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Rahway Rec Center, Rahway, New Jersey, United States

Highest claimed attendance: 1,900 on Sat, Nov 14th 2015 at JAPW 19th Anniversary Show

starRahway Rec Center

date promotion card name attendance
Fri, Sep 9th 2022 WrestlePro SeptemBrawl unknown
Fri, Aug 12th 2022 WrestlePro Back Together Again unknown
Sat, May 7th 2022 WrestlePro May-Hem unknown
Sat, Mar 19th 2022 WrestlePro Rock And Roll Forever unknown
Sat, Feb 5th 2022 WrestlePro Killer Instinct unknown
Sat, Nov 27th 2021 WrestlePro Full Steam Ahead unknown
Sat, Oct 16th 2021 WrestlePro Welcome Back unknown
Sat, Feb 8th 2020 WrestlePro In Our House unknown
Sat, Nov 16th 2019 WrestlePro Going Out With A Bang unknown
Sat, Sep 14th 2019 WrestlePro Return to Rahway unknown
Sat, Apr 6th 2019 WrestlePro/CZW WrestlePro Vs. CZW unknown
Thu, Apr 4th 2019 Impact Wrestling United We Stand unknown
Wed, Apr 3rd 2019 WrestlePro Does Funny = Money? unknown
Sat, Mar 9th 2019 WrestlePro Rahway Show unknown
Fri, Nov 9th 2018 WrestlePro No Holds Barred unknown
Fri, Sep 7th 2018 WrestlePro Gold Rush Rumble unknown
Fri, Jun 8th 2018 WrestlePro Rahway Show unknown
Sat, Feb 24th 2018 JAPW Redemption unknown
Sat, Feb 3rd 2018 Impact/WrestlePro Brace For Impact unknown
Sat, Dec 9th 2017 WrestlePro Rahway Show unknown
Sat, Nov 18th 2017 WrestlePro Rahway Show unknown
Sat, Oct 21st 2017 JAPW Uprising unknown
Fri, Oct 13th 2017 WrestlePro Blood, Sweat, and Barbed Wire unknown
Sat, Sep 9th 2017 WrestlePro Rahway Show unknown
Sat, May 20th 2017 WrestlePro Rahway Show unknown
Sat, Mar 11th 2017 WrestlePro Rahway Show unknown
Sat, Nov 19th 2016 WrestlePro Rahway Show unknown
Sat, Nov 12th 2016 JAPW 20th Anniversary Show unknown
Sat, Sep 10th 2016 WrestlePro Issue #8 unknown
Sat, Apr 30th 2016 WrestlePro Issue #4 unknown
Sat, Mar 5th 2016 WrestlePro Debut Show unknown
Sat, Jan 30th 2016 GFW/PWS GFW vs. PWS unknown
Sat, Dec 19th 2015 PWS Fightmare Before X-Mas 2015 unknown
Sat, Nov 14th 2015 JAPW 19th Anniversary Show 1,900
Sat, Oct 24th 2015 PWS Rahway Show unknown
Sat, Jun 6th 2015 PWS Super Card 2015 unknown
Sat, May 23rd 2015 PWS Double Trouble Rumble unknown
Sat, Apr 25th 2015 PWS Spring Breakdown 2015 1,200
Sat, Mar 28th 2015 PWS Parade of Champions unknown
Sat, Mar 21st 2015 JAPW Awaken unknown
Fri, Mar 6th 2015 PWS Fight Night unknown
Sun, Mar 1st 2015 PWS Travis's Bachelor Party unknown
Sat, Feb 21st 2015 PWS Refuse 2 Lose 2015 unknown
Sat, Jan 31st 2015 PWS Frozen Fallout 2015 unknown
Sat, Dec 20th 2014 PWS Fight-Mare Before Christmas 2014 unknown
Sat, Nov 22nd 2014 PWS Wrestle Bowl 2014 unknown
Sat, Nov 15th 2014 JAPW 18th Anniversary Show 525
Fri, Oct 31st 2014 PWS Ten/Thirty-One unknown
Sat, Sep 20th 2014 PWS All Fired Up unknown
Sat, Jun 7th 2014 PWS Super Card 2014 1,591
Sat, Feb 22nd 2014 PWS Homecoming Havoc unknown
Fri, Oct 12th 2012 PWS House Party 5: Not Starring Kid N Play 900
Thu, Oct 11th 2012 PWS Bombshell Ladies of Wrestling - Sweet Sixteen 124
Sat, Oct 6th 2012 ROH Killer Instinct 350
Fri, Sep 14th 2012 PWS Saved By the Ring Bell 550
Sat, Jun 2nd 2012 PWS Five Year Anniversary Weekend - Night 2 unknown
Fri, Jun 1st 2012 PWS Five Year Anniversary Weekend - Night 1 unknown
Fri, May 4th 2012 PWS Refuse to Lose 2012 unknown
Sat, Apr 14th 2012 CHIKARA I'll Be a Mummy's Uncle unknown
Sat, Apr 14th 2012 JAPW The Final Countdown - 14th Anniversary Show unknown
Fri, Mar 9th 2012 PWS Super Card 2012 927
Fri, Sep 16th 2011 TNA TNA Live unknown
Fri, May 13th 2011 NJPW Invasion Tour '11: Attack on East Coast - Day 1 unknown
Sat, Mar 12th 2011 TNA TNA Live 1,200
Fri, Dec 10th 2010 JAPW 13th Anniversary Show - Day 1 unknown
Sat, Nov 20th 2010 JAPW November to Remember unknown
Sat, Oct 30th 2010 Dragon Gate USA Freedom Fight '10 unknown
Sat, Sep 25th 2010 TNA TNA Live unknown
Sat, Sep 11th 2010 EVOLVE #5: Danielson vs. Sawa unknown
Sat, May 22nd 2010 JAPW Notorious Thunder unknown
Sat, May 1st 2010 EVOLVE #3: Rise or Fall 150
Sat, Mar 20th 2010 JAPW Wild Card 6 unknown
Sat, Mar 13th 2010 EVOLVE #2: Hero vs. Hidaka 100
Sat, Jan 23rd 2010 JAPW 12th Anniversary Show unknown
Sat, Jan 16th 2010 EVOLVE #1: Richards vs. Ibushi 500
Sat, Nov 21st 2009 JAPW Seasons Beatings 2009 unknown
Sat, Nov 14th 2009 JAPW Girl Power unknown
Sat, May 9th 2009 JAPW Double Header - Evening Show unknown
Sat, May 9th 2009 JAPW Double Header - Afternoon Show unknown
Sat, Mar 28th 2009 JAPW Unfinished Business 600
Sat, Jan 24th 2009 JAPW Wild Card 5 unknown
Sat, Dec 13th 2008 JAPW 11th Anniversary Show 700
Sat, May 31st 2008 JAPW Full F'N Force 700
Sat, Apr 19th 2008 JAPW Spring Massacre 2008 unknown
Sat, Feb 16th 2008 JAPW Wild Card 4 unknown
Sat, Dec 8th 2007 JAPW Seasons Beatings 2007 (December Show) 900
Sat, Oct 27th 2007 JAPW 10th Anniversary Show 1,244
Sat, Sep 8th 2007 JAPW Calm Before the Storm unknown
Sat, Jun 9th 2007 JAPW Back to Business 2007 300
Sat, Apr 21st 2007 JAPW Spring Massacre 2 600
Sat, Mar 17th 2007 JAPW Wild Card 3 500
Sat, Jan 20th 2007 JAPW Seasons Beatings 2007 (January Show) 900
Sat, Oct 28th 2006 JAPW 9th Anniversary Show 900
Fri, Sep 15th 2006 JAPW Rahway Show 235
Sat, May 20th 2006 JAPW Homecoming 2 unknown
Sat, Apr 29th 2006 JAPW Showcase 500
Sat, Jan 7th 2006 JAPW Wild Card II 800
Sat, Nov 12th 2005 JAPW Fall Out 500
Sat, Sep 10th 2005 JAPW Haas of Pain unknown
Sat, Jul 16th 2005 JAPW Gored! 700
Sat, Jun 4th 2005 JAPW The Homecoming 500
Sat, Apr 23rd 2005 JAPW Aftershock 425
Sat, Jan 29th 2005 JAPW Wild Card 600
Fri, Dec 10th 2004 JAPW Seasons Beatings 2004 500
Sat, Oct 30th 2004 JAPW Halloween Hell 2004 500
Sat, Sep 18th 2004 JAPW Coming Home: 7th Anniversary Show 600
Sat, Jun 5th 2004 JAPW When Worlds Collide 600
Sat, Apr 24th 2004 JAPW Awesome Sacrifice unknown
Sat, Dec 13th 2003 JAPW Seasons Beatings 2003 300