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Bobby Lashley (WWE Raw)
Roman Reigns (WWE SD)
Kenny Omega (AEW)
Finn Balor (NXT)
Rush (ROH)
Rich Swann (Impact)
Bandido (PWG)
Nick Aldis (NWA)
Suwama (AJPW)
Kota Ibushi (NJPW)
Keiji Mutoh (NOAH)

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Match Type
"3 stages of hell"
"baby bottle"
"Barbed Wire Baseball Bat"
"Barbed Wire Boards & Barbed Wire Baseball Bat Death"
"Barbed Wire Boards & Baseball Bats Deathmatch"
"Barbed Wire Boards"
"Barbed Wire Cage"
"Barbed Wire Cage" (tag)
"Barbed Wire Madness"
"Barbed Wire Massacre"
"Barbed Wire"
"Barbed Wire" tag
"Barefoot Thumbtack Death"
"Belfast Brawl"
"Best of 7" series
"Black Wedding"
"Boiler Room Brawl"
"Boot Camp"
"Brawl For All"
"British Rounds Match"
"Bunkhouse Brawl"
"Bunkhouse" (tag)
"Cage of Death"
"Cage of Death" (tag)
"Caribbean Strap"
"Chicago Street Fight" (2 on 2)
"Clockwork Orange House of Fun"
"Coal Miner's Glove match"
"Compton Rules"
"Compton Rules" (tag)
"Country Whippin'"
"Country Whippin'" (tag)
"Cruiserweight Open"
"Dog Collar" tag
"Double Dog Collar" tag
"Electrified Light Tubes"
"Elimination Chamber"
"European Rules"
"Extreme Rules" (tag)
"Fight Without Honor"
"first blood" tag
"Flaming Tables" tag
"Full Metal Mayhem"
"Full Metal Mayhem" tag
"Gauntlet For The Gold"
"Guitar On A Pole"
"Gut Check"
"Homerun Derby Death"
"Honor Rumble"
"House of Horrors"
"I Quit" (tag)
"Indian Strap"
"Kendo Stick"
"King of the Mountain" (5-way)
"Kiss My Ass"
"kiss my foot"
"Lethal Lockdown" (eight-man tag)
"Lethal Lockdown" (ten-man tag)
"Light Tube Bundles"
"Light Tube Log Cabin" (two out of three falls)
"Light Tubes"
"Lights Out"
"Loser Leaves Town"
"Loser Leaves Town" tag
"Lumberjack Light Tubes"
"Masterlock Challenge"
"Mexican Death"
"Monster's Ball" (four-way)
"Monster's Ball" (tag)
"Old School IWA Rules"
"Over The Top Rope"
"Panes of Glass"
"pick your poison"
"Raven's Rules"
"Relaxed Rules" tag
"Russian Chain"
"Scramble" (4-way tag)
"Sicilian stretcher"
"Singapore Cane"
"Singapore Spike"
"Six Man Mayhem"
"Stairway To Hell" ladder
"Survival of the Fittest" (6-way)
"Tag Team Turmoil"
"Tangled Web" Match
"Tap Out"
"Texas Bullrope"
"Texas Death" (tag)
"Texas Tornado" tag
"Thumbtack Madness"
"TLC" (tag)
"Ultimate Endurance" (4-way tag)
"Ultimate X"
"Ultimate X" tag
"Ultimate X" three-way
"Unlucky 13 Staple Gun"
"World of Sport"
$10,000 challenge
10-man tag (2 out of 3 falls)
10-minute time limit
10-person tag (2 out of 3 falls)
14-person tag elimination
15-minute challenge
16-man tag elimination
2 out of 3 falls tables match
20-man Royal Rumble
200 light tubes
3-Minute Challenge
3-way Dance
4-way elimination
4-way Tag
5-minute challenge
5-Minute White Boy Challenge
5-way ladder
6-man Mayhem Match
6-man tag falls count anywhere
6-pack challenge
6-Person Intergender Tag Team Match
6-person tag (3 out of 5 falls)
6-person tag hardcore
6-person tag lucha rules
6-person tornado tag
60 minute Ironman
7-way elimination
8-way elimination
Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale
Anything Goes (4 on 4)
Anything Goes (tag)
bar room brawl
Barbed Wire Madness Deathmatch
barbed wire ropes
Battle Royal (tag)
bikini contest
bikini contest (multi-way)
boxer vs. wrestler
bra and panties
British Rules Match
bunkhouse battle royal
Captain Falls Elimination Tag
captain's falls elimination
career-threatening match
Champion vs. Champion
Chicago Street Fight
ChickFight Tournament Final
coward waves the flag
Crucible Rules
CZW Rules
deathmatch (3 on 3)
Deathmatch (tag)
Dock Fight
double jeopardy battle royale
Double Table Match
elimination tag
empty arena
European catch rules
evening gown
falls count anywhere (triple threat)
Fans Bring the Weapons (3 on 3)
fatal 5-way
Finisher Match
four corners elimination
four corners of pain
four corners of pain deathmatch
Four Corners Survival Tag
four corners tag
four-way dance tag
four-way tag TLC
gauntlet battle royale
Glass Deathmatch
Good As Gold Rumble
Guerilla Warfare
hair vs. hair (4-way)
hair vs. hair tag
Hair vs. Hair Tag (2 out of 3 falls)
hair vs. mask
hair vs. title
Halloween Costume Battle Royal
handicap gauntlet match
handicap hardcore
handicap steel cage
handicap streetfight
handicap tables
hardcore battle royale
Hardcore Gauntlet
holiday gauntlet
home run derby
human steel cage
Infinite Gauntlet
Intergender Match
IPPON Light Tube Deathmatch
IWA Rules
knockout match
Knockout Or Tapout
ladder (3 on 3)
ladder (4-way tag)
ladder (5-way)
ladder (6-way)
Ladder (7-way)
ladder (four-way)
ladder (three-way)
last woman standing
leather strap
Leg Wrestling
Light Tubes (3 On 3)
lingerie pillow fight
loser eats dog food
Loser Leaves IWA Mid-South
Loser Leaves OVW
Loser Leaves Town
losing tag team must split
lumberjack death
lumberjack strap
mask vs. hair
mask vs. hair (2 out of 3 falls)
mask vs. title
miracle on 34th street
Nightmare Rumble
no countout
no disqualification 6-man tag
no disqualification 8-man tag
no disqualification falls count anywhere
no disqualification four-way
no disqualification handicap tag
no disqualification triple-threat
No DQ Handicap Match
no holds barred falls count anywhere
no holds barred streetfight
no holds barred tag
No Rope Breaks
no ropes
no rules
no time limit
Old School Rules
One Count Rules
Opportunity in a Box Ladder Match
Opportunity in A Box Match
over-the-top-rope gauntlet
panes of glass & light tubes
Panes of Glass Deathmatch
Penalty Box (tag)
Philadelphia streetfight
Piledriver (tag)
Piledriver Match
pinfall or submission only
pole battle royale
pure wrestling
relaxed rules
Reverse Battle Royal
Rugged Fortitude Series
Santa's Little Helper 6-diva tag
scaffold (tag)
Shortcut to the Top Rumble
Six Sides of Steel
Six Sides of Steel (tag)
special challenge
staple gun
steel cage (3 on 3)
steel cage (4 on 4)
Steel Cage (last man loses hair)
Steel Cage (last man loses mask)
steel cage (three-way)
Street Fight (3-way)
street fight (4 on 4)
stretcher (tag)
submission gauntlet
Sweet n' Sour Inc. Gauntlet
tables (3 vs 3)
tables and ladder (tag)
tables, ladders and chairs
tag (elimination)
tag light tubes
Taipei deathmatch
Texas Bullrope Match
three-way deathmatch
three-way hardcore
three-way hardcore tag
three-way nine-person tag
three-way tag ladder
title vs. career
TLC (3-way)
Toronto gauntlet
triangle tag
triathalon survivor
trifecta elimination
triple threat steel cage
triple-threat elimination
triple-threat hardcore
triple-threat no disqualification
triple-threat tag team ladder
triple-threat tag TLC
ultraviolent deathmatch
ultraviolent rules
Uncensored Rules
Uncensored Rumble
Vale Tudo rules
weapon rumble
weapons (tag)