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starCards on This Day in History

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datepromotioncard namelocation
Sun, May 21st 2023WWEWWE Live SuperShowHampton, Virginia
Sun, May 21st 2023NJPWBest Of The Super Juniors 30 - Day 8Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, May 21st 2023DDTKing Of DDT 2023 Final!Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, May 21st 2023NOAHSunny Voyage 2023 - Day 13Kobe, Hyogo
Sun, May 21st 2023STARDOMLive In ToyamaToyama, Toyama
Sun, May 21st 2023Dragon GateHopeful Gate 2023 - Day 11 ~ BxB Hulk & Kzy HomecomingSapporo, Hokkaido
Sun, May 21st 2023KCWOne Last Dance With DeathDerby, England
Sun, May 21st 2023Glory ProGo For BrokeSt. Louis, Missouri
Sun, May 21st 2023Wrestle CarnivalClash At The CarnivalCoventry, England
Sun, May 21st 2023GCWI Can't Save YouColumbus, Ohio
Sun, May 21st 2023DPWNo Pressure 2023Raleigh, North Carolina
Sun, May 21st 2023DPWSpark #10 TapingRaleigh, North Carolina
Sun, May 21st 2023NJPWSTRONG Resurgence 2023Long Beach, California
Sat, May 21st 2022NOAHDream On 2022 - Day 4Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, May 21st 2022Dragon GateKing Of Gate 2022 - Day 5Sapporo, Hokkaido
Sat, May 21st 2022AAAShowcenterSan Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León
Sat, May 21st 2022Glory ProMassive AggressionSt. Louis, Missouri
Sat, May 21st 2022No Peace Underground/Circle 6It's Not What You ThinkOrlando, Florida
Sat, May 21st 2022UWW#1Las Vegas, Nevada
Sat, May 21st 2022LimitlessLet's Wrestle Volume 18: Do Or DieHermon, Maine
Sat, May 21st 2022GCWLA Fights Volume 4Los Angeles, California
Sat, May 21st 2022GCWManiacLos Angeles, California
Sat, May 21st 2022AIWGauntlet For The Gold 15Akron, Ohio
Sat, May 21st 2022STARDOMLive In NaganoUeda, Nagano
Sat, May 21st 2022NJPWBest of the Super Juniors 29 - Day 5Aomori, Aomori
Sat, May 21st 2022WWEWWE Live - Saturday Night's Main EventRockford, Illinois
Sat, May 21st 2022WWEWWE Live - Saturday Night's Main EventCanton, Ohio
Fri, May 21st 2021wXwWe Love Wrestling #13 (airdate)Oberhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Fri, May 21st 2021AJPWChampions Night 2021 ~ Shin-kiba ExtraTokyo, Tokyo
Fri, May 21st 2021WWEFriday Night SmackdownTampa, Florida
Fri, May 21st 2021ROHTV #505 (airdate)Baltimore, Maryland
Fri, May 21st 2021No Peace UndergroundRewiring the Human BodyOrlando, Florida
Fri, May 21st 2021Camp LeapfrogFacebook Exclusive FREE MATCH (airdate)Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania
Fri, May 21st 2021LVACReel Rumble Redux - Day 1Lehighton, Pennsylvania
Fri, May 21st 2021Dragon GateKing Of Gate 2021 - Day 5 ~ BxB Hulk & Kzy HomecomingSapporo, Hokkaido
Fri, May 21st 2021NJPWSTRONG #41 - Collision 2021 (airdate)Port Hueneme, California
Fri, May 21st 2021IWA-MSLivin La Vida LocoJeffersonville, Indiana
Fri, May 21st 2021CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Tue, May 21st 2019WWE205 Live #130Providence, Rhode Island
Tue, May 21st 2019WWESmackdown LiveProvidence, Rhode Island
Tue, May 21st 2019AJPWGROWIN' UP Vol.20Tokyo, Tokyo
Mon, May 21st 2018NOAHNavigation With Breeze 2018 - Day 7Nagaoka, Niigata
Mon, May 21st 2018AJPWSuper Power Series '18 - Day 6Koriyama, Fukushima
Mon, May 21st 2018WWEMain Event TapingAlbany, New York
Mon, May 21st 2018WWEMonday Night RawAlbany, New York
Sun, May 21st 2017NOAHNavigation With Breeze 2017 - Day 3Fuji, Shizuoka
Sun, May 21st 2017Dragon GateKing Of Gate 2017 - Day 6Yokkaichi, Mie
Sun, May 21st 2017EVOLVE#85Detroit, Michigan
Sun, May 21st 2017STARDOMGold May 2017 - Day 3: Life Or Death in HiroshimaHiroshima, Hiroshima
Sun, May 21st 2017WWEBacklash '17Chicago, Illinois
Sun, May 21st 2017AJPWSuper Power Series '17 - Day 6 Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, May 21st 2017NJPWBest of the Super Juniors 2017 - Day 4Kira, Shizuoka
Sat, May 21st 2016STARDOMEuropean Tour '16 - Day 2Barcelona, Catalonia
Sat, May 21st 2016Dragon GateKing Of Gate 2016 - Day 6Ina, Nagano
Sat, May 21st 2016NOAHNavigation With Breeze 2016 - Day 2Kawaguchi, Saitama
Sat, May 21st 2016CHIKARA/FCPAniversario Tour 2016 - Day 2Wolverhampton, England
Sat, May 21st 2016NJPWBest of the Super Juniors XXIII - Day 1Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, May 21st 2016AJPWSuper Power Series '16 - Day 2Yokohama, Kanagawa
Sat, May 21st 2016Queens of Combat#11Gibsonville, North Carolina
Sat, May 21st 2016Queens of Combat#12Gibsonville, North Carolina
Sat, May 21st 2016NXTWinter Haven ShowWinter Haven, Florida
Thu, May 21st 2015NXTTV Taping #147Winter Park, Florida
Thu, May 21st 2015NXTTV Taping #148Winter Park, Florida
Thu, May 21st 2015NXTTV Taping #149Winter Park, Florida
Thu, May 21st 2015NXTTV Taping #150Winter Park, Florida
Thu, May 21st 2015NOAHSEMex in ShinjukuTokyo, Tokyo
Thu, May 21st 2015AJPWSuper Power Series '15 - Day 9Tokyo, Tokyo
Wed, May 21st 2014CZWDojo WarsBlackwood, New Jersey
Wed, May 21st 2014WWEWWE Live - Wrestlemania Revenge TourOrchies, Nord
Wed, May 21st 2014WWEWWE Live - Wrestlemania Revenge TourBelfast, Northern Ireland
Wed, May 21st 2014OVWTV Taping #770Louisville, Kentucky
Tue, May 21st 2013WWEMain Event TapingOmaha, Nebraska
Tue, May 21st 2013WWESmackdown! TapingOmaha, Nebraska
Mon, May 21st 2012WWESuperstars Taping #1Richmond, Virginia
Mon, May 21st 2012WWEMonday Night RawRichmond, Virginia
Sat, May 21st 2011CMLLEl Hijo del Rey Escorpion Benefit ShowTlalnepantla, Estado de Mexico
Sat, May 21st 2011NOAHMay Navigation '11 - Day 1Shizuoka, Shizuoka
Sat, May 21st 2011ROHSupercard of Honor VIChicago Ridge, Illinois
Sat, May 21st 2011AJPWRise Up Tour '11 - Day 4Fukuoka, Fukuoka
Sat, May 21st 2011AIWTodd Pettingil Invitational - Day 2Lakewood, Ohio
Sat, May 21st 2011CHIKARAAniversario & His Amazing FriendsEaston, Pennsylvania
Sat, May 21st 2011Dragon GateKing Of Gate 2011 - Day 6Osaka, Osaka
Sat, May 21st 2011DDTKing Of DDT '11 - Day 1Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, May 21st 2011FIPIn Full Force '11Newburgh, New York
Sat, May 21st 2011TNATNA LivePlattsburgh, New York
Fri, May 21st 2010FCWPlant City Show (May '10)Plant City, Florida
Fri, May 21st 2010IWA-MSBellevue ShowBellevue, Illinois
Fri, May 21st 2010AJPWRise Up Tour '10 - Day 3Amakusa, Kumamoto
Fri, May 21st 2010TNATNA LiveLake Charles, Louisiana
Fri, May 21st 2010CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, May 21st 2010ROHTV TapingsPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Thu, May 21st 2009FCWTV TapingsTampa, Florida
Thu, May 21st 2009AJPWRise Up Tour '09 - Day 3Miyazaki, Miyazaki
Thu, May 21st 2009Dragon GateAggressive Gate 2009 - Day 8Yamagata, Yamagata
Thu, May 21st 2009AIWZero HourLakewood, Ohio
Wed, May 21st 2008OVWTV Taping #459Louisville, Kentucky
Wed, May 21st 2008NOAHNorthern Navigation '08 - Day 4Toyama, Toyama
Wed, May 21st 2008AJPWRise Up Tour '08 - Day 9Sadowara, Miyazaki
Mon, May 21st 2007WWEMonday Night RawMoline, Illinois
Mon, May 21st 2007WWEHeat #462 TapingMoline, Illinois
Mon, May 21st 2007NOAHNorthern Navigation '07 - Day 3Koshigaya, Saitama
Sun, May 21st 2006WWEJudgment Day '06Phoenix, Arizona
Sun, May 21st 2006NJPWLock UpTokyo, Tokyo
Sun, May 21st 2006NOAHNorthern Navigation '06 - Day 3Honkawagoe, Saitama
Sun, May 21st 2006SHIMMERVolume 5Berwyn, Illinois
Sun, May 21st 2006SHIMMERVolume 6Berwyn, Illinois
Sun, May 21st 2006Dragon GateAggressive Gate 2006 - Day 14Naha, Okinawa
Sun, May 21st 2006AJPWRise Up Tour '06 - Day 1Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, May 21st 2005CHIKARAAnniversario OrangeEmmaus, Pennsylvania
Sat, May 21st 2005NJPWBest of the Super Juniors XII - Day 1Hiratsuka, Kanagawa
Sat, May 21st 2005NOAHNavigation With Breeze '05 - Day 6Aomori, Aomori
Sat, May 21st 2005Dragon GateAggressive Gate 2005 - Day 6Takasaki, Gunma
Sat, May 21st 2005JAPWBraintree InvasionBraintree, Massachusetts
Sat, May 21st 20053PWMayhemPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Sat, May 21st 2005IWA-MSA Country Boy Can SurviveVincennes, Indiana
Sat, May 21st 2005DDTLive In KanazawaKanazawa, Ishikawa
Fri, May 21st 2004OVWSummer Sizzler Series '04 (#1)Louisville, Kentucky
Fri, May 21st 2004AJPWRise Up Tour '04 - Day 5Tomioka, Gunma
Fri, May 21st 2004NOAHNavigation with Breeze '04 - Day 5Sendai, Miyagi
Fri, May 21st 2004CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Wed, May 21st 2003NWA TNAWeekly PPV #46Nashville, Tennessee
Wed, May 21st 2003NWA TNAXplosion #33 TapingNashville, Tennessee
Wed, May 21st 2003WWASydney Show (May '03)Sydney, New South Wales
Tue, May 21st 2002WWESmackdown! TapingTupelo, Mississippi
Tue, May 21st 2002WWEVelocity #1 TapingTupelo, Mississippi
Tue, May 21st 2002HWATuesday Night ShowcaseCincinnati, Ohio
Tue, May 21st 2002ZERO-ONEGenesis '02 - Day 6Fukushima, Fukushima
Mon, May 21st 2001WWFMonday Night RawSan Jose, California
Mon, May 21st 2001WWFJakked #92 TapingSan Jose, California
Mon, May 21st 2001NOAHNavigation With Breeze '01 - Day 8Asahikawa, Hokkaido
Sun, May 21st 2000WWFJudgment Day '00Louisville, Kentucky
Sun, May 21st 2000AJPWSuper Power Series '00 - Day 2Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, May 21st 2000DDTLive In YokohamaYokohama, Kanagawa
Sun, May 21st 2000NJPWBest of the Super Juniors VII - Day 2Shizuoka, Shizuoka
Fri, May 21st 1999ECWGrand Rapids Show (May '99)Grand Rapids, Michigan
Fri, May 21st 1999NJPWBest of the Super Juniors VI - Day 3Tokyo, Tokyo
Fri, May 21st 1999WCWWCW LiveRoanoke, Virginia
Fri, May 21st 1999APWToo Hot To HandleHayward, California
Fri, May 21st 1999CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, May 21st 1999JAPWNight of the Barbwire #4Bayonne, New Jersey
Thu, May 21st 1998NJPWBest of the Super Juniors V - Day 5Komagane, Nagano
Thu, May 21st 1998WCWThunder TapingCleveland, Ohio
Thu, May 21st 1998IWA-MSLouisville ShowLouisville, Kentucky
Wed, May 21st 1997NJPWBest of the Super Juniors IV - Day 6Iwaki, Fukushima
Tue, May 21st 1996IWA JapanALL I NEED TOUR ’96 ~Give Me A Chance~ - Day 2Mutsu, Aomori
Sun, May 21st 1995WCWSlamboree '95St. Petersburg, Florida
Sat, May 21st 1994IWA JapanJapan Debut ShowYokosuka, Kanagawa
Sat, May 21st 1994SMWMorristown Show (May '94)Morristown, Tennessee
Sat, May 21st 1994AJPWSuper Power Series '94 - Day 6Sapporo, Hokkaido
Fri, May 21st 1993WARKanazawa Show (May '93)Kanazawa, Ishikawa
Fri, May 21st 1993SMWNewton Show (May '93)Newton, North Carolina
Fri, May 21st 1993CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Sat, May 21st 1988NJPWIWGP Champion Series '88 - Day 2Chichibu, Saitama
Tue, May 21st 1985NJPWIWGP & WWF Champion Series '85 - Day 10Marugame, Kagawa
Mon, May 21st 1984NJPWNiigata Show (May '84)Niigata, Niigata
Mon, May 21st 1984WWFMSG Show (May '84)New York, New York
Mon, May 21st 1984WCCWFort Worth Show (May '84)Fort Worth, Texas
Sat, May 21st 1983AWAChicago Show (May '83)Chicago, Illinois
Mon, May 21st 1979CWAMemphis Show (May '79)Memphis, Tennessee
Sat, May 21st 1977AWAChicago Show (May '77)Chicago, Illinois
Sat, May 21st 1977NWA/BTW (Dallas)Big Time WrestlingSan Antonio, Texas
Fri, May 21st 1976NWASt. Louis Show (May '76)St. Louis, Missouri
Fri, May 21st 1954EMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District

starWrestlers Born on This Day in History

Date of BirthWrestlerPlace of Birth
Wed, May 21st 1997Elton PrinceGrays, England
Tue, May 21st 1991Matt MilanNiagara Falls, New York
Tue, May 21st 1985Dave ColeShelton, Connecticut
Mon, May 21st 1984Andy Boy SimmonzLiss, England
Sat, May 21st 1983Leva BatesMadisonville, Kentucky
Fri, May 21st 1982RasseNeyagawa, Osaka
Wed, May 21st 1980Indio CherokeeGuadalajara, Jalisco
Sun, May 21st 1978Daniel RodimerTarpon Springs, Florida
Tue, May 21st 1974RanmaruUnknown, Unknown
Sun, May 21st 1972Dr. CerebroOaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca
Fri, May 21st 1971HalloweenTijuana, Baja California
Sun, May 21st 1967Chris BenoitMontreal, Quebec
Thu, May 21st 1964WomanBoston, Massachusetts
Wed, May 21st 1952Mr. T.Chicago, Illinois
Tue, May 21st 1946El SolitarioYahualica, Jalisco
Tue, May 21st 1918Ivan KalmikoffDetroit, Michigan
Sun, May 21st 1911Warren BockwinkelSt. Louis, Missouri

starWrestlers Died on This Day in History

Date of DeathDate of BirthWrestlerCause of Death
Mon, May 21st 2012 Sep 26th 1960Toshiyuki MoriyaUnknown
Thu, May 21st 1964 Oct 30th 1913Tex RileyUnknown
Sat, May 21st 1983 Mar 20th 1927Jimmy HinesUnknown
Sat, May 21st 2022 May 20th 1958Nikolai Zouevheart disease


starHalls of Fame on This Day in History

Date of Entry Hall of Fame
no Halls of Fame found for this day of the year