat, Aug 27th 2011AJPW/NJPW/NOAHAll TogetherTokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Aug 27th 2011IGFInoki Genome: Super Stars Festival '11Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Aug 27th 2011WWEWWE Live (Raw)Memphis, Tennessee
Fri, Aug 27th 2010FCWFort Myers Show (Aug '10)Fort Myers, Florida
Fri, Aug 27th 2010NOAHNew Departure '10 - Day 1Kamisu, Ibaraki
Fri, Aug 27th 2010CHIKARAYoung Lions Cup '10 - Day 1Reading, Pennsylvania
Fri, Aug 27th 2010CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Aug 27th 2010ROHChampions ChallengeRichmond, Virginia
Thu, Aug 27th 2009HUSTLEShiro Koshinaka 30th Anniversary Hustle GaidenTokyo, Tokyo
Thu, Aug 27th 2009AWRSummer Bash Tour '09 - Day 2Killarney, Kerry
Thu, Aug 27th 2009AJPWSummer Impact Tour '09 - Day 7Odate, Tohoku
Thu, Aug 27th 2009FCWTampa Show (Aug '09 #3)Tampa, Florida
Wed, Aug 27th 2008AJPWSummer Impact Tour '08 - Day 4Kamaishi, Iwate
Wed, Aug 27th 2008OVWTV Taping #473Louisville, Kentucky
Mon, Aug 27th 2007TNAiMPACT! TapingOrlando, Florida
Mon, Aug 27th 2007TNAiMPACT! TapingOrlando, Florida
Mon, Aug 27th 2007WWEMonday Night RawBoston, Massachusetts
Mon, Aug 27th 2007WWEHeat #476 TapingBoston, Massachusetts
Mon, Aug 27th 2007Dragon GateThe Gate Of Adventure 2007 - Day 16Nayoro, Hokkaido
Sun, Aug 27th 2006FWALive in ChippenhamChippenham, England
Sun, Aug 27th 2006AJPWSummer Impact '06 - Day 5 ~ Pro-Wrestling Love in RyogokuTokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Aug 27th 2006Dragon GateThe Gate Of Adventure 2006 - Day 15Takamatsu, Kagawa
Sat, Aug 27th 2005WrestleReunion#2Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
Sat, Aug 27th 2005ROHDragon Gate InvasionBuffalo, New York
Sat, Aug 27th 2005FWALive in Morecambe (Aug '05)Morecambe, England
Sat, Aug 27th 2005NOAHShiny Navigation '05 - Day 7Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Aug 27th 2005NGXSangre Y Venganza 2005Monterrey, Nuevo León
Sat, Aug 27th 2005AJPWSummer Impact '05 - Day 4Kitami, Hokkaido
Fri, Aug 27th 2004CHIKARARetribution Rumble of Revenge and Rebellion to RememberEmmaus, Pennsylvania
Fri, Aug 27th 2004AJPWSummer Impact '04 - Day 4Asahikawa, Hokkaido
Fri, Aug 27th 2004Dragon GateThe Open Gate - Day 20Yokohama, Kanagawa
Fri, Aug 27th 2004CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Wed, Aug 27th 2003DDTTHE RING - Day 27Funabashi, Chiba
Wed, Aug 27th 2003AJPWSummer Action Series II '03 - Day 6Sapporo, Hokkaido
Wed, Aug 27th 2003NWA TNAWeekly PPV #60Nashville, Tennessee
Wed, Aug 27th 2003NWA TNAXplosion #47 TapingNashville, Tennessee
Tue, Aug 27th 2002WWESmackdown! TapingUncasville, Connecticut
Tue, Aug 27th 2002WWEVelocity #15 TapingUncasville, Connecticut
Tue, Aug 27th 2002NOAHNavigation over the Date Line '02 - Day 3Bunsui, Niigata
Tue, Aug 27th 2002DDTTHE RINGFunabashi, Chiba
Mon, Aug 27th 2001WWFMonday Night RawGrand Rapids, Michigan
Mon, Aug 27th 2001WWFJakked #106 TapingGrand Rapids, Michigan
Mon, Aug 27th 2001NOAHDeparture '01 - Day 2Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Aug 27th 2000WWFSummerSlam '00Raleigh, North Carolina
Sun, Aug 27th 2000AJPWSummer Action Series II '00 - Day 6Daigo, Ibaraki
Fri, Aug 27th 1999ECWMt. Lebanon Show (Aug '99)Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Fri, Aug 27th 1999DDTLive In KitazawaKitazawa, Tokyo
Fri, Aug 27th 1999CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Aug 27th 1999XPWReseda Show (Aug '99)Reseda, California
Sun, Aug 27th 1995WWFSummerSlam '95Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sun, Aug 27th 1995WARTokyo Show (Aug '95)Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Aug 27th 1994ECWNWA World Title TournamentPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Sat, Aug 27th 1994WARShizuoka Show (Aug '94)Shizuoka, Shizuoka
Sat, Aug 27th 1994IWA JapanCAUTION'94 ~ Dangerous Premonition - Day 4Mutsu, Aomori
Sat, Aug 27th 1994FMWYokosuka Show (Aug '94)Yokosuka, Kanagawa
Fri, Aug 27th 1993SMWHazard Show (August '93)Hazard, Kentucky
Fri, Aug 27th 1993CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Aug 27th 1993AAASan Jose Show (Aug '93)San Jose, California
Fri, Aug 27th 1993AAAMexico City Show (Aug '93)Mexico City, Federal District
Mon, Aug 27th 1990WWFSummerSlam '90Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Thu, Aug 27th 1987NJPWSengoku Battle Series '87 - Day 4Kisarazu, Chiba
Wed, Aug 27th 1986WWFWrestling Challenge Taping #1Hartford, Connecticut
Wed, Aug 27th 1986WWFWrestling Challenge Taping #2Hartford, Connecticut
Wed, Aug 27th 1986WWFWrestling Challenge Taping #3Hartford, Connecticut
Wed, Aug 27th 1986AWAGreen Bay Show (Aug '86)Green Bay, Wisconsin
Sat, Aug 27th 1983WWFMSG Show (Aug '83)New York, New York
Fri, Aug 27th 1982WCCWDallas Show (Aug '82)Dallas, Texas
Thu, Aug 27th 1981AJPWSuper Idol Series '81 - Day 7Sakata, Yamagata
Mon, Aug 27th 1979AJPWBlack Power Series '79 - Day 8Omonogawa, Akita
Mon, Aug 27th 1979CWAMemphis Show (Aug '79)Memphis, Tennessee
Mon, Aug 27th 1979WWFMSG Show (Aug '79)New York, New York
Fri, Aug 27th 1976AWAComiskey Park Show (Jul '76)Chicago, Illinois
Fri, Aug 27th 1976NWASt. Louis Show (Aug '76)St. Louis, Missouri
Mon, Aug 27th 1973WWWFMSG Show (Aug '73)New York, New York
Thu, Aug 27th 1964NWAAmarillo Show (Aug '64)Amarillo, Texas

starWrestlers Born on This Day in History

Date of BirthWrestlerPlace of Birth
Thu, Aug 27th 1987Miss HannahToledo, Ohio
Tue, Aug 27th 1985DeltaMonterrey, Nuevo León
Mon, Aug 27th 1984Ryan CruzCameron, North Carolina
Fri, Aug 27th 1982Lauren JonesJackson, Mississippi
Sun, Aug 27th 1978KafuRio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro
Sat, Aug 27th 1977Jay MatthiasOakland, California
Tue, Aug 27th 1974Bodacious Pretty BoyUnknown
Mon, Aug 27th 1973JazzNew Orleans, Louisiana
Sun, Aug 27th 1972The Great KhaliDhirana, Himachal Pradesh
Tue, Aug 27th 1963Sambo AsakoChuo, Tokyo
Fri, Aug 27th 1948Sergeant SlaughterDetroit, Michigan
Mon, Aug 27th 1934Reggie ParksEdmonton, Alberta
Fri, Aug 27th 1920Médico AsesinoChihuahua, Chihuahua

starWrestlers Died on This Day in History

Date of DeathDate of BirthWrestlerCause of Death
Fri, Aug 27th 2010 Jan 12th 1962Luna Vachondrug overdose/ heart attack
Thu, Aug 27th 2020 Oct 3rd 1939Bob ArmstrongUnknown
Tue, Aug 27th 1991 Apr 30th 1922Martín Karadagiandiabetes
Thu, Aug 27th 2009 Jul 10th 1950Shota Chochyashvilicancer
Fri, Aug 27th 2010 Oct 29th 1941Kotetsu Yamamotohypoxic encephalopathy
Fri, Aug 27th 2010 Apr 6th 1934Anton GeesinkUnknown
Thu, Aug 27th 2015 Jan 11th 1957Darryl Dawkinsheart failure
Mon, Aug 27th 2018 unknownAliyaUnknown
Fri, Aug 27th 2010 Aug 25th 1932Espanto IIheart failure
Fri, Aug 27th 2010 Jul 13th 1926Tony Borneheart failure
Sat, Aug 27th 1977 Jun 22nd 1896Billy RileyUnknown
Sat, Aug 27th 2022 Feb 3rd 1972Maremotoguntshot wound


starHalls of Fame on This Day in History

Date of Entry Hall of Fame
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