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starWrestlers with Most SMW Appearances in the Database

rank born gimmick matches notes
1United StatesTony Anthony568 
2United StatesRobert Gibson475 
3United StatesTracy Smothers475 
4United StatesRicky Morton431 
5United StatesBrian Lee353 
6United StatesDr. Tom Prichard322 
7United StatesChris Candido275deceased
8United StatesTim Horner258 
9United StatesKiller Kyle243 
10United StatesBuddy Landel189deceased
11United StatesBobby Blaze188 
12United StatesJimmy Del Ray173deceased
13United StatesScott Armstrong171 
14United StatesBalls Mahoney161deceased
15United StatesStan Lane147 
16United StatesNew Jack130deceased
17United StatesMustafa Saed127 
18United StatesSteve Armstrong120 
19United StatesBunkhouse Buck115 
20CanadaLance Storm106 
21United StatesBruiser Bedlam101deceased
22United StatesJim Cornette94 
24United StatesAl Snow86 
25United StatesBob Armstrong84deceased
26United StatesRon Harris83 
27United StatesDon Harris81 
28United StatesDamien74 
29United StatesThe Maestro71 
30United StatesAnthony Michaels70 
31United StatesKevin Sullivan69 
32United StatesD-Lo Brown68 
33United StatesBrad Armstrong65deceased
34United StatesGlen Ruth56 
35United StatesBryan Clark54 
36United StatesRobert Fuller53 
37United StatesBobby Fulton52 
38United StatesChaz Warrington51 
39United StatesPaul Orndorff51deceased
40United StatesTommy Rich51 
41United StatesChris Jericho49 
42United StatesLarry Santo49 
43United StatesSteve Doll49deceased
44United StatesJoe Cazana45 
45United StatesBryant Anderson44 
46United StatesTimothy Well43deceased
47United StatesGeorge Hines42 
48UnknownMike Sampson40 
49United StatesBobby Eaton39deceased
50United StatesTerry Gordy38deceased
51United StatesZeb Colter38 
52United StatesRoad Dogg37 
53United StatesBarry Buchanan35 
54United StatesDanny Davis34 
55United StatesBart Batten33 
56CanadaRon Garvin33 
57United StatesBrad Batten32deceased
58CanadaMongolian Stomper31deceased
59United StatesPaul Lee31 
60United StatesMoondog Rex28 
61United StatesPrince Kharis28 
62United StatesSpot28deceased
63UnknownThe Wolfman26 
64United StatesReno Riggins21 
65United StatesSunny21 
66United StatesE. Z. Money20 
67United StatesTed Allen19deceased
68United StatesGeorge South18 
69United StatesChris Hamrick17 
70UnknownKim Anthony17 
71MexicoHector Guerrero16 
72United StatesMick Foley16 
73United StatesChris Michaels15 
74UnknownMike Furnas15 
75UnknownJason Jaguar14 
76United StatesJeff Daniels14 
77UnknownBen Jordan13 
78United StatesJoey Maggs13deceased
79United StatesChris Michaels12 
80United StatesRip Rogers12 
81United StatesFlash Flanagan11 
82UnknownJames Adkins11 
83UnknownRon Davis11 
84United StatesDick Murdoch10deceased
85United StatesChris Kanyon9deceased
86United StatesScotty Riggs9 
87United StatesDavid Haskins8 
88United StatesDoug Furnas8deceased
89United StatesFirebreaker Chip8 
90United StatesGary Scott8 
91United StatesTerry Funk8 
92United StatesTommy Angel8 
93United StatesBarry Horowitz7 
94AustraliaJamie Dundee7 
95United StatesKelly Wolfe7 
96United StatesTaz7 
97United StatesBambi6 
98United StatesBilly Black6 
99United StatesBob Orton Jr.6 
100United StatesBrian Hildebrand6deceased
101United StatesDory Funk, Jr.6 
102United StatesJake Roberts6 
103United StatesJeff Victory6 
104United StatesJohnny Rich6 
105United StatesJuicy Johnny6 
106UnknownLen Fields6 
107UnknownMike Mason6 
108United StatesRon Wright6deceased
109United StatesBob Holly5 
110UnknownButch Cassidy5 
111United StatesJacqueline Moore5 
112United StatesPat Rose5 
113United StatesSean Casey5 
114UnknownTommy Pitner5 
115United StatesAce Darling4 
116United StatesArn Anderson4 
117UnknownBill Maddox4 
118CanadaIvan Koloff4deceased
119UnknownLee Thomas4 
120United StatesRick Steiner4 
121United StatesScott Steiner4 
122UnknownTracy Austin4 
123UnknownUnknown Male Wrestler4 
124UnknownBrian Matthews3 
125United StatesChad Bowman3 
126United StatesDan Dubiel3 
127United StatesDan Severn3 
128UnknownDaniel Little Bear3 
129UnknownDoug Dalton3 
130United StatesEddie Gilbert3deceased
131United StatesGator McAllister3 
132UnknownJason Herd3 
133United StatesJeff Hardy3 
134United StatesJerry Lawler3 
135United StatesJoey Abs3 
136United StatesLouie Spicolli3deceased
137United StatesMatt Hardy3 
138United StatesMichael Collins3 
139UnknownNewton Steffey3 
140UnknownPaul Miller3 
141United StatesPeggy Lee3 
142United StatesRandy Savage3deceased
143United StatesRex Hargrove3 
144UnknownRock Regal3 
145UnknownScotty McKeever3deceased
146United StatesThe Undertaker3 
147United StatesBig Boss Man2deceased
148UnknownColin West2 
149UnknownDan Grondy2 
150United StatesDick Slater2deceased
151United StatesJack Victory2 
152United StatesJimmy Jannetty2 
153United StatesJoel Deaton2 
154UnknownJohnny Del Rio2 
155UnknownJohnny Kidd2 
156United StatesJohnny Meadows2deceased
157United StatesK. C. Thunder2 
158United StatesKeith Hart2 
159United StatesKenny Arden2deceased
160UnknownRaymond Roy2 
161UnknownRick Cannon2 
162UnknownRick Newsome2 
163New ZealandRip Morgan2 
164United StatesRoad Warrior Hawk2deceased
165UnknownRockin' Ron2 
166UnknownScott Campione2 
167UnknownScott Sandlin2 
168UnknownSean Powers2 
169UnknownThe Carolina Kid2 
170UnknownThe Mighty Buddha2 
171United StatesVladimir Koloff2 
172UnknownAbdul Hassan1 
173United StatesAndy Chene1 
174UnknownBad Boy Bully1 
175United StatesBill DeMott1 
176United StatesBilly Jack Haynes1 
177UnknownBilly Lee1 
178UnknownBo Alexander1 
179UnknownBobo Brazil, Jr.1 
180United StatesBrad Anderson1 
181UnknownBrian Taylor1 
182United StatesCandi Devine1 
183United StatesCarl Styles1 
184United StatesChris Walker1 
185United StatesDave Dalton1 
186United StatesDebbie Combs1 
188JapanHiroshi Itakura1 
189UnknownJames Alls1 
190United StatesKarl Styles1 
191UnknownKevin Krueger1 
192JapanKintaro Kanemura1 
193United StatesLeilani Kai1 
194United StatesLex Luger1 
195UnknownMark Henderson1 
196United StatesMarty Jannetty1 
197UnknownMaster of Disaster1 
198Puerto RicoMiguel Perez, Jr.1 
199United StatesMike Rotundo1 
200United StatesMike Samples1 
201UnknownMr. USA1 
202UnknownMr. Wrestling '951 
203CanadaOwen Hart1deceased
204UnknownRandy Hales1 
205United StatesRichard Slinger1 
206UnknownRichie Dye1 
207United StatesRikki Nelson1 
208UnknownRob Morgan1 
209United StatesRoger Anderson1 
210United StatesRon Cumberledge1 
211UnknownSam Kent1 
212United StatesSean Waltman1 
213United StatesShawn Michaels1 
214UnknownSilo Slim1 
215United StatesSteve Lawler1deceased
216United StatesSue Green1 
217UnknownT. J. Travis1 
218UnknownTerry Lawler1 
219UnknownThe Centurion1 
220UnknownThe Demon1 
221UnknownThe Mad Dog1 
222UnknownThunder Tiger1 
223UnknownTim Fry1 
224United StatesTommy Rogers1deceased
225United StatesTower of Doom1