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starWrestlers with Most Asylum Arena (ECW Arena) Appearances in the Database

rank born gimmick Asylum Arena matches notes
1United StatesRuckus144 
2United StatesBLK Jeez112 
3United StatesEddie Kingston111 
4United StatesTommy Dreamer100 
5United StatesSabu97 
7United StatesNick Gage95 
8United StatesThe Sandman91 
9United StatesChris Hero89 
10United StatesTaz84 
11United StatesShane Douglas83 
12United StatesJon Dahmer82 
13United StatesB-Boy80 
14United StatesAxl Rotten79deceased
15United StatesD. J. Hyde78 
16United StatesMikey Whipwreck78 
17United StatesNecro Butcher78 
18United StatesPitbull #176 
19United StatesMike Quackenbush74 
20United StatesDrew Gulak73 
21United StatesRockin' Rebel70 
22United StatesDrake Wuertz66 
23United StatesHallowicked66 
24United StatesDevon Moore65 
25United StatesDerek Frazier63 
26United StatesSami Callihan63 
27United StatesDanny Havoc62 
28United StatesSonjay Dutt62 
29United StatesChuck Taylor60 
30United StatesJay Briscoe60 
31United StatesCheech58 
32United StatesRob Van Dam58 
33United StatesAdam Cole57 
34United StatesJerry Lynn57 
35United StatesCloudy56 
36United StatesGreg Excellent56 
37United StatesJigsaw56 
38United StatesTrent Acid56deceased
39CanadaSami Zayn55 
40United StatesDelirious54 
41United StatesGran Akuma54 
42United StatesJoker54 
43United StatesIcarus52 
44ItalyJames Maritato51 
45United StatesRyan McBride51 
46United StatesBubba Ray Dudley50 
47United StatesPitbull #250deceased
48United StatesRoderick Strong50 
49United StatesTed Petty50deceased
50United StatesAlex Colon49 
51United StatesD-Von Dudley49 
52United StatesJohnny Grunge49deceased
53United StatesNiles Sozio49 
54United StatesMark Briscoe48 
55United StatesRaven48 
56United StatesJohn Kronus47deceased
57CanadaKevin Owens47 
58United StatesNicky Benz47 
59United StatesAdam Flash46 
60United StatesBalls Mahoney46deceased
61United StatesFire Ant46 
62United StatesJoe Gacy46 
63United StatesNew Jack46 
64United StatesScotty Vortekz46 
65United StatesNate Hatred45 
66United StatesPinkie Sanchez45 
67United StatesScorpio45 
68United StatesSoldier Ant45 
69United StatesHack Meyers44deceased
70United StatesIan Rotten44 
71United StatesJustice Pain44 
72United StatesHomicide43 
73United StatesStevie Richards43 
74United StatesJ. T. Smith42 
75United StatesAndy Sumner41 
76United StatesRoadkill41 
77United StatesRhett Titus40 
78United StatesSTIGMA40 
79United StatesJustin Credible38 
80CanadaPlayer Uno38 
81United StatesSpike Dudley38 
82United StatesChri$ Ca$h37deceased
83United StatesChristopher Daniels37 
84United StatesOphidian37 
85United StatesRicochet37 
86United StatesThe Messiah37 
87United StatesBrain Damage36deceased
88United StatesColt Cabana36 
89United StatesTerry Funk36 
90United StatesThe Blue Meanie36 
91United StatesAmasis35 
92United StatesAustin Aries35 
93United StatesChris Candido35deceased
94United StatesChris Chetti35 
95United StatesLuke Harper35 
96United StatesRyan Slater35 
97United StatestHURTeen35 
98United StatesTy Hagen35 
99United StatesUltramantis Black35 
100United StatesDavey Richards34 
101United StatesDrew Blood34 
102Puerto RicoLince Dorado34 
103CanadaBeef Wellington33 
104CanadaLance Storm33 
105United StatesVin Gerard33 
106United StatesEgotistico Fantastico32 
107United StatesG. Q.32 
108United StatesKenny King32 
109United StatesMonsta Mack32 
110United StatesRich Swann32 
111CanadaSteve Corino32 
112United StatesEddie Edwards31 
113CanadaPlayer Dos31 
114United StatesSara Del Rey31 
115United StatesC. J. O'Doyle30 
116United StatesDanny Doring30 
117United StatesDean Ambrose30 
118United StatesGrizzly Redwood30 
119United StatesL. J. Cruz30 
120United StatesChad Bowman29 
121United StatesJimmy Rave29 
122United StatesPerry Saturn29 
123United StatesIan Knoxx28 
124United StatesJimmy Olsen28 
125United StatesMatt Jackson28 
126United StatesNick Jackson28 
127United StatesTim Donst28 
128United StatesJohnny Kashmere27 
129United StatesSpyder Nate Webb27 
130United StatesTony Stetson27 
131United StatesJ. C. Bailey26deceased
132United StatesLarry Sweeney26deceased
133United StatesMustafa Saed26 
134United StatesToby Klein26 
135United StatesTracy Smothers26 
136United StatesZ-Barr26 
137United StatesA. R. Fox25 
138United StatesArik Cannon25 
139United StatesDaizee Haze25 
140United StatesHydra25 
141United StatesKevin Sullivan25 
142United StatesSeth Rollins25 
143United StatesBobby Dempsey24 
144United StatesErick Stevens24 
145United StatesGreg Matthews24 
146United StatesKory Chavis24 
147United StatesMick Foley24 
148United StatesAzrieal23 
149United StatesColin Delaney23 
150United StatesDon E. Allen23 
151United StatesJoey Matthews23 
152United StatesDan Maff22 
153United StatesDasher Hatfield22 
154United StatesFrightmare22 
155CanadaSexxxy Eddy22 
156United StatesT. J. Cannon22 
157United StatesBam Bam Bigelow21deceased
158United StatesBruce Maxwell21 
159United StatesCory Kastle21 
160United StatesJason Knight21 
161United StatesJon Davis21 
162JamaicaSlyck Wagner Brown21 
163United StatesCrossbones20 
164United StatesCurtis Hughes20 
165United StatesDamian Adams20 
166United StatesDon Harris20 
167United StatesJohn Zandig20 
168United StatesJonathan Gresham20 
169United StatesMike Bucci20 
170CubaRicky Reyes20 
171United StatesRon Harris20 
172United StatesDevon Storm19 
173United StatesJimmy Jacobs19 
174Fiji IslandsJimmy Snuka19 
175United StatesMitch Ryder19 
176United StatesOrange Cassidy19 
177United StatesAlex Payne18 
178United StatesDaniel Bryan18 
179United StatesExcalibur18 
180United StatesK-Pusha18 
182United StatesSilver Ant18 
183United StatesSuper Dragon18 
185United StatesTommy Cairo18 
186United States91117 
187United StatesA.J. Styles17 
188United StatesAlex Shelley17 
189United StatesDeranged17 
190United StatesK-Murda17 
191MexicoSuper Crazy17 
192United StatesWorker Ant17 
193United StatesAndy Ridge16 
194United StatesBrent Albright16 
195United StatesJohnny Gargano16 
196United StatesMatt Cross16 
197United StatesRhyno16 
198United StatesRobbie E.16 
200United StatesTony Mamaluke16 
201United StatesWifebeater16 
202United StatesAl Snow15 
203United StatesChristian York15 
204United StatesDean Malenko15 
205United StatesJoey Ryan15 
206CanadaKyle O'Reilly15 
207United StatesLancelot Bravado15 
208United StatesMasada15 
209United StatesMatt Striker15 
210United StatesMichael Bennett15 
211United StatesNick Mondo15 
212United StatesPat Kenney15 
213CanadaScott Parker15 
214CanadaShayne Hawke15 
215United StatesBandido Jr.14 
216United StatesBobby Shields14 
217United StatesBrian Lee14 
218United StatesEl Hijo del Ice Cream14 
219United StatesGrim Reefer14 
220United StatesHarlem Bravado14 
221United StatesIce Cream Jr.14 
222United StatesJay Lethal14 
223United StatesRic Blade14 
224CanadaShane Matthews14 
225United StatesB. J. Whitmer13 
226United StatesBKNY13 
227CanadaChris Benoit13deceased
228United StatesDarin Corbin13 
229United StatesDustin Lee13 
230Puerto RicoJohn Kermon13 
231United StatesJude13 
232United StatesKid Kash13 
233United StatesMike Awesome13deceased
234United StatesMike Kruel13 
235EcuadorPablo Marquez13 
236United StatesPat Tanaka13 
237United StatesRasche Brown13 
238United StatesRory Gulak13 
239United StatesChris Stylz12 
240United StatesJack Victory12 
241United StatesJake Crist12 
242United StatesJoel Maximo12 
243United StatesJohnny Hotbody12 
244United StatesKirby Mack12 
245United StatesLouie Spicolli12deceased
246United StatesPauly Thomaselli12 
247United StatesSal Rinauro12 
248United StatesT. J. Mack12 
249United StatesVito LoGrasso12 
250United StatesWHACKS12 
251United StatesDanny Rose11 
252United StatesErnie Osiris11 
253United StatesHurricane Kid11 
255United StatesJosh Raymond11 
256CanadaKenny Omega11 
257United StatesLow Ki11 
258JapanMasato Tanaka11 
259United StatesMatt Sydal11 
260CanadaMichael Elgin11 
262United StatesRyan Cruz11 
263UnknownUnknown Male Wrestler11 
264United StatesBig Dick Dudley10deceased
265United StatesBobby Fish10 
266United StatesChris Sabin10 
267United StatesHeretic10 
268United StatesIzzy10 
269United StatesJose Maximo10 
270United StatesJosh Daniels10 
271UnknownLance Lude10 
272United StatesMike Sydal10 
273YugoslaviaPaul Diamond10 
274United StatesPaul Lauria10 
275United StatesTony Kozina10 
276United StatesxOMGx10 
277United StatesApril Hunter9 
279United StatesCarter Gray9 
280United StatesDanny Demanto9 
281UnknownDino Sandoff9 
282United StatesDixie9 
283United StatesE. C. Negro9 
284United StatesEddie Valentine9 
285United StatesFrankie Kazarian9 
287United StatesLobo9 
288United StatesMadman Pondo9 
289United StatesMaven Bentley9 
290United StatesMercedes Martinez9 
291United StatesPelle Primeau9 
292United StatesSal Thomaselli9 
293BelgiumSalvatore Bellomo9 
294United StatesTommy Rich9 
295United StatesVito Thomaselli9 
296United StatesAlex Reynolds8 
297United StatesC. W. Anderson8 
298United StatesChristin Able8deceased
299United StatesCrazy Ivan8 
300United StatesD-Lo Brown8 

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