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Below you can see the top ranked wrestler for each month of Pro Wrestling Illustrated's WCW category.
IssueHighest Ranked
August 1991United States Ric Flair
September 1991United States Ric Flair
October 1991United States Ric Flair
November 1991United States Lex Luger
December 1991United States Lex Luger
January 1992United States Lex Luger
February 1992United States Lex Luger
March 1992United States Lex Luger
April 1992United States Lex Luger
May 1992United States Lex Luger
June 1992United States Lex Luger
July 1992United States Sting
August 1992United States Sting
September 1992United States Sting
November 1992United States Sting
December 1992United States Big Van Vader
January 1993United States Ron Simmons
February 1993United States Ron Simmons
March 1993United States Ron Simmons
April 1993United States Ron Simmons
May 1993United States Big Van Vader
June 1993United States Big Van Vader
July 1993United States Big Van Vader
August 1993United States Big Van Vader
September 1993United States Big Van Vader
October 1993United States Big Van Vader
November 1993United States Big Van Vader
December 1993United States Big Van Vader
January 1994United States Big Van Vader
February 1994United States Big Van Vader
March 1994United States Big Van Vader
April 1994United States Big Van Vader
May 1994United States Ric Flair
June 1994United States Ric Flair
July 1994United States Ric Flair
August 1994United States Ric Flair
September 1994United States Ric Flair
October 1994United States Ric Flair
November 1994United States Ric Flair
December 1994United States Hulk Hogan
Winter 1994United States Hulk Hogan
January 1995United States Hulk Hogan
February 1995United States Hulk Hogan
March 1995United States Hulk Hogan
April 1995United States Hulk Hogan
May 1995United States Hulk Hogan
June 1995United States Hulk Hogan
July 1995United States Hulk Hogan
August 1995United States Hulk Hogan
September 1995United States Hulk Hogan
October 1995United States Hulk Hogan
November 1995United States Hulk Hogan
December 1995United States Hulk Hogan
Winter 1995United States Hulk Hogan
January 1996United States Hulk Hogan
February 1996United States Hulk Hogan
March 1996United States Randy Savage
April 1996United States Randy Savage
May 1996United States Randy Savage
June 1996United States Ric Flair
July 1996United States Ric Flair
August 1996United States Ric Flair
September 1996United States The Giant
October 1996United States The Giant
November 1996United States The Giant
December 1996United States The Giant
Winter 1996United States Hulk Hogan
January 1997United States Hulk Hogan
February 1997United States Hulk Hogan
March 1997United States Hulk Hogan
April 1997United States Hulk Hogan
May 1997United States Hulk Hogan
June 1997United States Hulk Hogan
July 1997United States Hulk Hogan
August 1997United States Hulk Hogan
September 1997United States Hulk Hogan
October 1997United States Hulk Hogan
November 1997United States Hulk Hogan
December 1997United States Hulk Hogan
Holiday 1997United States Hulk Hogan
January 1998United States Hulk Hogan
February 1998United States Hulk Hogan
March 1998United States Hulk Hogan
April 1998United States Hulk Hogan
May 1998United States Sting
June 1998United States Sting
July 1998United States Sting
August 1998United States Sting
September 1998United States Hollywood Hogan
October 1998United States Hollywood Hogan
November 1998United States Hollywood Hogan
December 1998United States Bill Goldberg
Holiday 1998United States Bill Goldberg
January 1999United States Bill Goldberg
February 1999United States Bill Goldberg
March 1999United States Bill Goldberg
April 1999United States Bill Goldberg
May 1999United States Hollywood Hogan
June 1999United States Hollywood Hogan
July 1999United States Hollywood Hogan
August 1999United States Ric Flair
September 1999United States Diamond Dallas Page
October 1999United States Kevin Nash
November 1999United States Kevin Nash
December 1999United States Hollywood Hogan
Holiday 1999United States Hulk Hogan
January 2000United States Sting
February 2000United States Sting
March 2000United States Scott Hall
April 2000Canada Bret Hart
May 2000Canada Bret Hart
June 2000United States Sid Vicious
July 2000United States Sid Vicious
August 2000United States Sid Vicious
September 2000United States Jeff Jarrett
October 2000United States Ric Flair
November 2000United States Jeff Jarrett
December 2000United States Booker T.
January 2001United States Kevin Nash
February 2001United States Booker T.
March 2001United States Booker T.
April 2001United States Scott Steiner
May 2001United States Scott Steiner
June 2001United States Scott Steiner
July 2001United States Scott Steiner
August 2001United States Booker T.
September 2001United States Booker T.
October 2001United States Booker T.
November 2001United States Booker T.

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