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starCards on This Day in History

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datepromotioncard namelocation
Sat, Sep 16th 2023STARDOM5STAR Grand Prix 2023 - Day 16Fukuoka, Fukuoka
Sat, Sep 16th 2023Michinoku Pro30th Anniversary ~ Kashin Reigetsu - Day 1Sendai, Miyagi
Sat, Sep 16th 2023Smash (Canada)Fight Night!London, Ontario
Sat, Sep 16th 2023CMLL90th Anniversary ShowMexico City, Federal District
Sat, Sep 16th 2023WWEWWE Live SuperShowKennewick, Washington
Sat, Sep 16th 2023GLCWAs Seen On TVCedarburg, Wisconsin
Sat, Sep 16th 2023LVACSteelStacks Smackdown IIBethlehem, Pennsylvania
Sat, Sep 16th 2023GCWIn Liverpool 2023Liverpool, England
Sat, Sep 16th 2023AIWFresh Meat 3Cleveland, Ohio
Sat, Sep 16th 2023AIWThe JT Lightning Invitational Tournament 2023 - Day 2Cleveland, Ohio
Sat, Sep 16th 2023NJPWRoad To Destruction 2023 - Day 6Hiroshima, Hiroshima
Sat, Sep 16th 2023Dragon GateStorm Gate 2023 - Day 6Kobe, Hyogo
Sat, Sep 16th 2023AEWCollision #14State College, Pennsylvania
Sat, Sep 16th 2023ROHHonor Club TV #30 TapingState College, Pennsylvania
Fri, Sep 16th 2022WWEFriday Night SmackdownAnaheim, California
Fri, Sep 16th 2022NOAHStar Navigation 2022 - Day 6Tokyo, Tokyo
Fri, Sep 16th 2022AEWFight Forever @ Tokyo Game Show 2022 - Day 1Chiba, Chiba
Fri, Sep 16th 2022GCWLiverpoolLiverpool, England
Fri, Sep 16th 2022Garden State PWDynasty ClashRoselle, New Jersey
Fri, Sep 16th 2022CMLL89th Anniversary Show Mexico City, Federal District
Thu, Sep 16th 2021AJPWSuper Deluxe Series '21 - Day 4Yokohama, Kanagawa
Thu, Sep 16th 2021NXT UKTV #162 (airdate)London, England
Thu, Sep 16th 2021IWA-MSJunior Heavyweight Title TournamentJeffersonville, Indiana
Thu, Sep 16th 2021STARDOM5STAR Grand Prix 2021 - Day 13Tokyo, Tokyo
Thu, Sep 16th 2021FREEDOMSTakashi Sasaki Debut 25th Anniversary ShowTokyo, Tokyo
Thu, Sep 16th 2021OVWTV #1153Louisville, Kentucky
Wed, Sep 16th 2020AEWDynamite #50Jacksonville, Florida
Wed, Sep 16th 2020AEWDark #53 TapingJacksonville, Florida
Wed, Sep 16th 2020AEWLate Night Dynamite TapingJacksonville, Florida
Wed, Sep 16th 2020LimitlessThe Road S1E8Orono, Maine
Wed, Sep 16th 2020NXTTV #418Winter Park, Florida
Mon, Sep 16th 2019AJPWRoyal Road Tournament '19 - Day 3Tokyo, Tokyo
Mon, Sep 16th 2019NOAHN-1 Victory 2019 - Day 12Osaka, Osaka
Mon, Sep 16th 2019WWEMain Event TapingKnoxville, Tennessee
Mon, Sep 16th 2019WWEMonday Night RawKnoxville, Tennessee
Mon, Sep 16th 2019No Peace UndergroundMarkus Crane's WastelandChicago, Illinois
Mon, Sep 16th 2019Dragon GateStorm Gate 2019 - Day 4Okayama, Okayama
Mon, Sep 16th 2019STARDOM5STAR Grand Prix 2019 - Day 8 - Afternoon ShowFukuoka, Fukuoka
Mon, Sep 16th 2019STARDOM5STAR Grand Prix 2019 - Day 8 - Evening ShowFukuoka, Fukuoka
Mon, Sep 16th 2019NJPWDestruction in KagoshimaKagoshima, Kagoshima
Sun, Sep 16th 2018BJWBig Japan Death Vegas 2018Yokohama, Kanagawa
Sun, Sep 16th 2018WWEHell in a Cell '18San Antonio, Texas
Sun, Sep 16th 2018NOAHGlobal Junior League 2018 - Day 5Kochi, Kochi
Sun, Sep 16th 2018NJPWRoad to Destruction 2018 - Day 8Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi
Sun, Sep 16th 2018AJPWRoyal Road Tournament '18 - Day 2Nagano, Nagano
Sun, Sep 16th 2018Alpha-1Wrestles Works!Hamilton, Ontario
Sun, Sep 16th 2018Dragon GateStorm Gate 2018 - Day 4Kanazawa, Ishikawa
Sun, Sep 16th 2018STARDOM5STAR Grand Prix 2018 - Day 8Osaka, Osaka
Sun, Sep 16th 2018PWGBattle of Los Angeles '18 - Day 3Los Angeles, California
Sun, Sep 16th 2018BeyondSomebody's Farewell, ProbablyEast Greenwich, Rhode Island
Sun, Sep 16th 2018BeyondFeast Championship WrestlingEast Greenwich, Rhode Island
Sun, Sep 16th 2018OTTLive in Belfast 2Belfast, Northern Ireland
Sat, Sep 16th 2017STARDOM5STAR Grand Prix 2017 - Day 8Takaoka, Toyama
Sat, Sep 16th 2017IWA-MSKings of the Crimson Mask 2.0Memphis, Indiana
Sat, Sep 16th 2017CMLL84th Anniversary ShowMexico City, Federal District
Sat, Sep 16th 2017GCWNick Gage Invitational 2Howell, New Jersey
Sat, Sep 16th 2017AJPWRoyal Road Tournament '17 - Day 2Kitamoto, Saitama
Sat, Sep 16th 2017NEWDestiny 2017Bethany, Connecticut
Sat, Sep 16th 2017WWEWWE LiveOsaka, Osaka
Sat, Sep 16th 2017NJPWDestruction in Hiroshima 2017Hiroshima, Hiroshima
Fri, Sep 16th 2016AAARing & Rock StAAArs 5Puerto Aventuras, Quintana Roo
Fri, Sep 16th 2016Smash (Canada)/PROGRESSUncensoredOshawa, Ontario
Fri, Sep 16th 2016NXTDes Moines ShowDes Moines, Iowa
Fri, Sep 16th 2016House of Hardcore#17Long Island, New York
Fri, Sep 16th 2016AAWDefining Moments 2016Merrionette Park, Illinois
Fri, Sep 16th 2016NXTCocoa Beach ShowCocoa Beach, Florida
Fri, Sep 16th 2016APWWar At The Shore '16Daly City, California
Fri, Sep 16th 2016CMLLLeyendas Mexicanas 2016Mexico City, Federal District
Fri, Sep 16th 2016ROHReloaded Tour 2016Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Fri, Sep 16th 2016Dragon GateThe Gate Of Generation 2016 - Day 2Nagano, Nagano
Fri, Sep 16th 2016wXwShotgun Live Tour: Chemnitz - Champions NightChemnitz, Sachsen-Anhalt
Fri, Sep 16th 2016Queens of Combat#14Gibsonville, North Carolina
Fri, Sep 16th 2016WWEWWE Live (Raw)Louisville, Kentucky
Wed, Sep 16th 2015OVWTV Taping #839Louisville, Kentucky
Wed, Sep 16th 2015NOAHShiny Navigation 2015 - Day 6Tottori, Tottori
Wed, Sep 16th 2015AJPWRoyal Road Tournament '15 ~ Open Championship - Day 5Hamamatsu, Shizuoka
Wed, Sep 16th 2015NJPWRoad to Destruction 2015 - Day 10Nagano, Nagano
Wed, Sep 16th 2015CZWDojo Wars 45Blackwood, New Jersey
Tue, Sep 16th 2014WWEMain EventBiloxi, Mississippi
Tue, Sep 16th 2014WWESmackdown TapingBiloxi, Mississippi
Tue, Sep 16th 2014TNAImpact Taping #534Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Tue, Sep 16th 2014TNAXplosion TapingBethlehem, Pennsylvania
Tue, Sep 16th 2014TNAImpact Taping #535Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Mon, Sep 16th 2013NOAHArk HOUJOUYA '13Hakata, Fukuoka
Mon, Sep 16th 2013WWESuperstars TapingCleveland, Ohio
Mon, Sep 16th 2013WWEMonday Night RawCleveland, Ohio
Mon, Sep 16th 2013Dragon GateSummer Adventure Tag League 2013 - Day 8Okazaki, Aichi
Mon, Sep 16th 2013AJPWRoyal Road Tournament '13 ~ Open Championship - Day 4Okayama, Okayama
Mon, Sep 16th 2013NJPWRoad to Destruction '13 - Day 7Ota, Tokyo
Sun, Sep 16th 2012WWENight of Champions '12Boston, Massachusetts
Sun, Sep 16th 2012NOAHJunior Heavyweight Tag League '12 - Day 6Hakata, Fukuoka
Sun, Sep 16th 2012VPWGoleta Show '12Goleta, California
Sun, Sep 16th 2012Dragon GateStorm Gate 2012 - Day 12Tokorozawa, Saitama
Sun, Sep 16th 2012NJPWCamp Zama SlamFest VIZama, Kanagawa
Sun, Sep 16th 2012TNATNA LiveWilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Sun, Sep 16th 2012AJPW40th Anniversary Year Flashing Tour '12 - Day 4Mikawa, Aichi
Sun, Sep 16th 2012CHIKARAKing of Trios '12 - Day 3Easton, Pennsylvania
Fri, Sep 16th 2011NJPWG1 Climax Special '11 - Day 8Hiroshima, Hiroshima
Fri, Sep 16th 2011TNATNA LiveRahway, New Jersey
Fri, Sep 16th 2011IWA-MSKing of the Deathmatch '11: Night 1Bellevue, Illinois
Fri, Sep 16th 2011Dragon GateStorm Gate 2011 - Day 12Tokyo, Tokyo
Fri, Sep 16th 20112CWRome Is BurningRome, New York
Fri, Sep 16th 2011CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Thu, Sep 16th 2010FCWTampa Show (Sep '10 #2)Tampa, Florida
Thu, Sep 16th 2010TNATNA Live York, Pennsylvania
Thu, Sep 16th 2010Dragon GateStorm Gate 2010 - Day 8Chiba, Chiba
Thu, Sep 16th 2010NOAHShiny Navigation '10 - Day 3Nagoya, Aichi
Thu, Sep 16th 2010NJPWNEVER.2Osaka, Osaka
Wed, Sep 16th 2009NJPWCircuit '09 New Japan Generation - Day 3Chikuma, Nagano
Wed, Sep 16th 2009NOAHExceeding our Dreams '09 - Day 2Oita, Oita
Wed, Sep 16th 2009Dragon GateStorm Gate 2009 - Day 5Fujisan, Shizuoka
Tue, Sep 16th 2008WWEECW TapingNashville, Tennessee
Tue, Sep 16th 2008WWESmackdown! TapingNashville, Tennessee
Tue, Sep 16th 2008TNAiMPACT! TapingOrlando, Florida
Tue, Sep 16th 2008Dragon GateStorm Gate 2008 - Day 6Tochigi, Tochigi
Tue, Sep 16th 2008AJPWFlashing Tour '08 - Day 3Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi
Sun, Sep 16th 2007WWEUnforgiven '07Memphis, Tennessee
Sun, Sep 16th 2007AJPWFlashing Tour '07 - Day 1Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Sep 16th 2007IWA-MSBeginning of the EndSellersburg, Indiana
Sun, Sep 16th 2007Dragon GateStorm Gate 2007 - Day 5Mie, Oita
Sun, Sep 16th 2007AAAVerano de Escandalo 2007Guadalajara, Jalisco
Sat, Sep 16th 2006NJPWCircuit '06 - Day 9Kuji, Iwate
Sat, Sep 16th 2006wXwWorld Lightweight TournamentEssen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Sat, Sep 16th 2006OVWHillview Show (September '06)Hillview, Kentucky
Sat, Sep 16th 20062CWUnfinished BusinessSyracuse, New York
Sat, Sep 16th 2006ROHGlory By Honor V - Night 2New York, New York
Sat, Sep 16th 2006Dragon GateStorm Gate 2006 - Day 1Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi
Fri, Sep 16th 2005CHIKARASon Of The International Invasion Of The International Invaders - Stage IReading, Pennsylvania
Fri, Sep 16th 2005Hardcore HomecomingExtreme Reunion Tour - Night 1Cleveland, Ohio
Fri, Sep 16th 2005IWA-MSGory DaysHerrin, Illinois
Fri, Sep 16th 2005CMLL72nd Anniversary ShowMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Sep 16th 2005AJPWFlashing Tour '05 - Day 3Kagoshima, Kagoshima
Thu, Sep 16th 2004NJPWTsuyoku-Are '04 - Day 7Sendai, Miyagi
Thu, Sep 16th 2004DDTWho's Gonna Top? 2004 In Shin-KibaTokyo, Tokyo
Thu, Sep 16th 2004IWA-MSAn IWA HomecomingNew Albany, Indiana
Tue, Sep 16th 2003WWEVelocity TapingRaleigh, North Carolina
Tue, Sep 16th 2003WWESmackdown! TapingRaleigh, North Carolina
Tue, Sep 16th 2003AAAVerano de Escandalo 2003-BSan Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi
Mon, Sep 16th 2002WWEMonday Night RawDenver, Colorado
Mon, Sep 16th 2002NJPWG1 World '02 - Day 9Nagoya, Aichi
Mon, Sep 16th 2002AJPW30th Anniversary Fan Appreciation Tour '02 - Day 7Tokyo, Tokyo
Mon, Sep 16th 2002WWESunday Night Heat (International) TapingDenver, Colorado
Mon, Sep 16th 2002ZERO-ONEGenesis II '02 - Day 4Tokyo, Tokyo
Mon, Sep 16th 2002DDTTHE RINGFunabashi, Chiba
Mon, Sep 16th 2002AAAVerano de Escandalo 2002Naucalpan de Juarez, Estado de Mexico
Sun, Sep 16th 2001NJPWG1 World '01 - Day 7Nagoya, Aichi
Sun, Sep 16th 2001OVWTV Taping (Sep '01)Jeffersonville, Indiana
Sun, Sep 16th 2001AAAVerano de Escandalo 2001Naucalpan de Juarez, Estado de Mexico
Sat, Sep 16th 2000IWA-MSCharlestown ShowCharlestown, Indiana
Sat, Sep 16th 2000HWADayton ShowDayton, Ohio
Sat, Sep 16th 2000WWFWWF LiveMoline, Illinois
Sat, Sep 16th 2000NJPWAmazing - Day 7Nagoya, Aichi
Sat, Sep 16th 2000NOAHExceeding Our Dreams - Day 4Tokyo, Tokyo
Thu, Sep 16th 1999NJPWG1 Tag League '99 - Day 6Sendai, Miyagi
Thu, Sep 16th 1999OVWTV Taping (September '99 #2)Jeffersonville, Indiana
Wed, Sep 16th 1998NJPWG1 Climax Special '98 - Day 7Niigata, Niigata
Wed, Sep 16th 1998OVWTV Taping (September '98 #3)Jeffersonville, Indiana
Mon, Sep 16th 1996WCWNitroAsheville, North Carolina
Mon, Sep 16th 1996NJPWG1 Climax Special '96 - Day 4Nagoya, Aichi
Sat, Sep 16th 1995SMWMorristown Show (September '95)Morristown, Tennessee
Sat, Sep 16th 1995ECWGangstas ParadisePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Sat, Sep 16th 1995NJPWG1 Climax Special '95 - Day 1Tokyo, Tokyo
Fri, Sep 16th 1994SMWKnoxville Show (September '94)Knoxville, Tennessee
Fri, Sep 16th 1994CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Sep 16th 1994Global Wrestling FederationDallas Show (Sep '94)Dallas, Texas
Fri, Sep 16th 1994WWFHart Attack Tour '94 - Day 9Hull, England
Wed, Sep 16th 1992NJPWBattle Autumn '92 - Day 6Tokuyama, Yamaguchi
Fri, Sep 16th 1988EMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Wed, Sep 16th 1987WWFWrestling Challenge Taping #55Rockford, Illinois
Wed, Sep 16th 1987WWFWrestling Challenge Taping #56Rockford, Illinois
Wed, Sep 16th 1987WWFWrestling Challenge Taping #57Rockford, Illinois
Wed, Sep 16th 1987EMLLMiercoles Arena MexicoMexico City, Federal District
Wed, Sep 16th 1987NJPWSengoku Battle Series '87 - Day 20Tokushima, Tokushima
Tue, Sep 16th 1986WWFSuperstars of Wrestling Taping #4Baltimore, Maryland
Tue, Sep 16th 1986WWFSuperstars of Wrestling Taping #5Baltimore, Maryland
Tue, Sep 16th 1986WWFSuperstars of Wrestling Taping #6Baltimore, Maryland
Mon, Sep 16th 1985WWFFresno Show (Sep '85)Fresno, California
Mon, Sep 16th 1963WWWFMSG Show (Sep '63)New York, New York
Fri, Sep 16th 1955EMLL22nd Anniversary ShowMexico City, Federal District

starWrestlers Born on This Day in History

Date of BirthWrestlerPlace of Birth
Mon, Sep 16th 2002Suzu SuzukiMiyazaki, Miyazaki
Tue, Sep 16th 1997Jessy VenturaMadero, Tamaulipas
Fri, Sep 16th 1994Kiera HoganDecatur, Georgia
Wed, Sep 16th 1992Chuck MamboNewquay, England
Sat, Sep 16th 1989Lancelot BravadoDraper, North Carolina
Wed, Sep 16th 1987Aaron McCormickDayton, Ohio
Fri, Sep 16th 1983Hiram TuaGuaynabo, Puerto Rico
Wed, Sep 16th 1981Ala HusseinUnknown
Tue, Sep 16th 1980Derek FrazierBaltimore, Maryland
Sat, Sep 16th 1978SenseiCuernavaca, Morelos
Thu, Sep 16th 1971Richard SlingerChattanooga, Tennessee
Tue, Sep 16th 1969Paul VarelansFairbanks, Alaska
Mon, Sep 16th 1968El FuegoUnknown
Fri, Sep 16th 1966Andrea The GiantBuffalo, New York
Thu, Sep 16th 1965DiscoverySan Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi
Tue, Sep 16th 1958Willy WilhelmDen Bosch, Noord-Brabant
Mon, Sep 16th 1957D. C. DrakeLehigh Valley, Pennsylvania
Thu, Sep 16th 1954Bill IrwinDuluth, Minnesota
Tue, Sep 16th 1952Mickey RourkeSchenectady, New York
Sat, Sep 16th 1933Bulldog BrowerWilmington, Delaware
Wed, Sep 16th 1931Angel NegroUnknown, Unknown
Sun, Sep 16th 1906Chief Lone EagleUnknown, Unknown

starWrestlers Died on This Day in History

Date of DeathDate of BirthWrestlerCause of Death
Fri, Sep 16th 2016 Mar 14th 1946Don Basscancer
Mon, Sep 16th 1985 Aug 7th 1907Lou PlummerUnknown
Fri, Sep 16th 2016 Mar 8th 1962Zorro de OroUnknown


starHalls of Fame on This Day in History

Date of Entry Hall of Fame
Sun, May 21st 1995WCW Hall of Fame, 1995