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starCards on This Day in History

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datepromotioncard namelocation
Tue, Sep 12th 2023DDTYubun 100th Anniversary - DDT In Ikeburo Full Moon FestivalTokyo, Tokyo
Tue, Sep 12th 2023NXTTV #575Orlando, Florida
Tue, Sep 12th 2023NXTLVL UP #83 TapingOrlando, Florida
Tue, Sep 12th 2023NXTLVL UP #84 Taping - Part 1Orlando, Florida
Mon, Sep 12th 2022JTOTAKA Michinoku Debut 30th Anniversary ~ TAKATaichiDespeManiaTokyo, Tokyo
Mon, Sep 12th 2022WWEMonday Night RawPortland, Oregon
Mon, Sep 12th 2022WWEMain Event TapingPortland, Oregon
Mon, Sep 12th 2022STARDOM5STAR Grand Prix 2022 - Day 14Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Sep 12th 2021NOAHN-1 Victory 2021 - Day 1Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Sep 12th 2021ROHDeath Before Dishonor XVIIIPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Sun, Sep 12th 2021ROHWeek By Week #71 TapingPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Sun, Sep 12th 2021WWEWWE Live SuperShowAlbany, New York
Sun, Sep 12th 2021wXwGerman Comic Con Limited Edition 2021 - Day 2Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia
Sun, Sep 12th 2021Camp LeapfrogThe Trail MixerWilliamstown, New Jersey
Sun, Sep 12th 2021STARDOM5STAR Grand Prix 2021 - Day 12Sendai, Miyagi
Sun, Sep 12th 2021OTTBanjaxed 2Belfast, Northern Ireland
Sun, Sep 12th 2021FMW-EBattle RoyalYokohama, Kanagawa
Sun, Sep 12th 2021RevProPop-Up Show 2: Road to High StakesLondon, England
Sun, Sep 12th 2021Wrestle CarnivalCarnival of HonorNottingham, England
Sun, Sep 12th 2021DDTGanbare Pro Harley Davidson & Marlboro Man 2021Itabashi, Tokyo
Sun, Sep 12th 2021DDTTenjin Wars 2021Fukuoka, Fukuoka
Sun, Sep 12th 2021Dragon GateStorm Gate 2021 - Day 6Takaoka, Toyama
Sun, Sep 12th 2021AJPWSuper Deluxe Series '21 - Day 3Fukuoka, Fukuoka
Sat, Sep 12th 2020AJPWChampion Carnival '20 - Day 1Nagoya, Aichi
Sat, Sep 12th 2020Warrior WrestlingStadium Series - Day 1Chicago Heights, Illinois
Sat, Sep 12th 2020STARDOM5STAR Grand Prix 2020 - Day 5 - Afternoon ShowFukuoka, Fukuoka
Sat, Sep 12th 2020STARDOM5STAR Grand Prix 2020 - Day 5 - Evening ShowFukuoka, Fukuoka
Sat, Sep 12th 2020Impact WrestlingXplosion #834 (airdate)Nashville, Tennessee
Sat, Sep 12th 2020IWCSuper Indy 19Washington, Pennsylvania
Sat, Sep 12th 2020Dragon GateStorm Gate 2020 - Day 2Osaka, Osaka
Thu, Sep 12th 2019OWEInternational Heroes - Day 2Tokyo, Tokyo
Thu, Sep 12th 2019IWA-MSTed Petty Invitational Tournament 2019 - Day 1Jeffersonville, Indiana
Thu, Sep 12th 2019NJPWRoad to Destruction 2019 - Day 7Osaka, Osaka
Wed, Sep 12th 2018CZWDojo WarsVoorhees, New Jersey
Wed, Sep 12th 2018DTUDe Patria Extrema 2018 - Day 3Tulancingo, Hidalgo
Wed, Sep 12th 2018Bar Wrestling18: Victims, Aren't We All!Los Angeles, California
Wed, Sep 12th 2018NJPWRoad to Destruction 2018 - Day 6Kyoto, Honshu
Wed, Sep 12th 2018OVWTV Taping #996Louisville, Kentucky
Wed, Sep 12th 2018AJPWRoad To 6th Royal Road Tournament - Day 3Tokyo, Tokyo
Tue, Sep 12th 2017WWE205 Live #42Las Vegas, Nevada
Tue, Sep 12th 2017WWESmackdown LiveLas Vegas, Nevada
Tue, Sep 12th 2017WWEMae Young Classic: FinalsLas Vegas, Nevada
Tue, Sep 12th 2017AJPWRoyal Road Tournament '17 - Day 1Tokyo, Tokyo
Tue, Sep 12th 2017NOAHSouthern Navigation 2017 - Day 6Okazaki, Aichi
Tue, Sep 12th 2017NJPWRoad to Destruction 2017 - Day 5Uozu, Toyama
Mon, Sep 12th 2016WWEWWE Live (Smackdown)Fairfax, Virginia
Mon, Sep 12th 2016NJPWRoad to Destruction 2016 - Day 7Tokyo, Tokyo
Mon, Sep 12th 2016WWESuperstars TapingBaltimore, Maryland
Mon, Sep 12th 2016WWEMonday Night RawBaltimore, Maryland
Sat, Sep 12th 2015WWEWWE LiveHuntsville, Alabama
Sat, Sep 12th 2015WWEWWE LiveCalgary, Alberta
Sat, Sep 12th 2015ROHReloaded Tour - Day 3Chicago Ridge, Illinois
Sat, Sep 12th 2015wXw15th Anniversary Tour: Halle (Saale)Halle, Sachsen-Anhalt
Sat, Sep 12th 2015PWSLive in Brooklyn NYNew York, New York
Sat, Sep 12th 2015AJPWRoyal Road Tournament '15 ~ Open Championship - Day 2Osaka, Osaka
Sat, Sep 12th 2015LimitlessStage OneBrewer, Maine
Sat, Sep 12th 2015Dragon GateSummer Adventure Tag League 2015 - Day 5Yokohama, Kanagawa
Sat, Sep 12th 2015NXTGainesville ShowGainesville, Florida
Sat, Sep 12th 2015CZWDown With The Sickness 2015Voorhees, New Jersey
Sat, Sep 12th 2015WSUExcellence IIVoorhees, New Jersey
Sat, Sep 12th 2015NJPWRoad to Destruction 2015 - Day 7Nagareyamai, Chiba
Fri, Sep 12th 2014NXTTV Taping #114Winter Park, Florida
Fri, Sep 12th 2014NXTTV Taping #115Winter Park, Florida
Fri, Sep 12th 2014NXTTV Taping #116Winter Park, Florida
Fri, Sep 12th 2014NXTTV Taping #117Winter Park, Florida
Fri, Sep 12th 2014Dragon GateSummer Adventure Tag League 2014 - Day 6Kasukabe, Saitama
Fri, Sep 12th 2014NJPWRoad To Destruction 2014 - Day 6Nagano, Nagano
Fri, Sep 12th 2014AAWDefining Moment 2014Berwyn, Illinois
Fri, Sep 12th 2014WWEWWE LiveWhite Plains, New York
Fri, Sep 12th 20142CWNo Place Like RomeRome, New York
Fri, Sep 12th 2014RPWDraw the LineChicago, Illinois
Fri, Sep 12th 2014VPWSeptember TO Remember VSanta Maria, California
Fri, Sep 12th 2014CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Thu, Sep 12th 2013NOAHShiny Navigation '13 - Day 3Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi
Thu, Sep 12th 2013TNAiMPACT! Taping #480St. Louis, Missouri
Thu, Sep 12th 2013TNAiMPACT! Taping #479 - No Surrender '13St. Louis, Missouri
Thu, Sep 12th 2013NJPWRoad to Destruction '13 - Day 4Shibata, Niigata
Thu, Sep 12th 2013NXTTV Taping #66Winter Park, Florida
Thu, Sep 12th 2013NXTTV Taping #67Winter Park, Florida
Thu, Sep 12th 2013NXTTV Taping #68Winter Park, Florida
Thu, Sep 12th 2013NXTTV Taping #69Winter Park, Florida
Thu, Sep 12th 2013Dragon GateSummer Adventure Tag League 2013 - Day 4Tokyo, Tokyo
Wed, Sep 12th 2012AJPW40th Anniversary Year Flashing Tour '12 - Day 3Kamisu, Ibaraki
Wed, Sep 12th 2012NOAHJunior Heavyweight Tag League '12 - Day 3Hiroshima, Hiroshima
Wed, Sep 12th 2012OVWTV Taping #682Louisville, Kentucky
Wed, Sep 12th 2012NJPWRoad to Destruction '12 - Day 4Toyama, Toyama
Mon, Sep 12th 2011WWESuperstars Taping #1Ottawa, Ontario
Mon, Sep 12th 2011WWEMonday Night RawOttawa, Ontario
Mon, Sep 12th 2011OVWLouisville Show (September '11)Louisville, Kentucky
Mon, Sep 12th 2011TNAiMPACT! TapingOrlando, Florida
Sun, Sep 12th 2010SHIMMERVolume 35Berwyn, Illinois
Sun, Sep 12th 2010SHIMMERVolume 36Berwyn, Illinois
Sun, Sep 12th 2010Dragon Gate/wXwOpen The German Gate 2010Oberhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Sun, Sep 12th 2010wXwDragon Gate Meet And GreetOberhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Sun, Sep 12th 2010NJPWCircuit '10 G1 Climax Special - Day 5Chichibu, Saitama
Sun, Sep 12th 2010TNATNA LiveWindsor, Ontario
Sun, Sep 12th 2010DREAMWAVEGood as Gold 2010LaSalle, Illinois
Sun, Sep 12th 2010AJPWFlashing Tour '10 - Day 3Takasaki, Gunma
Sat, Sep 12th 2009NJPWBlue Justice '09Togane, Chiba
Sat, Sep 12th 2009CHIKARAMan Makes Plans and God LaughsSpringfield, Massachusetts
Sat, Sep 12th 2009Dragon GateStorm Gate 2009 - Day 2Osaka, Osaka
Sat, Sep 12th 2009WWEWWE LiveToronto, Ontario
Sat, Sep 12th 2009NOAHExceeding our Dreams '09 - Day 1Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Sep 12th 2009CZWChri$ Ca$h Memorial Show '09Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sat, Sep 12th 2009CZWDown With The Sickness Forever '09Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sat, Sep 12th 2009wXwSaturday Wrestling 5Troisdorf, North Rhine-Westphalia
Sat, Sep 12th 2009wXwSaturday Wrestling 6Troisdorf, North Rhine-Westphalia
Sat, Sep 12th 2009JAPWBeachwood ShowBeachwood, New Jersey
Sat, Sep 12th 2009AAWHostile Intentions 2009Davenport, Iowa
Sat, Sep 12th 2009DREAMWAVEHart AttackLaSalle, Illinois
Fri, Sep 12th 2008NJPWCircuit '08 New Japan Generation - Day 5Tsukuba, Ibaraki
Fri, Sep 12th 2008Dragon GateStorm Gate 2008 - Day 3Maebashi, Gunma
Fri, Sep 12th 2008CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Wed, Sep 12th 2007OVWTV Taping #423Louisville, Kentucky
Tue, Sep 12th 2006NJPWCircuit '06 Ignition - Day 5Yamagata, Yamagata
Tue, Sep 12th 2006WWESmackdown! TapingWorcester, Massachusetts
Tue, Sep 12th 2006WWEECW TapingWorcester, Massachusetts
Mon, Sep 12th 2005WWEMonday Night RawLittle Rock, Arkansas
Mon, Sep 12th 2005WWESmackdown! TapingLittle Rock, Arkansas
Mon, Sep 12th 2005Dragon GateStorm Gate 2005 - Day 7Oita, Oita
Sun, Sep 12th 2004WWEUnforgiven '04Portland, Oregon
Sun, Sep 12th 2004NJPWTsuyoku-Are '04 - Day 5Koga, Ibaraki
Sun, Sep 12th 2004Dragon GateStorm Gate 2004 - Day 5Mie, Oita
Sun, Sep 12th 2004WWESunday Night Heat #319Portland, Oregon
Fri, Sep 12th 2003NOAHNavigation over the Date Line '03 - Day 13Tokyo, Tokyo
Fri, Sep 12th 2003DDTTHE RING - Day 35Funabashi, Chiba
Fri, Sep 12th 2003CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Thu, Sep 12th 2002NJPWG1 World '02 - Day 5Hachinohe, Aomori
Thu, Sep 12th 2002AJPW30th Anniversary Fan Appreciation Tour '02 - Day 3Fukui, Fukui
Thu, Sep 12th 2002ZERO-ONEGenesis II '02 - Day 1Iwate, Iwate
Tue, Sep 12th 2000WWFSmackdown! TapingPhoenix, Arizona
Tue, Sep 12th 2000WCWThunder TapingRoanoke, Virginia
Tue, Sep 12th 2000WCWWorldwide WrestlingRoanoke, Virginia
Tue, Sep 12th 2000WWFSunday Night Heat #112 TapingPhoenix, Arizona
Tue, Sep 12th 2000NJPWAmazing - Day 4Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Sep 12th 1999FWAReckless AbandonKidderminster, England
Sun, Sep 12th 1999WCWFall Brawl '99Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Sun, Sep 12th 1999NJPWG1 Tag League '99 - Day 2Hamamatsu, Shizuoka
Sun, Sep 12th 1999OVWJeffersonville Show (September '99 #1)Jeffersonville, Indiana
Sat, Sep 12th 1998NJPWG1 Climax Special '98 - Day 3Kawagoe, Saitama
Sat, Sep 12th 1998ECWPittsburgh Show (Sep '98)Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sat, Sep 12th 1998DDTHigashi Town Autumn FestivalTokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Sep 12th 1998APWShooting For The StarsHayward, California
Fri, Sep 12th 1997NJPWG1 Climax Special '97 - Day 2Sendai, Miyagi
Fri, Sep 12th 1997CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Sep 12th 1997JAPWBayonne ShowBayonne, New Jersey
Mon, Sep 12th 1994WWFHart Attack Tour '94 - Day 5Halle, Sachsen-Anhalt
Mon, Sep 12th 1994WCWHulkamania Tour '94 - Day 9Munchen, Bayern
Sun, Sep 12th 1993WARChiba Show (Sep '93)Chiba, Chiba
Sun, Sep 12th 1993SMWKnoxville Show (September '93)Knoxville, Tennessee
Sat, Sep 12th 1992SMWCumberland Show (September '92)Cumberland, Kentucky
Sat, Sep 12th 1992NJPWBattle Autumn '92 - Day 2Tokushima, Tokushima
Sat, Sep 12th 1992ECWPhiladelphia Show (Sep '92 #1)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Wed, Sep 12th 1990NJPWExplosion Tour 1990 - Day 4Kitakyushu, Fukuoka
Tue, Sep 12th 1989NWAClash of the Champions VIII: Fall Brawl '89Columbia, South Carolina
Mon, Sep 12th 1988NJPWSengoku Series 1988 - Day 12Fukuoka, Fukuoka
Sat, Sep 12th 1987NJPWSengoku Battle Series '87 - Day 17Hiratsuka, Kanagawa
Fri, Sep 12th 1980NWASt. Louis Show (Sep '80)St. Louis, Missouri
Wed, Sep 12th 1979AJPWBlack Power Series '79 - Day 22Kagoshima, Kagoshima
Sat, Sep 12th 1970WWWFBoston Show (Sep '70)Boston, Massachusetts

starWrestlers Born on This Day in History

Date of BirthWrestlerPlace of Birth
Sat, Sep 12th 1992Shunma KatsumataKashiwa, Chiba
Sun, Sep 12th 1982Sal RinauroHollywood, California
Sat, Sep 12th 1981Greg BurridgeRomford, England
Wed, Sep 12th 1973Mascara Sagrada Jr.Mexico City, Federal District
Sun, Sep 12th 1971ShockerGuadalajara, Jalisco
Sun, Sep 12th 1965MidnightKingston, Surrey
Thu, Sep 12th 1963TachihikariChiba, Chiba
Mon, Sep 12th 1960Road Warrior AnimalMinneapolis, Minnesota
Thu, Sep 12th 1957Road Warrior HawkChicago, Illinois
Fri, Sep 12th 1952Silo SamBaltimore, Maryland
Sun, Sep 12th 1948Rocky HataAkkeshi, Hokkaido
Tue, Sep 12th 1944Lonnie MayneFairfax, California

starWrestlers Died on This Day in History

Date of DeathDate of BirthWrestlerCause of Death
Thu, Sep 12th 1991 Sep 30th 1969Chris Von Erichsuicide
Thu, Sep 12th 2002 Nov 14th 1929Darrell CochranUnknown
Sun, Sep 12th 2010 Mar 17th 1961La Fierahomicide
Sun, Sep 12th 2004 Apr 13th 1936Dr. Wagnerheart failure
Wed, Sep 12th 2001 Oct 26th 1915FrankensteinUnknown


starHalls of Fame on This Day in History

Date of Entry Hall of Fame
no Halls of Fame found for this day of the year