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starCards on This Day in History

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datepromotioncard namelocation
Sun, Jul 23rd 2023WWEWWE Live SuperShowMonterrey, Nuevo León
Sun, Jul 23rd 2023F1RSTPryes Free-For-AllMinneapolis, Minnesota
Sun, Jul 23rd 2023PrestigeAll RiseAsbury Park, New Jersey
Sun, Jul 23rd 2023Dragon GateKing Of Gate 2023 - Day 9: Konomama Ichikawa, Yuki Yoshioka & Kota Minoura HomecomingGifu, Gifu
Sun, Jul 23rd 2023STARDOM5STAR Grand Prix 2023 - Day 1: Opening RoundTokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Jul 23rd 2023AJPWSummer Action Series 2023 - Day 4Osaka, Osaka
Sun, Jul 23rd 2023NJPWG1 Climax 2023 - Day 6Nagano, Nagano
Sun, Jul 23rd 2023NOAHSunny Voyage 2023 - Day 20Takasaki, Gunma
Sun, Jul 23rd 2023DDTWrestle Peter Pan 2023Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Jul 23rd 2022AIWAbsolution XVAkron, Ohio
Sat, Jul 23rd 2022RevProSummer Sizzler 2022Manchester, England
Sat, Jul 23rd 2022NXTCocoa ShowCocoa Beach, Florida
Sat, Jul 23rd 2022Dragon GateHopeful Gate 2022 - Day 9Okayama, Okayama
Sat, Jul 23rd 2022LimitlessCrunch TimeYarmouth, Maine
Sat, Jul 23rd 2022wXwDead End 2022Hamburg, Lower Saxony
Sat, Jul 23rd 2022DDTStreet Wresting In Handmade In Japan FES 2022Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Jul 23rd 2022ICW No Holds BarredVolume 29Red Bank, Tennessee
Sat, Jul 23rd 2022Garden State PWWelcome To EdenNewark, New Jersey
Sat, Jul 23rd 2022STARDOMIn Showcase Vol. 1Nagoya, Aichi
Sat, Jul 23rd 2022WWEWWE Live - Saturday Night's Main EventBridgeport, Connecticut
Sat, Jul 23rd 2022ROHDeath Before Dishonor 2022Lowell, Massachusetts
Sat, Jul 23rd 2022Circle 6Here To StayCleveland, Ohio
Sat, Jul 23rd 2022NJPWG1 Climax 2022 - Day 4Tokyo, Tokyo
Fri, Jul 23rd 2021NOAHUp To Emotion 2021 - Day 5Tokyo, Tokyo
Fri, Jul 23rd 2021NJPWSummer Struggle 2021 in Osaka - Day 2Osaka, Osaka
Fri, Jul 23rd 2021wXwWe Love Wrestling #18 (airdate)Oberhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Fri, Jul 23rd 2021Dragon GateHopeful Gate 2021 - Day 11Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi
Fri, Jul 23rd 2021ROHTV #514 (airdate)Baltimore, Maryland
Fri, Jul 23rd 2021DDTSummer Vacation 2021 Tour in NagoyaNagoya, Aichi
Fri, Jul 23rd 2021NJPWSTRONG #50 - Tag Team Turbulence Day 2 (airdate)Port Hueneme, California
Fri, Jul 23rd 2021WWEFriday Night SmackdownCleveland, Ohio
Fri, Jul 23rd 2021OVWSomerset ShowSomerset, Kentucky
Fri, Jul 23rd 2021CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Thu, Jul 23rd 2020IWA-MSWho's Your Dirty Daddy?Indianapolis, Indiana
Thu, Jul 23rd 2020AJPWSummer Action Series '20 - Day 2Bandai, Niigata
Thu, Jul 23rd 2020Dragon GateHopeful Gate 2020 - Day 8Fukui, Fukui
Thu, Jul 23rd 2020STARDOMCinderella Summer in OsakaOsaka, Osaka
Tue, Jul 23rd 2019WWE205 Live #139Miami, Florida
Tue, Jul 23rd 2019WWESmackdown LiveMiami, Florida
Tue, Jul 23rd 2019AJPWSummer Action Series '19 - Day 4Kitakyushu, Fukuoka
Mon, Jul 23rd 2018Impact WrestlingImpact/Xplosion TapingsToronto, Ontario
Mon, Jul 23rd 2018WWEMain Event TapingCincinnati, Ohio
Mon, Jul 23rd 2018WWEMonday Night RawCincinnati, Ohio
Sun, Jul 23rd 2017WWEWWE Live: SummerSlam Heatwave Tour (Raw)Salisbury, Maryland
Sun, Jul 23rd 2017Dragon GateKobe Pro-Wrestling Festival 2017Kobe, Hyogo
Sun, Jul 23rd 2017WWEBattleground '17Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sun, Jul 23rd 2017STARDOMX STARDOM 2017 - Day 2Osaka, Osaka
Sun, Jul 23rd 2017PROGRESSChapter 52: Vote PiesManchester, England
Sun, Jul 23rd 2017NJPWG1 Climax 2017 - Day 5Machida, Tokyo
Sun, Jul 23rd 2017CHIKARAHour of Power 9Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sun, Jul 23rd 2017Glory Pro/Pro Wrestling ResurgenceNo Wasted LuckSwansea, Illinois
Sun, Jul 23rd 2017AJPWSummer Action Series '17 - Day 5Nasu, Tochigi
Sat, Jul 23rd 2016CHIKARABack In The HabitToronto, Ontario
Sat, Jul 23rd 2016CHIKARAWhen Nature CallsToronto, Ontario
Sat, Jul 23rd 2016WrestleProIssue #6Union City, New Jersey
Sat, Jul 23rd 2016NJPWG1 Climax 26 - Day 3Machida, Tokyo
Sat, Jul 23rd 2016LimitlessHook, Line & SinkerOrono, Maine
Sat, Jul 23rd 2016NXTCocoa ShowCocoa Beach, Florida
Sat, Jul 23rd 2016DDTYokohama Twilight 2016 ~ SummerYokohama, Kanagawa
Sat, Jul 23rd 2016AAWUnited We Stand 2016Merrionette Park, Illinois
Sat, Jul 23rd 2016WWEWWE Live - SummerSlam Heatwave TourWildwood, New Jersey
Sat, Jul 23rd 2016NOAHNTV G+ Cup Junior Heavyweight Tag League 2016 - Day 2Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Jul 23rd 2016AJPWSummer Action Series '16 - Day 5Hakata, Fukuoka
Sat, Jul 23rd 2016WWEWWE Live - SummerSlam Heatwave TourSalisbury, Maryland
Thu, Jul 23rd 2015NXTFort Pierce ShowFort Pierce, Florida
Thu, Jul 23rd 2015NJPWG1 Climax 25 - Day 2Shizuoka, Shizuoka
Thu, Jul 23rd 2015TNAImpact TapingOrlando, Florida
Wed, Jul 23rd 2014Kaiju Big BattelAt the Gathering of the Juggalos 2014 - Tournament for The Holy Hatchet Of Shangri-LaThornville, Ohio
Wed, Jul 23rd 2014NOAHNTV G+ Cup Jr. Heavyweight Tag League 2014 - Day 3Nagasaki, Nagasaki
Wed, Jul 23rd 2014OVWTV Taping #779Louisville, Kentucky
Wed, Jul 23rd 2014NJPWG1 Climax 24 - Day 2Aomori, Aomori
Tue, Jul 23rd 2013WWEMain Event TapingLaredo, Texas
Tue, Jul 23rd 2013WWEMonday Night Raw TapingLaredo, Texas
Tue, Jul 23rd 2013AJPWSummer Action Series '13 - Day 6Takamatsu, Kanagawa
Mon, Jul 23rd 2012WWESuperstars Taping #1St. Louis, Missouri
Mon, Jul 23rd 2012WWEMonday Night Raw: 1000th EpisodeSt. Louis, Missouri
Sat, Jul 23rd 2011TNATNA LiveHarrington, Delaware
Sat, Jul 23rd 2011BeyondAbout TimeDanbury, Connecticut
Sat, Jul 23rd 2011Dragon GateRainbow Gate 2011 - Day 8Kyoto, Honshu
Sat, Jul 23rd 2011NOAHGreat Voyage in Osaka vol.3Osaka, Osaka
Sat, Jul 23rd 2011NJPWNew Japan Live '11 - Day 4Aomori, Aomori
Sat, Jul 23rd 2011PWGEightReseda, California
Sat, Jul 23rd 2011OVWLeGrange Show (July '11)La Grange, Kentucky
Sat, Jul 23rd 2011AAWScars and Stripes 2011Berwyn, Illinois
Fri, Jul 23rd 2010ROHHate: Chapter IICollinsville, Illinois
Fri, Jul 23rd 2010DTUExpo Lucha Libre - La Experiencia 2010Mexico City, Federal District
Fri, Jul 23rd 2010NWA MexicoExpo Lucha Libre - La Experiencia 2010Mexico City, Federal District
Fri, Jul 23rd 2010CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Jul 23rd 2010EVOLVE#4: Danielson vs. FishUnion City, New Jersey
Fri, Jul 23rd 2010TNATNA LiveBloomington, Illinois
Thu, Jul 23rd 2009FCWTV TapingsTampa, Florida
Thu, Jul 23rd 2009NJPWNew Japan Live 2 Days: 2night's the Night - Day 2Hakodate, Hokkaido
Wed, Jul 23rd 2008NJPWCircuit '08 New Japan Soul Extra - Day 1Aomori, Aomori
Wed, Jul 23rd 2008OVWTV Taping #468Louisville, Kentucky
Wed, Jul 23rd 2008AJPWSummer Action Series '08 - Day 2Kushiro, Hokkaido
Mon, Jul 23rd 2007WWEMonday Night RawSacramento, California
Mon, Jul 23rd 2007WWEHeat #471 TapingSacramento, California
Mon, Jul 23rd 2007CMLLLunes Arena PueblaHeroica Puebla de Zaragoza, Puebla
Sun, Jul 23rd 2006WWEThe Great American Bash '06Indianapolis, Indiana
Sun, Jul 23rd 2006FWALive in RugbyRugby, England
Sun, Jul 23rd 2006NJPWWrestle Land 3Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Jul 23rd 2006AJPWSummer Action Series '06 - Day 2Ishikawa, Ishikawa
Sun, Jul 23rd 2006wXwTrue Colors 2006 - Day 2Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Sat, Jul 23rd 2005CHIKARAYoung Lions Cup '05 - Day 2Hellertown, Pennsylvania
Sat, Jul 23rd 2005ROHThe HomecomingPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Sat, Jul 23rd 2005AJPWSummer Action Series '05 - Day 6Tottori, Tottori
Sat, Jul 23rd 2005JCWGathering of the Juggalos 2005: JCW vs. TNA - Day 2Garrettsville, Ohio
Sat, Jul 23rd 2005APWGym WarsHayward, California
Sat, Jul 23rd 2005wXwFull Force IVEssen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Fri, Jul 23rd 2004ROHDeath Before Dishonor II Part 1Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
Fri, Jul 23rd 2004NJPWSummer Struggle '04 - Day 13Aomori, Aomori
Fri, Jul 23rd 2004Dragon GateThe Open Gate - Day 8Kurume, Fukuoka
Fri, Jul 23rd 2004OVWSummer Sizzler Series '04 (#4)Louisville, Kentucky
Fri, Jul 23rd 2004IWA-MSTap Out CityLafayette, Indiana
Fri, Jul 23rd 2004CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Wed, Jul 23rd 2003NJPWSummer Struggle '03 - Day 15Obihiro, Hokkaido
Wed, Jul 23rd 2003NWA TNAWeekly PPV #55Nashville, Tennessee
Wed, Jul 23rd 2003NWA TNAXplosion #42 TapingNashville, Tennessee
Tue, Jul 23rd 2002WWESmackdown! TapingIndianapolis, Indiana
Tue, Jul 23rd 2002WWEVelocity #10 TapingIndianapolis, Indiana
Tue, Jul 23rd 2002NOAHAccomplish Our Second Navigation '02 - Day 13Toyohashi, Aichi
Tue, Jul 23rd 2002DDTTHE RINGFunabashi, Chiba
Tue, Jul 23rd 2002HWAJeffersonville ShowJeffersonville, Indiana
Mon, Jul 23rd 2001WWFMonday Night RawBuffalo, New York
Mon, Jul 23rd 2001WWFJakked #101 TapingBuffalo, New York
Sun, Jul 23rd 2000WWFFully Loaded '00Dallas, Texas
Sun, Jul 23rd 2000AJPWSummer Action Series '00 - Day 16Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Jul 23rd 2000DDTLive In SodegauraSodegaura, Chiba
Fri, Jul 23rd 1999ECWWest Wego Show (Jul '99)Westwego, Louisiana
Fri, Jul 23rd 1999AJPWBudokan Hall Show (Jul '99)Tokyo, Tokyo
Fri, Jul 23rd 1999WCWWCW LiveNashville, Tennessee
Fri, Jul 23rd 1999CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Thu, Jul 23rd 1998IWA-MSLouisville ShowLouisville, Kentucky
Tue, Jul 23rd 1996WCWSaturday Night TapingOrlando, Florida
Tue, Jul 23rd 1996IWA JapanAGGRESSIVE WARRIORS TOUR '96 ~ Super Warrior Nishigami ~ - Day 2Nakatsu, Oita
Tue, Jul 23rd 1996WWFSuperstars of Wrestling Taping #511Yakima, Washington
Tue, Jul 23rd 1996WWFSuperstars of Wrestling Taping #512Yakima, Washington
Tue, Jul 23rd 1996WWFSuperstars of Wrestling Taping #513Yakima, Washington
Tue, Jul 23rd 1996WWFSuperstars of Wrestling Taping #514Yakima, Washington
Sun, Jul 23rd 1995AJWJapan Grand Prix '95 - Day 8Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Jul 23rd 1995WWFIn Your House 2: The LumberjacksNashville, Tennessee
Sat, Jul 23rd 1994SMWChilhowie Show (July '94)Chilhowie, Virginia
Sat, Jul 23rd 1994NWALincoln Park Show (Jul '94)Lincoln Park, Michigan
Fri, Jul 23rd 1993CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Jul 23rd 1993SMWRural Retreat Show (July '93)Rural Retreat, Virginia
Thu, Jul 23rd 1992WWFWWF LiveLas Vegas, Nevada
Tue, Jul 23rd 1991NJPWSummer Crush '91 - Day 8Fukushima, Fukushima
Tue, Jul 23rd 1991WCWGreat American Bash Tour 1991 - Day 15Inglewood, California
Sun, Jul 23rd 1989NWAThe Great American Bash '89Baltimore, Maryland
Mon, Jul 23rd 1984NJPWGoshogawara Show (Jul '84)Goshogawara, Aomori
Mon, Jul 23rd 1984WWFThe Brawl to End it AllNew York, New York
Mon, Jul 23rd 1984WCCWFort Worth Show (May '84)Fort Worth, Texas
Mon, Jul 23rd 1979CWAMemphis Show (Jul '79)Memphis, Tennessee
Fri, Jul 23rd 1976AWAChicago Show (Jul '76)Chicago, Illinois
Tue, Jul 23rd 1974AJPWSummer Action Series '74 - Day 13Kanazawa, Ishikawa
Mon, Jul 23rd 1973WWWFMSG Show (Jul '73)New York, New York
Thu, Jul 23rd 1964NWAAmarillo Show (Jul '64)Amarillo, Texas

starWrestlers Born on This Day in History

Date of BirthWrestlerPlace of Birth
Thu, Jul 23rd 1998Nathan FrazerUnknown, Unknown
Fri, Jul 23rd 1993Eri SusaAdachi, Tokyo
Thu, Jul 23rd 1987Zack Sabre Jr.Isle of Sheppey, England
Mon, Jul 23rd 1979Perro Aguayo, Jr.Mexico City, Federal District
Wed, Jul 23rd 1975DragoMexico City, Federal District
Tue, Jul 23rd 1974Sonny SiakiPago Pago, Tutuila Island
Thu, Jul 23rd 1970Cynthia MorenoMexico City, Federal District
Thu, Jul 23rd 1964Angel o DemonioMexico City, Federal District
Sun, Jul 23rd 1961Victor ZangievUnknown, Kazakh SSR
Sat, Jul 23rd 1960Al PerezTampa, Florida
Mon, Jul 23rd 1951Black Shadow Jr.Allende, Nuevo León
Wed, Jul 23rd 1947Super HalconMexico City, Federal District
Wed, Jul 23rd 1941Jay ClaytonOklahoma City, Oklahoma
Mon, Jul 23rd 1928Tony AltimoreStamford, Connecticut
Tue, Jul 23rd 1912The Grey ShadowVeracruz, Veracruz

starWrestlers Died on This Day in History

Date of DeathDate of BirthWrestlerCause of Death
Mon, Jul 23rd 2007 Mar 9th 1937Tor Kamataheart disease
Tue, Jul 23rd 2002 May 14th 1945Munenori HigoUnknown


starHalls of Fame on This Day in History

Date of Entry Hall of Fame
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