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starCards on This Day in History

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datepromotioncard namelocation
Fri, Aug 25th 2023Sean Henderson Presents Dyln McKay's UndergroundWilliamstown, New Jersey
Fri, Aug 25th 2023GCW/ROWGCW Vs. ROW - Day 1Sydney, New South Wales
Fri, Aug 25th 2023CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Aug 25th 2023Impact WrestlingAt The Canadian National Exhibition - Day 1Toronto, Ontario
Fri, Aug 25th 2023wXwWe Love Wrestling #48Bremen, Bremen
Fri, Aug 25th 2023OVWTV #1254Louisville, Kentucky
Fri, Aug 25th 2023WWEFriday Night SmackdownLouisville, Kentucky
Thu, Aug 25th 2022AEWFight Forever @ Gamescom - Day 1Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia
Thu, Aug 25th 2022OTTI'm Gonna Fight 'Em AllDublin, Leinster
Thu, Aug 25th 2022BeyondWrestling Open: Episode 34Worcester, Massachusetts
Thu, Aug 25th 2022OVWTV #1202Louisville, Kentucky
Wed, Aug 25th 2021NJPWSummer Struggle 2021 - Day 18Tokyo, Tokyo
Wed, Aug 25th 2021AEWDynamite #99Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Wed, Aug 25th 2021AEWRampage #3 TapingMilwaukee, Wisconsin
Wed, Aug 25th 2021AEWDark: Elevation #26 TapingMilwaukee, Wisconsin
Tue, Aug 25th 2020Impact WrestlingImpact #838 Emergence - Day 2 (airdate)Nashville, Tennessee
Tue, Aug 25th 2020DDTBakuha Koshien Produce Street Fight ClubTokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Aug 25th 2019DDTSummer Vacation Memories 2019Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Aug 25th 2019OTTLive in CorkCork, Munster
Sun, Aug 25th 2019AJPWSummer Explosion Series '19 - Day 7Abashiri, Hokkaido
Sun, Aug 25th 2019NJPWSuper J Cup 2019 - Day 3Long Beach, California
Sun, Aug 25th 2019ROHHonor For All 2019Nashville, Tennessee
Sun, Aug 25th 2019NOAHN-1 Victory 2019 - Day 6Osaka, Osaka
Sun, Aug 25th 2019PROGRESSChapter 94: Physician, Heal ThyselfLondon, England
Sun, Aug 25th 2019FREEDOMSJun Kasai Produce: Hiroshima Death Match Carnival 2019Hiroshima, Hiroshima
Sun, Aug 25th 2019EVOLVE#134Chicago, Illinois
Sun, Aug 25th 2019STARDOM5STAR Grand Prix 2019 - Day 3 - Afternoon ShowOsaka, Osaka
Sun, Aug 25th 2019STARDOM5STAR Grand Prix 2019 - Day 3 - Evening ShowOsaka, Osaka
Sat, Aug 25th 2018AAATripleMania XXVIMexico City, Federal District
Sat, Aug 25th 2018Impact/XciteOne Night Only: Night of the Dummies TapingBinghamton, New York
Sat, Aug 25th 2018No Peace UndergroundGore For GoldOrlando, Florida
Sat, Aug 25th 2018Impact/DWWOne Night Only: Bad IntentionsMississauga, Ontario
Sat, Aug 25th 2018AIWWrestleRager 3Cleveland, Ohio
Sat, Aug 25th 2018NXT UKTV TapingsBirmingham, England
Sat, Aug 25th 2018NEWWrestling Under the Stars Tour 2018: BristolBristol, Connecticut
Sat, Aug 25th 2018NOAHSummer Navigation 2018 - Day 2Yamada, Iwate
Sat, Aug 25th 2018ROHTV TapingsPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Sat, Aug 25th 2018Michinoku ProMichinoku 2018 Tokyo Conference Vol. 5 ~ Kyoran DotoTokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Aug 25th 2018AJPWSummer Explosion Series '18 - Day 8Sendai, Miyagi
Sat, Aug 25th 2018Dragon GateThe Gate Of Adventure 2018 - Day 11 ~ Naruki Doi Homecoming ~Nara, Nara
Sat, Aug 25th 2018NXTLargo ShowLargo, Florida
Fri, Aug 25th 2017NXTTampa ShowTampa, Florida
Fri, Aug 25th 2017wXwFight Forever Tour 2017: MünsterMunster, North Rhine-Westphalia
Fri, Aug 25th 2017FCPInternational Tekkers Part 2: Championship EditionWolverhampton, England
Fri, Aug 25th 2017NEWWrestling Under the Stars Tour 2017: PittsfieldPittsfield, Massachusetts
Fri, Aug 25th 2017CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Aug 25th 2017WCPWLoaded #31Sheffield, England
Fri, Aug 25th 2017WCPWLoaded #32 part 1Sheffield, England
Thu, Aug 25th 2016NXTTV Taping #208Winter Park, Florida
Thu, Aug 25th 2016NXTTV Taping #209Winter Park, Florida
Thu, Aug 25th 2016NXTTV Taping #210Winter Park, Florida
Thu, Aug 25th 2016NXTTV Taping #211Winter Park, Florida
Thu, Aug 25th 2016NOAHSummer Navigation 2016 - Day 3Tokyo, Tokyo
Thu, Aug 25th 2016NEWRumble in Rockland 2016Pomona, New York
Thu, Aug 25th 2016WCPWLoaded #8Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
Thu, Aug 25th 2016WCPWLoaded #9Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
Tue, Aug 25th 2015WWETough Enough FinalsWinter Park, Florida
Tue, Aug 25th 2015Dragon GateThe Gate Of Generation 2015 - Day 7Tsushima, Nagasaki
Tue, Aug 25th 2015WWEMain Event TapingProvidence, Rhode Island
Tue, Aug 25th 2015WWESmackdown TapingProvidence, Rhode Island
Tue, Aug 25th 2015NXTTV Taping #162 Part 2Providence, Rhode Island
Mon, Aug 25th 2014Dragon GatePRIME ZONE Vol. 21Kobe, Hyogo
Mon, Aug 25th 2014WWESuperstars Taping #281Anaheim, California
Mon, Aug 25th 2014WWEMonday Night RawAnaheim, California
Sun, Aug 25th 2013AJPWSummer Impact '13 ~ The Beginning Of Evolution ~ - Day 10Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Aug 25th 2013Dragon GateThe Gate Of Generation 2013 - Day 12: Naruki Doi Triumphant LocalNara, Nara
Sun, Aug 25th 2013STARDOMSeason 13 - 5STAR GRAND PRIX 2013 - Day 1Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Aug 25th 2013NOAHSummer Navigation '13 - Day 5Yokohama, Kanagawa
Sun, Aug 25th 2013WWEWWE LiveOntario, California
Sun, Aug 25th 2013WWEWWE LiveRio Rancho, New Mexico
Sun, Aug 25th 2013Wrestling Is...Cool! - Endless WinterDeptford, New Jersey
Sat, Aug 25th 2012WWEWWE Live (Raw)Peoria, Illinois
Sat, Aug 25th 2012WWEWWE Live (Smackdown)Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Sat, Aug 25th 2012NOAHShiny Navigation '12 - Day 7Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Aug 25th 2012AJPW40th Anniversary Year Summer Impact Tour '12 - Day 8Ashikaga, Tochigi
Sat, Aug 25th 2012Dragon GateStorm Gate 2012 - Day 3Nara, Nara
Thu, Aug 25th 2011Dragon GateStorm Gate 2011 - Day 7Tokyo, Tokyo
Thu, Aug 25th 2011TNAiMPACT! TapingHuntsville, Alabama
Thu, Aug 25th 2011FREEDOMSJun Kasai Produce: Death Match Tournament ~ Pain In Limit 2011 ~ Day 2Tokyo, Tokyo
Thu, Aug 25th 2011FCWTampa Show (August '11 #3)Tampa, Florida
Wed, Aug 25th 2010FREEDOMSJun Kasai Produce: Death Match Tournament ~ Pain In Limit 2010 ~ Day 1Tokyo, Tokyo
Wed, Aug 25th 2010OVWTV Taping #577Louisville, Kentucky
Wed, Aug 25th 2010Dragon GateStorm Gate 2010 - Day 1Kariya, Aichi
Tue, Aug 25th 2009WWESmackdown! TapingPhoenix, Arizona
Tue, Aug 25th 2009WWEECW TapingPhoenix, Arizona
Tue, Aug 25th 2009WWESuperstars Taping #2Phoenix, Arizona
Tue, Aug 25th 2009Dragon GateSummer Adventure Tag League III - Day 12Kira, Shizuoka
Mon, Aug 25th 2008WWEMonday Night RawPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Mon, Aug 25th 2008WWEECW TapingPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Mon, Aug 25th 2008Dragon GateSummer Adventure Tag League II - Day 12Asahikawa, Hokkaido
Mon, Aug 25th 2008AJPWSummer Impact Tour '08 - Day 3Ueda, Nagano
Sat, Aug 25th 2007ROHManhattan Mayhem IINew York, New York
Sat, Aug 25th 2007NJPWMatsusaka Show (Aug '07)Mie, Oita
Sat, Aug 25th 2007NEWHeat Wave 2007Danbury, Connecticut
Sat, Aug 25th 20071PWThe UndergroundDoncaster, England
Sat, Aug 25th 2007Dragon GateThe Gate Of Adventure 2007 - Day 14Eniwa, Hokkaido
Sat, Aug 25th 2007NOAHShiny Navigation '07 - Day 5Tokyo, Tokyo
Fri, Aug 25th 2006MXWGolden QuestWallingford, Connecticut
Fri, Aug 25th 2006ROHEpic Encounter IISaint Paul, Minnesota
Fri, Aug 25th 2006AJPWSummer Impact '06 - Day 4Niigata, Niigata
Fri, Aug 25th 2006Dragon GateThe Gate Of Adventure 2006 - Day 13Shiga, Shiga
Fri, Aug 25th 2006CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Wed, Aug 25th 2004OVWTV Taping (August '04 #4)Louisville, Kentucky
Wed, Aug 25th 2004NOAHNavigation over the Date Line '04 - Day 5Akita, Akita
Wed, Aug 25th 2004AJPWSummer Impact '04 - Day 3Sakata, Yamagata
Wed, Aug 25th 2004TNAWeekly PPV #109Nashville, Tennessee
Wed, Aug 25th 2004TNAXplosion #94 TapingNashville, Tennessee
Mon, Aug 25th 2003WWEMonday Night RawTucson, Arizona
Mon, Aug 25th 2003WWESunday Night Heat #266 TapingTucson, Arizona
Mon, Aug 25th 2003DDTTHE RING - Day 25Funabashi, Chiba
Mon, Aug 25th 2003AJPWSummer Action Series II '03 - Day 5Tottori, Tottori
Sun, Aug 25th 2002WWESummerSlam '02Uniondale, New York
Sun, Aug 25th 2002WWESunday Night Heat #213Uniondale, New York
Sun, Aug 25th 2002NOAHNavigation over the Date Line '02 - Day 2Tokorozawa, Saitama
Sun, Aug 25th 2002ZERO-ONEImprovement '02 - Day 4Daigo, Ibaraki
Sun, Aug 25th 2002DDTTHE RINGFunabashi, Chiba
Sun, Aug 25th 2002Michinoku ProSendai Show (Aug '02)Sendai, Miyagi
Sat, Aug 25th 2001DDTGolden DDT TheaterKitazawa, Tokyo
Sat, Aug 25th 2001WWFWWF LiveDes Moines, Iowa
Sat, Aug 25th 2001XPWDamage, Inc.Los Angeles, California
Sat, Aug 25th 2001HWABatavia ShowBatavia, Ohio
Sat, Aug 25th 2001wXwBroken RulzEssen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Fri, Aug 25th 2000CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Aug 25th 2000AJPWSummer Action Series II '00 - Day 4Nagaoka, Niigata
Fri, Aug 25th 2000ECWECW on TNN TapingNew York, New York
Fri, Aug 25th 2000ECWHardcore TV TapingNew York, New York
Fri, Aug 25th 2000ECWNew York Show (Aug '00 #1)New York, New York
Wed, Aug 25th 1999HWAFort Mitchell ShowFort Mitchell, Kentucky
Wed, Aug 25th 1999FMWGoodbye Hayabusa II - Last MatchSapporo, Hokkaido
Wed, Aug 25th 1999OVWTV Taping (August '99 #4)Jeffersonville, Indiana
Tue, Aug 25th 1998OVWLouisville Show (August '98 #2)Louisville, Kentucky
Tue, Aug 25th 1998WCWSaturday Night Taping (August '98 #3)Terre Haute, Indiana
Tue, Aug 25th 1998WCWSaturday Night Taping (August '98 #4)Terre Haute, Indiana
Tue, Aug 25th 1998JAPWNorth Bergen ShowNorth Bergen, New Jersey
Mon, Aug 25th 1997WCWNitroColumbia, South Carolina
Fri, Aug 25th 1995ECWJim Thorpe Show (Aug '95 #2)Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
Fri, Aug 25th 1995CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Thu, Aug 25th 1994WWFMSG Show (Aug '94)New York, New York
Thu, Aug 25th 1994SMWAlbany Show (August '94)Albany, Kentucky
Thu, Aug 25th 1994WARTokyo Show (Aug '94)Tokyo, Tokyo
Thu, Aug 25th 1994IWA JapanCAUTION'94 ~ Dangerous Premonition - Day 2Hachinohe, Aomori
Wed, Aug 25th 1993AJWLegacy of QueensTokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Aug 25th 1991NJPWEAST LIVE '91Kawasaki, Kanagawa
Sun, Aug 25th 1991WCWGreat American Bash Tour 1991 - Day 40Atlanta, Georgia
Sat, Aug 25th 1990NWAWCW LiveBaltimore, Maryland
Sat, Aug 25th 1990NJPWSummer Night Fever SpecialMatsudo, Chiba
Tue, Aug 25th 1987WWFWrestling Challenge Taping #52San Francisco, California
Tue, Aug 25th 1987WWFWrestling Challenge Taping #53San Francisco, California
Tue, Aug 25th 1987WWFWrestling Challenge Taping #54San Francisco, California
Tue, Aug 25th 1987NJPWSengoku Battle Series '87 - Day 2Fukushima, Fukushima
Mon, Aug 25th 1986WWFMSG Show (Aug '86)New York, New York
Sat, Aug 25th 1984NJPWTsukuba Show (Aug '84)Tsukuba, Ibaraki
Sat, Aug 25th 1984AWALas Vegas Show (Aug '84)Las Vegas, Nevada
Sat, Aug 25th 1984WWFMSG Show (Aug '84)New York, New York
Tue, Aug 25th 1981AJPWSuper Idol Series '81 - Day 5Tomioka, Gunma
Fri, Aug 25th 1967EMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District

starWrestlers Born on This Day in History

Date of BirthWrestlerPlace of Birth
Wed, Aug 25th 1999Sho ShindoChiba, Chiba
Tue, Aug 25th 1992Kylie RaeChicago, Illinois
Sun, Aug 25th 1991Toshiyuki SakudaOkinawa, Okinawa
Fri, Aug 25th 1989Gene MunnyMilton Keynes, England
Thu, Aug 25th 1988MeyerUnknown, Unknown
Tue, Aug 25th 1987Jack JesterGlasgow, Scotland
Sat, Aug 25th 1984J. C. BaileyLouisville, Kentucky
Wed, Aug 25th 1982MictlánGuadalajara, Jalisco
Mon, Aug 25th 1980Brett MeadowsUnknown, England
Fri, Aug 25th 1978Tyshaun PrinceCovina, California
Sat, Aug 25th 1973Jose Estrada, Jr.Brooklyn, New York
Fri, Aug 25th 1972David YoungKnoxville, Tennessee
Wed, Aug 25th 1971Mike LockwoodAnaheim, California
Fri, Aug 25th 1961Nick KiniskiCalgary, Alberta
Mon, Aug 25th 1958The GrapplerHumble, Texas
Sat, Aug 25th 1951Steve RegalFort Lauderdale, Florida
Sat, Aug 25th 1945Bobby ShaneSt. Louis, Missouri
Tue, Aug 25th 1942Ivan KoloffMontreal, Quebec
Sat, Aug 25th 1934Jack MillerIrvington, New Jersey
Thu, Aug 25th 1932Espanto IITorreon, Coahuila
Tue, Aug 25th 1931Regis PhilbinNew York, New York
Mon, Aug 25th 1930Donald LortieMontreal, Quebec

starWrestlers Died on This Day in History

Date of DeathDate of BirthWrestlerCause of Death
Thu, Aug 25th 2011 May 23rd 1942Donna Christanelloheart failure
Fri, Aug 25th 1950 Feb 27th 1888Earl Caddockcomplications from surgery
Thu, Aug 25th 2005 May 18th 1949Moondog Kingcar crash
Sat, Aug 25th 2018 Apr 26th 1936Escoprion IUnknown


starHalls of Fame on This Day in History

Date of Entry Hall of Fame
Mon, Feb 28th 2011NJPW Hall of Fame, 2011