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starCards on This Day in History

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datepromotioncard namelocation
Fri, May 28th 2021AEWDynamite #87 - Friday Night DynamiteJacksonville, Florida
Fri, May 28th 2021AEWDark: Elevation #12 TapingJacksonville, Florida
Fri, May 28th 2021AEWDark #91 TapingJacksonville, Florida
Fri, May 28th 2021NJPWSTRONG #42 - Collision 2021 (airdate)Port Hueneme, California
Fri, May 28th 2021CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, May 28th 2021wXwDrive of Champions 2021Oberhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Fri, May 28th 2021ROHTV #506 (airdate)Baltimore, Maryland
Fri, May 28th 2021WWEFriday Night SmackdownTampa, Florida
Thu, May 28th 2020AEWDynamite #35 TapingJacksonville, Florida
Thu, May 28th 2020AEWDark #37 TapingJacksonville, Florida
Thu, May 28th 2020NXTTakeOver: In Your House: Part 2 TapingWinter Park, Florida
Tue, May 28th 2019WWE205 Live #131Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tue, May 28th 2019WWESmackdown LiveTulsa, Oklahoma
Tue, May 28th 2019Wrestling Revolver5000 Candles In The RingJeffersonville, Indiana
Tue, May 28th 2019NOAHGlobal Junior Tag League 2019 - Day 1Tokyo, Tokyo
Mon, May 28th 2018WWEMain Event TapingRichmond, Virginia
Mon, May 28th 2018WWEMonday Night RawRichmond, Virginia
Mon, May 28th 2018DefiantRoad to DestructionSheffield, England
Sun, May 28th 2017PROGRESSChapter 49: Super Strong Style 16 Tournament Edition 2017 - Day 2London, England
Sun, May 28th 2017RevProLive in Portsmouth 8Portsmouth, England
Sun, May 28th 2017Smash (Canada)Vampiro's Underground InvasionToronto, Ontario
Sun, May 28th 2017OTTContendersDublin, Leinster
Sun, May 28th 2017AJPWCharity Show Chigesaki Tournament Evolution 3Chigasaki, Kanagawa
Sun, May 28th 2017wXwBeim Tattoo Bash - Day 2Koln, North Rhine-Westphalia
Sun, May 28th 2017NJPWBest of the Super Juniors 2017 - Day 10Takasaki, Gunma
Sun, May 28th 2017NOAHNavigation With Breeze 2017 - Day 7Okayama, Okayama
Sun, May 28th 2017WWEWWE Live (Raw)Augusta, Georgia
Sun, May 28th 2017WWEWWE Live (Smackdown)Chattanooga, Tennessee
Sat, May 28th 2016NOAHGreat Voyage 2016 in OsakaOsaka, Osaka
Sat, May 28th 2016WWEWWE LivePeoria, Illinois
Sat, May 28th 2016AIWThe J.T. Lightning Invitational Tournament 2016 - Day 2Cleveland, Ohio
Sat, May 28th 2016AIWBack To The Future CupCleveland, Ohio
Sat, May 28th 2016CHIKARAAniversario: The Chamber of SecretsManchester, England
Sat, May 28th 2016WWEWWE LiveWinnipeg, Manitoba
Sat, May 28th 2016OTTEven Better Than Our BestDublin, Leinster
Sat, May 28th 2016wXwwXw Academy: Scouting The Next Generation 6Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Wed, May 28th 2014OVWTV Taping #771Louisville, Kentucky
Wed, May 28th 2014AJPWSuper Power Series '14 - Day 7Nagaoka, Niigata
Tue, May 28th 2013NJPWBest of Super Jr. XX - Day 3Toyohashi, Aichi
Tue, May 28th 2013AJPWRise Up Tour '13 - Day 7Echizen, Fukui
Tue, May 28th 2013WWEMain Event TapingEdmonton, Alberta
Tue, May 28th 2013WWESmackdown! TapingEdmonton, Alberta
Mon, May 28th 2012NJPWBest of the Super Juniors XIX - Day 2Chiba, Chiba
Mon, May 28th 2012WWESuperstars Taping #1New Orleans, Louisiana
Mon, May 28th 2012WWEMonday Night RawNew Orleans, Louisiana
Sat, May 28th 2011NOAHMay Navigation '11 - Day 4Ishikawa, Ishikawa
Sat, May 28th 2011AJPWRise Up Tour '11 - Day 10Okayama, Okayama
Sat, May 28th 2011NJPWBest of the Super Juniors XVIII: Bring It On! - Day 2Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, May 28th 2011PWGAll Star Weekend 8 - Day 2Reseda, California
Sat, May 28th 2011FWAMCM Expo 2011 - Day 1London, England
Sat, May 28th 2011LL USAMasked Warriors #12Albuquerque, New Mexico
Sat, May 28th 20111PWThe Last StandQueensferry, Wales
Sat, May 28th 2011wXwWestside Dojo: In Ein Streetfight!Oberhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Fri, May 28th 2010NOAHNavigation with Breeze '10 - Day 4Matsuyama, Ehime
Fri, May 28th 20101PWDeadly IntentionsMerseyside, England
Fri, May 28th 2010JCWHappy Daze Tour - Day 8Sauget, Illinois
Fri, May 28th 2010FCWPort Charlotte Show (May '10)Port Charlotte, Florida
Fri, May 28th 2010CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Thu, May 28th 2009FCWTampa Show (May '09 #3)Tampa, Florida
Thu, May 28th 2009AJPWRise Up Tour '09 - Day 8Tottori, Tottori
Wed, May 28th 2008NOAHSEM In Sapporo Concarino (May '08)Sapporo, Hokkaido
Wed, May 28th 2008OVWTV Taping #460Louisville, Kentucky
Mon, May 28th 2007TNAiMPACT! TapingOrlando, Florida
Mon, May 28th 2007TNAiMPACT! TapingOrlando, Florida
Mon, May 28th 2007TNAiMPACT! TapingOrlando, Florida
Mon, May 28th 2007WWESaturday Night's Main Event TapingToronto, Ontario
Mon, May 28th 2007WWEMonday Night RawToronto, Ontario
Mon, May 28th 2007AJPWPro Wrestling Love in Kurashiki '07Sanyo, Honshu
Sun, May 28th 2006NJPWBest of the Super Juniors XIII - Day 2Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, May 28th 2006NOAHNorthern Navigation '06 - Day 7Kitami, Hokkaido
Sun, May 28th 2006AJPWRise Up Tour '06 - Day 6Kobe, Hyogo
Sun, May 28th 2006AIWAbsolutionCleveland, Ohio
Sat, May 28th 2005NJPWBest of the Super Juniors XII - Day 5Soka, Saitama
Sat, May 28th 2005FWACarnage Tour: BridlingtonBridlington, England
Sat, May 28th 2005NOAHNavigation With Breeze '05 - Day 10Tottori, Tottori
Sat, May 28th 2005FIPUnstoppableBrooksville, Florida
Sat, May 28th 2005APWGym WarsHayward, California
Sat, May 28th 2005AJPWRise Up Tour '05 - Day 8Amagi, Fukuoka
Fri, May 28th 2004NJPWBest of the Super Juniors XI - Day 5Toyota, Aichi
Fri, May 28th 2004NOAHNavigation with Breeze '04 - Day 10Tottori, Tottori
Fri, May 28th 2004CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Wed, May 28th 2003NWA TNAWeekly PPV #46Nashville, Tennessee
Wed, May 28th 2003NWA TNAXplosion #34 TapingNashville, Tennessee
Wed, May 28th 2003NOAHNavigation With Breeze '03 - Day 14Hakodate, Hokkaido
Wed, May 28th 2003OVWTV Taping (May '03 #2)Louisville, Kentucky
Tue, May 28th 2002WWESmackdown! TapingCalgary, Alberta
Tue, May 28th 2002NJPWBest of the Super Juniors IX - Day 8Sendai, Miyagi
Tue, May 28th 2002NJPWFighting Spirit Memorial DaySendai, Miyagi
Tue, May 28th 2002WWEVelocity #2 TapingCalgary, Alberta
Tue, May 28th 2002HWATuesday Night ShowcaseCincinnati, Ohio
Mon, May 28th 2001WWFMonday Night RawCalgary, Alberta
Mon, May 28th 2001NJPWBest of the Super Juniors VIII - Day 7Sendai, Miyagi
Mon, May 28th 2001WWFJakked #93 TapingCalgary, Alberta
Sun, May 28th 2000XPWD-Day Aftermath - Day 2Ventura, California
Sun, May 28th 2000AJPWSuper Power Series '00 - Day 8Tokyo, Tokyo
Fri, May 28th 1999ECWWorcester Show (May '99)Worcester, Massachusetts
Fri, May 28th 1999NJPWBest of the Super Juniors VI - Day 8Sabae, Fukui
Fri, May 28th 1999CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, May 28th 1999WCWWCW LiveTupelo, Mississippi
Thu, May 28th 1998NJPWBest of the Super Juniors V - Day 11Ishikawa, Ishikawa
Thu, May 28th 1998IWA-MSLouisville ShowLouisville, Kentucky
Tue, May 28th 1996NJPWNagano Show (May '96)Nagano, Nagano
Tue, May 28th 1996WWFIn Your House 8: Beware Of Dog (2)North Charleston, South Carolina
Tue, May 28th 1996WWFSuperstars of Wrestling Taping #504North Charleston, South Carolina
Tue, May 28th 1996WWFSuperstars of Wrestling Taping #505North Charleston, South Carolina
Tue, May 28th 1996WWFSuperstars of Wrestling Taping #506North Charleston, South Carolina
Sat, May 28th 1994SMWVirgie Show (May '94)Virgie, Kentucky
Fri, May 28th 1993SMWWelch Show (May '93)Welch, Virginia
Fri, May 28th 1993CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Tue, May 28th 1991WWFSuperstars of Wrestling Taping #246Tucson, Arizona
Tue, May 28th 1991WWFSuperstars of Wrestling Taping #247Tucson, Arizona
Tue, May 28th 1991WWFSuperstars of Wrestling Taping #248Tucson, Arizona
Mon, May 28th 1990NJPWCrush the Super Heavy '90 - Day 3Osaka, Osaka
Fri, May 28th 1982NWAHouston Show (May '82)Houston, Texas
Sun, May 28th 1978NJPWUwajima ShowUwajima, Ehime

starWrestlers Born on This Day in History

Date of BirthWrestlerPlace of Birth
May 28th 1899Dick LaneRice Lake, Wisconsin
Thu, May 28th 1998KyuriTokyo, Tokyo
Wed, May 28th 1997Himeka AritaUnknown, Iwate
May 28th 1886Paul BowserUnknown, Pennsylvania
Thu, May 28th 1987Joseph ConnersNottingham, England
Wed, May 28th 1986Seth RollinsBuffalo, Iowa
Mon, May 28th 1979Brian FuryRochester, New Hampshire
Tue, May 28th 1974Jeremy BorashMinneapolis, Minnesota
Wed, May 28th 1969Chaz WarringtonCherry Hill, New Jersey
Sat, May 28th 1966Jerrito EstradaUnknown, Unknown
Tue, May 28th 1963SamuSan Francisco, California

starWrestlers Died on This Day in History

Date of DeathDate of BirthWrestlerCause of Death
Sat, May 28th 1983 May 27th 1930Jacques Rougeau, Sr.Unknown
Sat, May 28th 2005 Jul 19th 1992SpiderUnknown