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Below you can see the top ranked wrestler for each month of Pro Wrestling Illustrated's NWA category.
IssueHighest Ranked
September 1979United States Harley Race
November 1979United States Harley Race
January 1980United States Harley Race
March 1980United States Harley Race
July 1980United States Harley Race
August 1980United States Harley Race
September 1980United States Harley Race
November 1980United States Harley Race
December 1980United States Harley Race
January 1981United States Harley Race
February 1981United States Harley Race
April 1981United States Harley Race
May 1981United States Harley Race
July 1981United States Harley Race
August 1981United States Harley Race
October 1981United States Harley Race
December 1981United States Dusty Rhodes
January 1982United States Dusty Rhodes
February 1982United States Ric Flair
June 1982United States Ric Flair
September 1982United States Ric Flair
November 1982United States Ric Flair
March 1983United States Ric Flair
May 1983United States Ric Flair
June 1983United States Ric Flair
August 1983United States Ric Flair
November 1983United States Harley Race
February 1984United States Harley Race
March 1984United States Harley Race
Summer 1984United States Ric Flair
July 1984United States Ric Flair
Fall 1984United States Ric Flair
September 1984United States Ric Flair
November 1984United States Ric Flair
Winter 1984United States Ric Flair
December 1984United States Ric Flair
Spring 1985United States Ric Flair
June 1985United States Ric Flair
July 1985United States Ric Flair
Fall 1985United States Ric Flair
October 1985United States Ric Flair
Winter 1985United States Ric Flair
December 1985United States Ric Flair
January 1986United States Ric Flair
February 1986United States Ric Flair
Spring 1986United States Ric Flair
March 1986United States Ric Flair
April 1986United States Ric Flair
May 1986United States Ric Flair
June 1986United States Ric Flair
July 1986United States Ric Flair
August 1986United States Ric Flair
Fall 1986United States Ric Flair
September 1986United States Ric Flair
October 1986United States Ric Flair
November 1986United States Ric Flair
January 1987United States Ric Flair
March 1987United States Ric Flair
April 1987United States Ric Flair
May 1987United States Ric Flair
June 1987United States Ric Flair
July 1987United States Ric Flair
August 1987United States Ric Flair
September 1987United States Ric Flair
October 1987United States Ric Flair
November 1987United States Ric Flair
December 1987United States Ric Flair
January 1988United States Ric Flair
February 1988Canada Ronnie Garvin
March 1988Canada Ronnie Garvin
April 1988United States Ric Flair
June 1988United States Ric Flair
July 1988United States Ric Flair
August 1988United States Ric Flair
September 1988United States Ric Flair
October 1988United States Ric Flair
November 1988United States Ric Flair
January 1989United States Ric Flair
February 1989United States Ric Flair
April 1989United States Ric Flair
May 1989United States Ric Flair
June 1989United States Ric Flair
October 1989United States Ric Flair
November 1989United States Ric Flair
January 1990United States Ric Flair
February 1990United States Ric Flair
April 1990United States Ric Flair
May 1990United States Ric Flair
July 1990United States Ric Flair
September 1990United States Ric Flair
October 1990United States Ric Flair
November 1990United States Sting
January 1991United States Sting
February 1991United States Sting
March 1991United States Sting
April 1991United States Sting
May 1991United States Ric Flair
June 1991United States Ric Flair
July 1991United States Ric Flair
August 1998United States Dan Severn
September 1998United States Dan Severn
October 1998United States Dan Severn
November 1998United States Dan Severn
December 1998United States Dan Severn
Holiday 1998United States Dan Severn
January 1999United States Dan Severn
February 1999United States Dan Severn
March 1999United States Dan Severn
April 1999United States Dan Severn
May 1999United States Dan Severn
June 1999United States Dan Severn
July 1999United States Dan Severn
August 1999Japan Naoya Ogawa
September 1999Japan Naoya Ogawa
October 1999Japan Naoya Ogawa
November 1999Japan Naoya Ogawa
December 1999Japan Naoya Ogawa
Holiday 1999Japan Naoya Ogawa
January 2000Japan Naoya Ogawa
February 2000Japan Naoya Ogawa
March 2000Japan Naoya Ogawa
April 2000Japan Naoya Ogawa
May 2000Japan Naoya Ogawa
June 2000Japan Naoya Ogawa
July 2000Japan Naoya Ogawa
August 2000Japan Naoya Ogawa
September 2000Japan Naoya Ogawa
October 2000Japan Naoya Ogawa
November 2000Japan Naoya Ogawa
December 2000United States Kevin Northcutt
January 2001United States Kevin Northcutt
February 2001United States Mike Rapada
March 2001United States Mike Rapada
April 2001United States Sabu
May 2001United States Mike Rapada
June 2001United States Mike Rapada
July 2001United States Mike Rapada
August 2001United States Mike Rapada
September 2001Canada Steve Corino
October 2001Canada Steve Corino
November 2001Canada Steve Corino
January 2002Canada Steve Corino
February 2002Canada Steve Corino
March 2002Canada Steve Corino
April 2002Japan Shinya Hashimoto
May 2002Japan Shinya Hashimoto
June 2002Japan Shinya Hashimoto
July 2002United States Dan Severn
August 2002United States Dan Severn
September 2002United States Dan Severn
October 2002United States Ken Shamrock
November 2002United States Ken Shamrock
January 2003United States Ron Killings
February 2003United States Ron Killings
March 2003United States Ron Killings
April 2003United States Jeff Jarrett
May 2003United States Jeff Jarrett
June 2003United States Jeff Jarrett
August 2003United States Jeff Jarrett
September 2003United States Jeff Jarrett
October 2003United States A.J. Styles
December 2003United States A.J. Styles
January 2004United States A.J. Styles
February 2004United States Jeff Jarrett
April 2004United States Jeff Jarrett
May 2004United States Jeff Jarrett
June 2004United States Jeff Jarrett
July 2004United States Jeff Jarrett
August 2004United States A.J. Styles
October 2004United States Jeff Jarrett
December 2004United States Jeff Jarrett
February 2005United States Jeff Jarrett
March 2005United States Jeff Jarrett
April 2005United States Jeff Jarrett
June 2005United States Jeff Jarrett
July 2005United States Jeff Jarrett
August 2005United States Jeff Jarrett
October 2005United States Raven
November 2005United States Raven
December 2005United States Raven
January 2006United States Jeff Jarrett
February 2006United States Jeff Jarrett
March 2006United States Jeff Jarrett
May 2006United States Jeff Jarrett
July 2006Canada Christian Cage
August 2006Canada Christian Cage
September 2006Canada Christian Cage
September 2008United States Adam Pearce
October 2008United States Adam Pearce
February 2009Mexico Blue Demon, Jr.
June 2009Mexico Blue Demon, Jr.
August 2009Mexico Blue Demon, Jr.
September 2009Mexico Blue Demon, Jr.
October 2009Mexico Blue Demon, Jr.
November 2009Mexico Blue Demon, Jr.
December 2009Mexico Blue Demon, Jr.
February 2010Mexico Blue Demon, Jr.
March 2010Mexico Blue Demon, Jr.
June 2010Mexico Blue Demon, Jr.
August 2010United States Adam Pearce
September 2010United States Adam Pearce
October 2010United States Adam Pearce
November 2010United States Adam Pearce
December 2010United States Adam Pearce
February 2011United States Adam Pearce
March 2011United States Adam Pearce
June 2011United States Adam Pearce
August 2011United States Colt Cabana
September 2011United States The Sheik
November 2011United States Adam Pearce
January 2012United States Adam Pearce
May 2012United States Adam Pearce
September 2012United States Colt Cabana

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