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starCards on This Day in History

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datepromotioncard namelocation
Sun, Apr 7th 2024Dragon GateRey De Parejas 2024 - Day 13 ~ Susumu Mochizuki HomecomingYokosuka, Kanagawa
Sun, Apr 7th 2024WWEWrestleMania XL - Night 2Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sun, Apr 7th 2024RevProLive In London 84London, England
Sun, Apr 7th 2024NOAHSunny Voyage 2024 - Day 20Osaka, Osaka
Sun, Apr 7th 2024CZWLive! At the Murphy Rec Center: Philly SpecialPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Fri, Apr 7th 2023West Coast ProHome Of The KillersSan Francisco, California
Fri, Apr 7th 2023NWA312Highland Park, Illinois
Fri, Apr 7th 2023Black Label ProAt Squared Circle ExpoIndianapolis, Indiana
Fri, Apr 7th 2023ROHHonor Club TV #7 TapingKingston, Rhode Island
Fri, Apr 7th 2023AEWRampage #87Kingston, Rhode Island
Fri, Apr 7th 2023AEWBattle Of the Belts VIKingston, Rhode Island
Fri, Apr 7th 2023CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Apr 7th 2023WWEFriday Night SmackdownPortland, Oregon
Thu, Apr 7th 2022Dragon GateThe Gate Of Passion 2022 ~ Final Burst Out! K-Ness Forever - Day 4Tokyo, Tokyo
Thu, Apr 7th 2022OVWTV #1182Louisville, Kentucky
Thu, Apr 7th 2022BeyondWrestling Open: Episode 14Worcester, Massachusetts
Thu, Apr 7th 2022NJPWHyper Battle 2022 - Day 4Tokorozawa, Saitama
Wed, Apr 7th 2021AEWDynamite #79Jacksonville, Florida
Wed, Apr 7th 2021AEWDark: Elevation #5 TapingJacksonville, Florida
Wed, Apr 7th 2021AEWDark #84 TapingJacksonville, Florida
Wed, Apr 7th 2021WrestleProAlaska: Northern Expansion Tour - Night 3Fairbanks, Alaska
Wed, Apr 7th 2021No Peace UndergroundFatalismOrlando, Florida
Wed, Apr 7th 2021NXTTV #447 - TakeOver: Stand & Deliver - Day 1Orlando, Florida
Wed, Apr 7th 2021LimitlessThe Road S3E7Orono, Maine
Wed, Apr 7th 2021DDTGanbare Pro Bad Communication 2021Tokyo, Tokyo
Wed, Apr 7th 20212AW/BJW/ZERO-1Joint Show ~ Great ClashTokyo, Tokyo
Tue, Apr 7th 2020LimitlessPandemic At The Dojo #2Brewer, Maine
Sun, Apr 7th 2019WWEWrestlemania Axxess 2019 - Day 4 - Worlds Collide: Brands Collide TapingBrooklyn, New York
Sun, Apr 7th 2019wXwwXw Academy: Scouting The Next Generation 37Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Sun, Apr 7th 2019WWEWrestleMania 35East Rutherford, New Jersey
Sun, Apr 7th 2019Dragon GateThe Gate Of Passion 2019 - Day 2Kanazawa, Ishikawa
Sun, Apr 7th 2019AJPWChampion Carnival '19 - Day 3Nagoya, Aichi
Sun, Apr 7th 2019NOAHGlobal Tag League '19 - Day 2Nara, Nara
Sat, Apr 7th 2018IWA-MSSpring FlingMemphis, Indiana
Sat, Apr 7th 2018GCWJoey Janela's Spring Break 2Kenner, Louisiana
Sat, Apr 7th 2018PROGRESSChapter 67: Bourbon Is Also A BiscuitKenner, Louisiana
Sat, Apr 7th 2018SHIMMERVolume 100Kenner, Louisiana
Sat, Apr 7th 2018WWNLiveStyle Battle - S1:E9Kenner, Louisiana
Sat, Apr 7th 2018Kaiju Big BattelLive and Let DieKenner, Louisiana
Sat, Apr 7th 2018NXTWrestlemania Axxess 2018 - Day 3New Orleans, Louisiana
Sat, Apr 7th 2018wXwWe Love Wrestling Tour 2018: IlsenburgIlsenburg, Sachsen-Anhalt
Sat, Apr 7th 2018House of Hardcore#40New Orleans, Louisiana
Sat, Apr 7th 2018CZWWelcome to the Combat ZoneNew Orleans, Louisiana
Sat, Apr 7th 2018AAW/Fight Club Pro/Wrestling RevolverPancakes & Piledrivers II: The Indy SummitNew Orleans, Louisiana
Sat, Apr 7th 2018NOAHGlobal Tag League 2018 - Day 7Osaka, Osaka
Sat, Apr 7th 2018ROHSupercard of Honor XIINew Orleans, Louisiana
Sat, Apr 7th 2018NXTTakeover: New OrleansNew Orleans, Louisiana
Sat, Apr 7th 2018NXTTV Taping #292New Orleans, Louisiana
Sat, Apr 7th 2018Dragon GateThe Gate Of Passion 2018 - Day 4Kira, Shizuoka
Sat, Apr 7th 2018OVWSaturday Night SpecialLouisville, Kentucky
Sat, Apr 7th 2018AJPWChampion Carnival '18 - Day 1Sendai, Miyagi
Fri, Apr 7th 2017NJPWRoad to Sakura Genesis 2017 - Day 10Yamagata, Yamagata
Fri, Apr 7th 2017NXTFort Pierce ShowFort Pierce, Florida
Fri, Apr 7th 2017Dragon GateThe Gate Of Passion 2017 - Day 4Tokyo, Tokyo
Fri, Apr 7th 2017wXwWe Love Wrestling Tour 2017: ChemnitzChemnitz, Sachsen-Anhalt
Fri, Apr 7th 2017CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Apr 7th 2017Freelance WrestlingSnakes? Why'd It Have to Be Snakes?Chicago, Illinois
Fri, Apr 7th 2017DEFY2 Wolves At The DoorSeattle, Washington
Thu, Apr 7th 2016NXTConcord ShowConcord, North Carolina
Thu, Apr 7th 2016NOAHSpring Navigation 2016 Vol. 2 - Day 3Akita, Akita
Thu, Apr 7th 2016Dragon GateThe Gate Of Passion 2016 - Day 3Tokyo, Tokyo
Tue, Apr 7th 2015Dragon GateThe Gate Of Passion 2015 - Day 3Nagoya, Aichi
Tue, Apr 7th 2015WWEMain Event TapingDallas, Texas
Tue, Apr 7th 2015WWESmackdown! TapingDallas, Texas
Mon, Apr 7th 2014WWESuperstars TapingNew Orleans, Louisiana
Mon, Apr 7th 2014WWEMonday Night RawNew Orleans, Louisiana
Sun, Apr 7th 2013Dragon GateThe Gate Of Passion 2013 - Day 3Fukuyama, Hiroshima
Sun, Apr 7th 2013STARDOMSeason 11 - Grow Up Stars 2013 - Day 3Sapporo, Hokkaido
Sun, Apr 7th 2013WWEWrestleMania 29East Rutherford, New Jersey
Sun, Apr 7th 2013AJPWJunior Hype Tag League '13 - Day 6Kuki, Saitama
Sun, Apr 7th 2013NJPWInvasion AttackTokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Apr 7th 2012STARDOMSeason 6 - Grows Up Stars 2012 - Day 2Takamatsu, Kagawa
Sat, Apr 7th 2012ECWASuper 8 Tournament '12Newark, Delaware
Sat, Apr 7th 2012AJPW40th Anniversary Year Growin' Up '12 - Day 4Kochi, Kochi
Sat, Apr 7th 2012OVWSaturday Night Special (April '12)Louisville, Kentucky
Sat, Apr 7th 2012ROHTV TapingsBaltimore, Maryland
Sat, Apr 7th 2012Dragon GateThe Gate Of Passion 2012 - Day 1Nagoya, Aichi
Thu, Apr 7th 2011TNATNA LiveErie, Pennsylvania
Thu, Apr 7th 2011NJPWNEVER.6: Road to the Super Jr. - Day 1Tokyo, Tokyo
Thu, Apr 7th 2011FCWTV TapingsTampa, Florida
Wed, Apr 7th 2010AJPWChampion Carnival '10 - Day 4Fukushima, Fukushima
Tue, Apr 7th 2009WWESmackdown! TapingAustin, Texas
Tue, Apr 7th 2009WWEECWAustin, Texas
Tue, Apr 7th 2009AJPWChampion Carnival '09 - Day 2Nagaoka, Niigata
Mon, Apr 7th 2008WWEMonday Night RawAlbany, New York
Mon, Apr 7th 2008WWEHeat #508 TapingAlbany, New York
Mon, Apr 7th 2008AJPWGaora Special Champion Carnival '08 - Day 3Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Apr 7th 2007NJPW35th Anniversary Tour: Circuit '07 New Japan Brave - Day 1Kuji, Iwate
Sat, Apr 7th 2007NOAHSpring Navigation '07 - Day 4Kobe, Hyogo
Sat, Apr 7th 2007SHIMMERVolume 9Berwyn, Illinois
Sat, Apr 7th 2007SHIMMERVolume 10Berwyn, Illinois
Sat, Apr 7th 2007PWGAll Star Weekend 5 - Day 1Van Nuys, California
Sat, Apr 7th 2007CZWOut With The Old, In With The New 2007Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sat, Apr 7th 2007Dragon GateGlorious Gate 2007 - Day 3Niigata, Niigata
Fri, Apr 7th 2006NOAHSpring Navigation '06 - Day 3Nagoya, Aichi
Fri, Apr 7th 2006FIPClearwater Show (Apr '06)Clearwater, Florida
Fri, Apr 7th 2006CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Apr 7th 2006AJPWChampion Carnival '06 - Day 1Tokyo, Tokyo
Thu, Apr 7th 2005NEXTGenesis PointPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Mon, Apr 7th 2003WWEMonday Night RawMilwaukee, Wisconsin
Mon, Apr 7th 2003WWESunday Night Heat #246 TapingMilwaukee, Wisconsin
Mon, Apr 7th 2003AJPWChampion Carnival '03 - Day 9Toyama, Toyama
Sun, Apr 7th 2002NOAHEncountering Navigation '02 - Day 16Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Apr 7th 2002WWASydney Show (April '02)Sydney, New South Wales
Sat, Apr 7th 2001AJPWChampion Carnival '01 - Day 10Osaka, Osaka
Sat, Apr 7th 2001CZWThe Boss is BackSewell, New Jersey
Sat, Apr 7th 2001IWA-MSApril Bloodshowers 2001Charlestown, Indiana
Sat, Apr 7th 2001MCW (Memphis)TV ShowMemphis, Tennessee
Fri, Apr 7th 2000NJPWDome ImpactTokyo, Tokyo
Fri, Apr 7th 2000JAPWBayonne ShowBayonne, New Jersey
Fri, Apr 7th 2000CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Apr 7th 2000AJPWChampion Carnival '00 - Day 10Matsumoto, Nagano
Fri, Apr 7th 2000ECWWarren Show (Apr '00)Warren, Ohio
Wed, Apr 7th 1999OVWTV Taping (April '99 #1)Jeffersonville, Indiana
Tue, Apr 7th 1998WWFDX In Germany Tour '98 - Day 3Bayreuth, Bayern
Mon, Apr 7th 1997WWFMonday Night RawMuncie, Indiana
Mon, Apr 7th 1997WWFMonday Night Raw TapingMuncie, Indiana
Mon, Apr 7th 1997WCWNitroHuntsville, Alabama
Mon, Apr 7th 1997WWFShotgun Saturday Night #15 TapingMuncie, Indiana
Sun, Apr 7th 1996IWA JapanGET THE GLORY TOUR ’96 ~Grab The Glory~ - Day 5Hachioji, Tokyo
Fri, Apr 7th 1995SMWBluegrass Brawl IIIPikeville, Kentucky
Fri, Apr 7th 1995CMLL39th Anniversary De Arena MexicoMexico City, Federal District
Thu, Apr 7th 1994SMWCumberland Show (April '94)Cumberland, Kentucky
Wed, Apr 7th 1993WARSoka Show (Apr '93)Soka, Saitama
Wed, Apr 7th 1993AJPWChampion Carnival '93 - Day 12Oita, Oita
Tue, Apr 7th 1992WWFWrestling Challenge Taping #292Toledo, Ohio
Tue, Apr 7th 1992WWFWrestling Challenge Taping #293Toledo, Ohio
Tue, Apr 7th 1992WWFWrestling Challenge Taping #294Toledo, Ohio
Sun, Apr 7th 1991UWF (Herb Abrams)Fury Hour TapingsOrlando, Florida
Mon, Apr 7th 1986WWFWrestleMania 2 (NY)Uniondale, New York
Mon, Apr 7th 1986WWFWrestleMania 2 (IL)Rosemont, Illinois
Mon, Apr 7th 1986WWFWrestleMania 2 (CA)Los Angeles, California
Wed, Apr 7th 1982CWFMiami Beach Show (Apr '82)Miami Beach, Florida
Mon, Apr 7th 1980CWAMemphis Show (Apr '80)Memphis, Tennessee
Fri, Apr 7th 1978WCCWHouston Show (Apr '78)Houston, Texas
Fri, Apr 7th 1978NWASt. Louis Show (Apr '78)St. Louis, Missouri
Fri, Apr 7th 1972NWASt. Louis Show (Apr '72)St. Louis, Missouri
Tue, Apr 7th 1964NWATacoma Show (Apr '64)Tacoma, Washington

starWrestlers Born on This Day in History

Date of BirthWrestlerPlace of Birth
Mon, Apr 7th 1997Shota UminoTokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Apr 7th 1990AnyaUnknown, Unknown
Sun, Apr 7th 1985Maki NarumiyaKumamoto, Kumamoto
Thu, Apr 7th 1983Jake DirdenSt. Louis, Missouri
Wed, Apr 7th 1982Sonjay DuttWashington, DC
Mon, Apr 7th 1980Rahim AliOttawa, Ontario
Fri, Apr 7th 1978Mana the Polynesian WarriorWaharoa, Waikato
Thu, Apr 7th 1977Ken OhkaNanto, Toyama
Tue, Apr 7th 1970Matt Anoa'iUnknown, Unknown
Tue, Apr 7th 1970Michael KovacLinz, Upper Austria
Mon, Apr 7th 1969Darren DrozdovMays Landing, New Jersey
Sun, Apr 7th 1968La Bestia del RingTala, Jalisco
Thu, Apr 7th 1949Steve DiSalvoBoston, Massachusetts
Tue, Apr 7th 1942Joel DornUnknown, Unknown
Wed, Apr 7th 1937Miguel Perez, Sr.Santurce, Puerto Rico
Thu, Apr 7th 1932Ciclon NegroSan Felipe, Yaracuy
Mon, Apr 7th 1930El MongolUnknown, Unknown

starWrestlers Died on This Day in History

Date of DeathDate of BirthWrestlerCause of Death
Thu, Apr 7th 2016 Nov 25th 1942Blackjack Mulliganheart failure
Tue, Apr 7th 2009 Apr 20th 1947Ivan El BroncoUnknown
Sun, Apr 7th 1996 Aug 31st 1935Bearcat BrownUnknown


starHalls of Fame on This Day in History

Date of Entry Hall of Fame
no Halls of Fame found for this day of the year