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starCards on This Day in History

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datepromotioncard namelocation
Wed, Oct 25th 2023AEWDynamite #212Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Wed, Oct 25th 2023AEWRampage #116 TapingPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Wed, Oct 25th 2023NJPWSuper Junior Tag League 2023 ~ Road To Power Struggle 2023 - Day 3Tokyo, Tokyo
Wed, Oct 25th 2023WWEWWE LiveMunchen, Bayern
Tue, Oct 25th 2022Dragon GateThe Gate Of Victory 2022 - Day 13Omuta, Fukuoka
Tue, Oct 25th 2022CMLLAmazonas Del MundoGuadalajara, Jalisco
Tue, Oct 25th 2022NXTLVL UP #37 TapingOrlando, Florida
Tue, Oct 25th 2022NXTTV #529Orlando, Florida
Tue, Oct 25th 2022RevProLive At The GuildhallPortsmouth, England
Tue, Oct 25th 2022GCWThe Settlement Series - Part 5Williamstown, New Jersey
Tue, Oct 25th 2022NWAPowerrr Surge - Velvet After Dark (airdate)Nashville, Tennessee
Mon, Oct 25th 2021Impact WrestlingDigital Media Championship #8 TapingLas Vegas, Nevada
Mon, Oct 25th 2021Impact WrestlingBefore the Impact #39 TapingLas Vegas, Nevada
Mon, Oct 25th 2021Impact WrestlingImpact #901 Taping - Part 2Las Vegas, Nevada
Mon, Oct 25th 2021Impact WrestlingBefore the Impact #40 TapingLas Vegas, Nevada
Mon, Oct 25th 2021Impact WrestlingImpact #902 TapingLas Vegas, Nevada
Mon, Oct 25th 2021Impact WrestlingDigital Media Championship #9 TapingLas Vegas, Nevada
Mon, Oct 25th 2021NJPWRoad To Power Struggle 2021 - Day 2Tokyo, Tokyo
Mon, Oct 25th 2021WWEMain Event TapingHouston, Texas
Mon, Oct 25th 2021WWEMonday Night RawHouston, Texas
Sun, Oct 25th 2020WWEHell in a Cell 2020Orlando, Florida
Sun, Oct 25th 2020DDTRoad To Ultimate Party 2020Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Oct 25th 2020RevProEpic Encounters 4Portsmouth, England
Sun, Oct 25th 2020WrestleProDream 16 2020 - Day 2Union City, New Jersey
Sun, Oct 25th 2020NJPWRoad To Power Struggle 2020 - Day 3Chiba, Chiba
Sun, Oct 25th 2020STARDOMGoddesses of Stardom Tag League 2020 - Day 5Maebashi, Gunma
Sun, Oct 25th 2020Dragon GateThe Gate Of Victory 2020 - Day 13 ~ Naruki Doi 20th Anniversary Homecoming ~Nara, Nara
Fri, Oct 25th 2019Freelance WrestlingThings That Go Bump In The RingChicago, Illinois
Fri, Oct 25th 2019NJPWRoad to Power Struggle 2019 ~ Super Junior Tag League 2019 - Day 7Tokorozawa, Saitama
Fri, Oct 25th 2019WWEFriday Night SmackdownKansas City, Missouri
Fri, Oct 25th 2019WWE205 Live #151Kansas City, Missouri
Fri, Oct 25th 2019ROHHonor United - LondonLondon, England
Fri, Oct 25th 2019LimitlessFresh BloodPortland, Maine
Fri, Oct 25th 2019CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Oct 25th 2019FCPInfinity 2019Wolverhampton, England
Fri, Oct 25th 2019No Peace UndergroundSculptors Of The FleshOrlando, Florida
Fri, Oct 25th 2019Impact WrestlingImpact/Xplosion TapingsWindsor, Ontario
Fri, Oct 25th 2019LVACLet's Hang Out! (Spooky Edition)Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Fri, Oct 25th 2019Dragon GateThe Gate Of Victory 2019 - Day 13Nanao, Ishikawa
Fri, Oct 25th 2019NXTJacksonville ShowJacksonville, Florida
Thu, Oct 25th 2018IWA-MSTrunks Or TreatJeffersonville, Indiana
Wed, Oct 25th 2017NJPWRoad to Power Struggle 2017 - Day 6Hachinohe, Aomori
Wed, Oct 25th 2017OVWTV Taping #949Louisville, Kentucky
Wed, Oct 25th 2017CZWDojo Wars 150 - SuperShow 5: Halloween HavokBlackwood, New Jersey
Tue, Oct 25th 2016AJPWAJ Phoenix Vol. 5Tokyo, Tokyo
Tue, Oct 25th 2016NJPWRoad to Power Struggle 2016 - Day 3Toyohashi, Aichi
Tue, Oct 25th 2016Dragon GateThe Gate Of Victory 2016 - Day 13Fukui, Fukui
Tue, Oct 25th 2016WWEMain Event TapingGreen Bay, Wisconsin
Tue, Oct 25th 2016WWESmackdown LiveGreen Bay, Wisconsin
Sun, Oct 25th 2015WWEHell In A Cell 2015Los Angeles, California
Sun, Oct 25th 2015DDTSpecial 2015Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Oct 25th 2015STARDOMMask Fiesta 2015 ~ Halloween PartyTokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Oct 25th 2015STARDOMGoddesses of Stardom Tag League 2015 - Day 1Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Oct 25th 2015NOAHGlobal League 2015 - Day 7Hakata, Fukuoka
Sun, Oct 25th 2015BeyondSecret ShowProvidence, Rhode Island
Sun, Oct 25th 2015NXTLive at the Aftershock Festival - Day 2Elverta, California
Sun, Oct 25th 2015CHIKARAExit StrategyColumbus, Ohio
Sun, Oct 25th 2015RevProLive in SittingbourneKent, England
Sun, Oct 25th 2015NJPWRoad to Power Struggle 2015 - Day 3Uonuma, Niigata
Sun, Oct 25th 2015BeyondGratitude EraProvidence, Rhode Island
Sun, Oct 25th 2015LLEDomingo EliteMexico City, Federal District
Sun, Oct 25th 2015CZWMaven Bentley Association Show: The Memory Remains 3Woodbury Heights, New Jersey
Sun, Oct 25th 2015Dragon GateThe Gate Of Victory 2015 - Day 12Matsusaka, Mie
Sat, Oct 25th 2014NOAHGlobal League '14 - Day 4Sasebo, Nagasaki
Sat, Oct 25th 2014CHIKARAThunderballGibsonville, North Carolina
Sat, Oct 25th 2014OVWE-Town BeatdownElizabethtown, Kentucky
Sat, Oct 25th 2014Dragon GateThe Gate Of Victory 2014 - Day 13Shimizu, Hokkaido
Sat, Oct 25th 2014RPWRust In PeaceWillowbrook, Illinois
Sat, Oct 25th 2014VPWTerror Rising '14 - Night 1Ridgecrest, California
Sat, Oct 25th 2014APWHalloween Hell XVIIDaly City, California
Sat, Oct 25th 2014WWC41st Anniversary Show - Day 2 - A Tribute To Chicky StarrCaguas, Puerto Rico
Sat, Oct 25th 2014AJPWRaising An Army Memorial Series - Day 1Sanjo, Niigata
Sat, Oct 25th 2014NJPWRoad to Power Struggle '14 - Day 1Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Oct 25th 2014ROHTV Tapings - Reloaded Tour - Night 2Lakeland, Florida
Fri, Oct 25th 2013wXw13th Anniversary Tour: ChemnitzChemnitz, Sachsen-Anhalt
Fri, Oct 25th 2013AAWWar is Coming 2013Merrionette Park, Illinois
Fri, Oct 25th 2013RPWWelcome to My NightmareWillowbrook, Illinois
Fri, Oct 25th 2013Smash (Canada)Rumble in the Tundra - Day 1Iqaluit, Nunavut
Fri, Oct 25th 2013Dragon GatePRIME ZONE Vol. 11Kobe, Hyogo
Fri, Oct 25th 2013CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Oct 25th 2013OVWFlemingsburg ShowFlemingsburg, Kentucky
Fri, Oct 25th 2013SHINE#14Ybor City, Florida
Fri, Oct 25th 2013NJPWRoad to Power Struggle '13 - Day 1Tokyo, Tokyo
Thu, Oct 25th 2012NXTTampa Show (October '12 #3)Tampa, Florida
Thu, Oct 25th 2012NJPWRoad to Power Struggle '12 - Day 3Toyohashi, Aichi
Thu, Oct 25th 2012Dragon GateThe Gate Of Victory 2012 - Day 9Nanao, Ishikawa
Thu, Oct 25th 2012TNAiMPACT!Orlando, Florida
Tue, Oct 25th 2011WWENXT Redemption Taping #33Houston, Texas
Tue, Oct 25th 2011WWESuperstars Taping #2Houston, Texas
Tue, Oct 25th 2011WWESmackdown! TapingHouston, Texas
Mon, Oct 25th 2010WWEMonday Night RawGreen Bay, Wisconsin
Mon, Oct 25th 2010TNAiMPACT! TapingOrlando, Florida
Mon, Oct 25th 2010WWESuperstars Taping #1Green Bay, Wisconsin
Mon, Oct 25th 2010Dragon GateThe Gate Of Victory 2010 - Day 13Nobeoka, Miyazaki
Mon, Oct 25th 2010NJPWCircuit '10 Truth: G1 Tag League - Day 3Takasaki, Gunma
Sun, Oct 25th 2009NOAHAutumn Navigation '09 - Day 6Sapporo, Hokkaido
Sun, Oct 25th 2009NJPWCircuit '09 Truth: G1 Tag League - Day 5Yamagata, Yamagata
Sun, Oct 25th 2009WWEBragging Rights '09Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sun, Oct 25th 2009CZWTournament of Death: RewindTownsend, Delaware
Sun, Oct 25th 2009DDTWelcome To Never Land 2009Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Oct 25th 2009AJPWAnniversary Tour '09 - Day 11Kobe, Hyogo
Sun, Oct 25th 2009Dragon GateThe Gate Of Victory 2009 - Day 15Hakata, Fukuoka
Sun, Oct 25th 2009BeyondAll Dude ReviewElyria, Ohio
Sun, Oct 25th 2009wXwFCWBottrop, North Rhine-Westphalia
Sat, Oct 25th 2008NJPWCircuit '08 New Japan Truth: G1 Tag League - Day 5Hiroshima, Hiroshima
Sat, Oct 25th 2008FCWNew Port Richey Show (Oct '08 #2)New Port Richey, Florida
Sat, Oct 25th 2008ECWASuper 8 Tournament '08Newark, Delaware
Sat, Oct 25th 2008ROHRing of Homicide 2Edison, New Jersey
Sat, Oct 25th 2008NOAHAutumn Navigation '08 - Day 11Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Oct 25th 2008Dragon GateThe Gate Of Victory 2008 - Day 10Morodomi, Saga
Sat, Oct 25th 2008Dragon GateThe Gate Of Victory 2008 - Day 9Ukiha, Fukuoka
Sat, Oct 25th 2008AJPWAnniversary Tour '08 - Day 7Niigata, Niigata
Sat, Oct 25th 2008Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship WrestlingEpisode 2 - "Talkin' Trash"Los Angeles, California
Thu, Oct 25th 2007HUSTLEHustleMania '07Yokohama, Kanagawa
Thu, Oct 25th 2007DCWTV Taping #18Louisville, Kentucky
Thu, Oct 25th 2007NOAHAutumn Navigation '07 - Day 11Yokohama, Kanagawa
Wed, Oct 25th 2006OVWTV Taping (October '06 #4)Louisville, Kentucky
Tue, Oct 25th 2005NJPWToukon Series '05 - Day 4Kumamoto, Kumamoto
Tue, Oct 25th 2005TNAiMPACT! TapingOrlando, Florida
Tue, Oct 25th 2005TNAiMPACT! TapingOrlando, Florida
Tue, Oct 25th 2005TNAiMPACT! TapingOrlando, Florida
Tue, Oct 25th 2005WWEVelocity TapingSan Francisco, California
Tue, Oct 25th 2005WWESmackdown! TapingSan Francisco, California
Mon, Oct 25th 2004WWEMonday Night RawDes Moines, Iowa
Mon, Oct 25th 2004WWESunday Night Heat #326 TapingDes Moines, Iowa
Sat, Oct 25th 2003NJPWG1 Tag League '03 - Day 9Hirata, Shimane
Sat, Oct 25th 2003NOAHNavigation Against the Current '03 - Day 9Sasebo, Nagasaki
Sat, Oct 25th 2003CZWShockwavePistoia, Tuscany
Sat, Oct 25th 2003FIPDangerous IntentionsSt. Petersburg, Florida
Sat, Oct 25th 2003APWHalloween Hell VIHayward, California
Sat, Oct 25th 2003ROHEmpire State ShowdownSpencerport, New York
Fri, Oct 25th 2002NJPWToukon Series '02 - Day 6Koshi, Kumamoto
Fri, Oct 25th 2002FWALondon CallingLondon, England
Fri, Oct 25th 2002CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Oct 25th 2002APWHalloween Hell VHayward, California
Fri, Oct 25th 2002WWEWWE Live (Smackdown)Belfast, Northern Ireland
Fri, Oct 25th 2002AJPWOctober Giant Series '02 - Day 15Hamamatsu, Shizuoka
Fri, Oct 25th 2002ZERO-ONEImprovement II '02 - Day 3Nagoya, Aichi
Thu, Oct 25th 2001ZERO-ONEShingeki IIITokyo, Tokyo
Thu, Oct 25th 2001WWAWollongong Show (October '01)Wollongong, New South Wales
Thu, Oct 25th 2001AJPWOctober Giant Series '01 - Day 12Hasuda, Saitama
Wed, Oct 25th 2000AJPWOctober Giant Series '00 - Day 9Fukui, Fukui
Wed, Oct 25th 2000NJPWGET A RIGHT!! BLACK VS. G-EGGS - Day 11Kumamoto, Kumamoto
Wed, Oct 25th 2000MCW (Memphis)Oxford ShowOxford, Mississippi
Wed, Oct 25th 2000IWA-MSCharlestown ShowCharlestown, Indiana
Mon, Oct 25th 1999NJPWFall in Black '99 - Day 8Nagasaki, Nagasaki
Mon, Oct 25th 1999WWFMonday Night RawProvidence, Rhode Island
Mon, Oct 25th 1999WWFJakked #10 TapingProvidence, Rhode Island
Mon, Oct 25th 1999WCWNitroPhoenix, Arizona
Mon, Oct 25th 1999AJPWOctober Giant Series '99 - Day 13Nagaoka, Niigata
Sun, Oct 25th 1998WCWHalloween Havoc '98Las Vegas, Nevada
Sun, Oct 25th 1998ECWAltoona Show (Oct '98)Altoona, Pennsylvania
Sun, Oct 25th 1998OVWJeffersonville Show (October '98 #4)Jeffersonville, Indiana
Sun, Oct 25th 1998WWFMSG Show (Oct '98)New York, New York
Sat, Oct 25th 1997NJPWTyphoon '97 - Day 12Kagoshima, Kagoshima
Sat, Oct 25th 1997ECWRevere Show (Oct '97)Revere, Massachusetts
Sat, Oct 25th 1997HWAHarveysburg ShowHarveysburg, Ohio
Fri, Oct 25th 1996CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Oct 25th 1996ECWJim Thorpe Show (Oct '96)Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
Wed, Oct 25th 1995AJPW23rd Anniversary ShowTokyo, Tokyo
Wed, Oct 25th 1995WCWSaturday Night TapingsAtlanta, Georgia
Wed, Oct 25th 1995WARAomori Show (Oct '95)Aomori, Aomori
Mon, Oct 25th 1993NJPWSuper Grade Tag League III - Day 15Fukuoka, Fukuoka
Sun, Oct 25th 1992WCWHalloween Havoc '92Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Thu, Oct 25th 1990NJPWAll Star Wrestling Grand PrixMaebashi, Gunma
Wed, Oct 25th 1989NJPWToukon Series 1989 - Day 9Takarazuka, Hyogo
Tue, Oct 25th 1988WWFSuperstars of Wrestling Taping #113Baltimore, Maryland
Tue, Oct 25th 1988WWFSuperstars of Wrestling Taping #114Baltimore, Maryland
Tue, Oct 25th 1988WWFSuperstars of Wrestling Taping #115Baltimore, Maryland
Tue, Oct 25th 1988WWFSaturday Night's Main Event TapingBaltimore, Maryland
Tue, Oct 25th 1988NJPWFighting Spirit Series '88 - Day 14Yokkaichi, Oita
Sun, Oct 25th 1987NJPWSumo Hall Show (Oct '87)Tokyo, Tokyo
Fri, Oct 25th 1985WWFWWF LiveSt. Louis, Missouri
Thu, Oct 25th 1984NJPWToukon Series '84 - Day 18Tokushima, Tokushima
Sun, Oct 25th 1981AJPWGiant Series '81 - Day 20Takigawa, Takigawa
Sun, Oct 25th 1981NWA/BTW (Dallas)Wrestling Star Wars (Oct '81)Dallas, Texas
Tue, Oct 25th 1977NJPWBudokan Hall Show (Oct '77)Tokyo, Tokyo
Mon, Oct 25th 1976WWWFMSG Show (Oct '76 #2)New York, New York
Thu, Oct 25th 1973AWAWinnipeg Show (Oct '73)Winnipeg, Manitoba
Wed, Oct 25th 1972AWAFargo Show (Oct '72)Fargo, North Dakota
Mon, Oct 25th 1971WWWFMSG Show (Oct '71)New York, New York

starWrestlers Born on This Day in History

Date of BirthWrestlerPlace of Birth
Sun, Oct 25th 1998Bengala IVMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Oct 25th 1996LegendarioXalapa, Veracruz
Tue, Oct 25th 1994Yuki AinoOkayama, Okayama
Fri, Oct 25th 1991Raideen HaganeUnknown, Fukuoka
Thu, Oct 25th 1990Kevin BlackwoodBuffalo, New York
Tue, Oct 25th 1983Baron von HagenHamburg, Lower Saxony
Mon, Oct 25th 1982Brandon ProphetHouston, Texas
Thu, Oct 25th 1979Rosa MendesVancouver, British Columbia
Wed, Oct 25th 1978CM PunkChicago, Illinois
Sun, Oct 25th 1970Peter AertsEindhoven, Noord-Brabant
Sat, Oct 25th 1969Robert MailletSte-Marie-de-Kent, New Brunswick
Fri, Oct 25th 1968Dennis AllenCatskill, New York
Wed, Oct 25th 1967Latin LoverMonterrey, Nuevo León
Tue, Oct 25th 1966Perry SaturnLakewood, Ohio
Mon, Oct 25th 19652 Cold ScorpioDenver, Colorado
Tue, Oct 25th 1960MarabuntaSan Martin, Puebla
Fri, Oct 25th 1957Atsushi OnitaNagasaki, Nagasaki
Tue, Oct 25th 1949El SatanicoGuadalajara, Jalisco
Sun, Oct 25th 1942El ScorpioAtotonilco El Alto, Jalisco
Tue, Oct 25th 1932Mishima OtaFukuoka, Fukuoka