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starCards on This Day in History

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datepromotioncard namelocation
Sun, May 26th 2024Dragon GateHopeful Gate 2024 - Day 9 ~ BxB Hulk & Kzy HomecomingSapporo, Hokkaido
Sun, May 26th 2024PROGRESSSuper Strong Style 16 Tournament Edition 2024 - Day 1London, England
Sun, May 26th 2024GCWParanoid 2024Columbus, Ohio
Sun, May 26th 2024Smash (Canada)Ante Up!Toronto, Ontario
Sun, May 26th 2024MarigoldGrand Opening Wars 2024 - Day 1 - Afternoon ShowTokyo, Tokyo
Sun, May 26th 2024MarigoldGrand Opening Wars 2024 - Day 1 - Evening ShowTokyo, Tokyo
Sun, May 26th 2024DDTKing Of DDT 2024 Final!Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, May 26th 2024STARDOMLive In KyotoKyoto, Honshu
Sun, May 26th 2024NJPWBest Of The Super Juniors 31 - Day 9Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, May 26th 2024AEWDouble Or Nothing 2024Las Vegas, Nevada
Fri, May 26th 2023CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, May 26th 2023Impact WrestlingUnder Siege 2023London, Ontario
Fri, May 26th 2023Impact WrestlingDigital Media Match TapingLondon, Ontario
Fri, May 26th 2023OVWLive in GeorgetownGeorgetown, Kentucky
Fri, May 26th 2023Ladies Night OutTriple Shot 2 - Show 1Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Fri, May 26th 2023Ladies Night OutTriple Shot 2 - Show 2Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Fri, May 26th 2023Ladies Night OutTriple Shot 2 - Show 3Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Fri, May 26th 2023GCWLifestyleLas Vegas, Nevada
Fri, May 26th 2023NJPWBest Of The Super Juniors 30 - Day 11Tokyo, Tokyo
Thu, May 26th 2022NJPWBest Of The Super Juniors 29 - Day 9Tokyo, Tokyo
Thu, May 26th 2022OVWTV #1189Louisville, Kentucky
Thu, May 26th 2022VxSBetter Off DyingLas Vegas, Nevada
Thu, May 26th 2022BeyondWrestling Open: Episode 21Worcester, Massachusetts
Wed, May 26th 2021LimitlessThe Road S3E14Orono, Maine
Wed, May 26th 2021Dragon GateKing Of Gate 2021 - Day 10Nagaoka, Niigata
Wed, May 26th 2021ROHWomen's Division Wednesday #5 (airdate)Baltimore, Maryland
Wed, May 26th 2021NJPWRoad to Wrestle Grand Slam 2021 - Day 4Tokyo, Tokyo
Tue, May 26th 2020Impact WrestlingImpact (airdate)Nashville, Tennessee
Tue, May 26th 2020WWEMonday Night Raw TapingOrlando, Florida
Tue, May 26th 2020WWEMain Event TapingOrlando, Florida
Tue, May 26th 2020WWEFriday Night Smackdown TapingOrlando, Florida
Tue, May 26th 2020WWE205 Live #180 TapingOrlando, Florida
Sun, May 26th 2019AJPWSuper Power Series '19 - Day 4Kyoto, Honshu
Sun, May 26th 2019STARDOMShining Stars 2019 - Day 2 - Konami's HomecomingFukuyama, Hiroshima
Sun, May 26th 2019CHIKARAAniversario: Scotch MistChicago, Illinois
Sun, May 26th 2019IWTVThe Midwest MixtapeChicago, Illinois
Sun, May 26th 2019Smash (Canada)Get Your Fight OnLondon, Ontario
Sun, May 26th 2019Dragon GateKing Of Gate 2019 - Day 9Sapporo, Hokkaido
Sun, May 26th 2019Alpha-1Immortal Kombat VIIHamilton, Ontario
Sun, May 26th 2019PROGRESSChapter 89: 26th May 1988London, England
Sun, May 26th 2019NJPWBest of the Super Juniors XXVI - Day 10Chiba, Chiba
Sun, May 26th 2019OTTLive in Belfast: BanjaxedBelfast, Northern Ireland
Sun, May 26th 2019BJWDeath Market 50th AnniversaryNagoya, Aichi
Sat, May 26th 2018NXTOrlando ShowOrlando, Florida
Sat, May 26th 2018Dragon GateKing Of Gate 2018 - Day 9Sapporo, Hokkaido
Sat, May 26th 2018NOAHNavigation With Breeze 2018 - Day 8Gifu, Gifu
Sat, May 26th 2018wXwwXw Academy: Scouting The Next Generation 26Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Sat, May 26th 2018DEFYNew LegacyPortland, Oregon
Sat, May 26th 2018WCPBTWMemorial Weekend Professional Wrestling Super Show 2018Circleville, Ohio
Sat, May 26th 2018KPWArena X: Kawaleria vs. SojuszGdynia, Pomeranian Voivodeship
Sat, May 26th 2018CHIKARAAniversario: Heroes Shed No TearsPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Sat, May 26th 2018BeyondNew England ManiaEast Greenwich, Rhode Island
Sat, May 26th 2018BeyondSolid GoldEast Greenwich, Rhode Island
Sat, May 26th 2018AIWChandler Biggins Memorial Tag Team Tournament 2018Cleveland, Ohio
Sat, May 26th 2018AIWThe J.T. Lightning Invitational Tournament 2018 - Day 2Cleveland, Ohio
Sat, May 26th 2018ROHHonor United: LondonLondon, England
Sat, May 26th 2018AJPWSuper Power Series '18 - Day 8Asahikawa, Hokkaido
Sat, May 26th 2018NJPWBest of the Super Juniors XXV - Day 7Nagoya, Aichi
Fri, May 26th 2017NEWSpring Slam Tour 2017: NewburghNewburgh, New York
Fri, May 26th 2017NJPWBest of the Super Juniors 2017 - Day 8Nagano, Nagano
Fri, May 26th 2017FIPAccelerate 2017Ybor City, Florida
Fri, May 26th 2017NOAHNavigation With Breeze 2017 - Day 5Kariya, Aichi
Fri, May 26th 2017AIWThe J.T. Lightning Invitational Tournament 2017 - Day 1Cleveland, Ohio
Fri, May 26th 2017Freelance Wrestling/Freelance UndergroundBaderbrawl - It's Wrestling in a Brewery!Chicago, Illinois
Fri, May 26th 2017NXTCocoa Beach ShowCocoa Beach, Florida
Fri, May 26th 2017Glory ProUnited GloryAlton, Illinois
Fri, May 26th 2017CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, May 26th 2017WWEWWE Live (Raw)Pikeville, Kentucky
Fri, May 26th 2017Dragon GateKing Of Gate 2017 - Day 8Sapporo, Hokkaido
Fri, May 26th 2017DEFY3 Swerve CitySeattle, Washington
Thu, May 26th 2016NXTLakeland ShowLakeland, Florida
Thu, May 26th 2016IWA-MSRetributionClarksville, Indiana
Thu, May 26th 2016Dragon GateKing Of Gate 2016 - Day 9Sendai, Miyagi
Thu, May 26th 2016NOAHNavigation With Breeze 2016 - Day 5Kasumigaora, Ibaraki
Thu, May 26th 2016FREEDOMS/RDPWHaisai Shinkiba! Ryukyu Dragon Came To Shinkiba!Tokyo, Tokyo
Tue, May 26th 2015WWEMain Event TapingWilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Tue, May 26th 2015WWESmackdown Taping Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Tue, May 26th 2015NJPWBest of the Super Juniors XXII - Day 4Yamagata, Yamagata
Mon, May 26th 2014WWESuperstars TapingKnoxville, Tennessee
Mon, May 26th 2014WWEMonday Night RawKnoxville, Tennessee
Sun, May 26th 2013STARDOMSeason 12 - Chapter Two: Beginning - Day 3Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, May 26th 2013IGFGenome 26Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, May 26th 2013Dragon GateThe Gate Of Maximum 2013 - Day 1Tottori, Tottori
Sun, May 26th 2013NJPWBest of Super Jr. XX - Day 2Shimizu, Hokkaido
Sun, May 26th 2013NOAHNorthern Navigation '13 - Day 5Ishikawa, Ishikawa
Sun, May 26th 2013AJPWRise Up Tour '13 - Day 6Kobe, Hyogo
Sun, May 26th 2013EWFLytle Creek ShowLytle Creek, California
Sun, May 26th 2013WWEWWE Raw LiveLethbridge, Alberta
Sun, May 26th 2013WWEWWE Smackdown LiveMedicine Hat, Alberta
Sun, May 26th 2013RevProRoad to ThunderKent, England
Sat, May 26th 2012NOAHThe Navigation in May '12 - Day 9Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, May 26th 2012JCWHatchet AttacksFarmington, New Mexico
Sat, May 26th 2012IGFGenome 20Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, May 26th 2012WWEWWE Live (Smackdown)Guadalajara, Jalisco
Sat, May 26th 2012WWEWWE Live (Raw)Quito, Pichincha
Thu, May 26th 2011NOAHMay Navigation '11 - Day 3Kariya, Aichi
Thu, May 26th 2011FCWTampa Show (May '11 #3)Tampa, Florida
Thu, May 26th 2011NJPWBest of the Super Juniors XVIII: Bring It On! - Day 1Tokyo, Tokyo
Wed, May 26th 2010JCWHappy Daze Tour - Day 6Minneapolis, Minnesota
Wed, May 26th 2010OVWTV Taping #564Louisville, Kentucky
Tue, May 26th 2009WWESmackdown! TapingLos Angeles, California
Tue, May 26th 2009WWEECW TapingLos Angeles, California
Tue, May 26th 2009WWESuperstars Taping pt. 2Los Angeles, California
Tue, May 26th 2009TNAiMPACT! TapingOrlando, Florida
Tue, May 26th 2009Dragon GateAggressive Gate 2009 - Day 11Nagaoka, Niigata
Tue, May 26th 2009AJPWRise Up Tour '09 - Day 7Yanai, Yamaguchi
Mon, May 26th 2008NJPWNew Japan X Zepp Smash! - Day 4Tokyo, Tokyo
Mon, May 26th 2008WWEMonday Night RawDenver, Colorado
Mon, May 26th 2008TNAiMPACT! TapingOrlando, Florida
Mon, May 26th 2008WWEHeat #515 TapingDenver, Colorado
Mon, May 26th 2008NOAHNorthern Navigation '08 - Day 7Aomori, Aomori
Sat, May 26th 2007CHIKARAAnniversario?Hellertown, Pennsylvania
Sat, May 26th 2007WWEWWE Live (Smackdown & ECW)Barrie, Ontario
Sat, May 26th 2007IWA-MSCandido Cup 2007 - Night 2Midlothian, Illinois
Sat, May 26th 2007Dragon GateAggressive Gate 2007 - Day 10Kurume, Fukuoka
Sat, May 26th 2007FIPMelbourne MeltdownMelbourne, Florida
Fri, May 26th 2006CHIKARAAnniversario DeltaReading, Pennsylvania
Fri, May 26th 2006FIPInverness Show (May '06)Inverness, Florida
Fri, May 26th 20061PWKnow Your Enemy - Day 1Doncaster, England
Fri, May 26th 2006AJPWRise Up Tour '06 - Day 4Yamaga, Kumamoto
Fri, May 26th 2006Dragon GateAggressive Gate 2006 - Day 15Imabari, Ehime
Fri, May 26th 2006NOAHNorthern Navigation '06 - Day 6Hokuto, Yamanashi
Fri, May 26th 2006Kaiju Big BattelAnime Big Battel: Somone Must Die!Boston, Massachusetts
Fri, May 26th 2006CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Thu, May 26th 2005NOAHNavigation With Breeze '05 - Day 9Obihiro, Hokkaido
Thu, May 26th 2005Dragon GateAggressive Gate 2005 - Day 9Kurume, Fukuoka
Thu, May 26th 2005AJPWRise Up Tour '05 - Day 6Yatsuhiro, Kumamoto
Wed, May 26th 2004NJPWBest of the Super Juniors XI - Day 4Kira, Shizuoka
Wed, May 26th 2004NOAHNavigation with Breeze '04 - Day 9Mombetsu, Hokkaido
Wed, May 26th 2004NWA TNAWeekly PPV #96: World X CupNashville, Tennessee
Wed, May 26th 2004NWA TNAXplosion #81 TapingNashville, Tennessee
Mon, May 26th 2003NJPWBest of the Super Juniors X - Day 4Fukushima, Fukushima
Mon, May 26th 2003WWEMonday Night RawMobile, Alabama
Mon, May 26th 2003WWESunday Night Heat #253 TapingMobile, Alabama
Sun, May 26th 2002NJPWBest of the Super Juniors IX - Day 7Fukushima, Fukushima
Sun, May 26th 2002NOAHNavigation With Breeze '02 - Day 14Sapporo, Hokkaido
Sun, May 26th 2002JAPWSummer Shore Series - Memorial Day MassacreSeaside Heights, New Jersey
Sat, May 26th 2001NJPWBest of the Super Juniors VIII - Day 5Ebina, Kanagawa
Sat, May 26th 2001DDTLive In KitazawaKitazawa, Tokyo
Sat, May 26th 2001AJPWSuper Power Series '01 - Day 1Iwate, Iwate
Sat, May 26th 2001Kaiju Big BattelNU Steel Cage CatastropheBoston, Massachusetts
Sat, May 26th 2001IWA-MSAnything You Can Do, I Can Do BetterCharlestown, Indiana
Sat, May 26th 2001WWFWWE LiveSalt Lake City, Utah
Sat, May 26th 2001XPWRedemptionLos Angeles, California
Fri, May 26th 2000ECWECW on TNN TapingToledo, Ohio
Fri, May 26th 2000ECWToledo Show (May '00)Toledo, Ohio
Fri, May 26th 2000AJPWSuper Power Series '00 - Day 6Niigata, Niigata
Fri, May 26th 2000NJPWBest of the Super Juniors VII - Day 5Kasugai, Aichi
Fri, May 26th 2000CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, May 26th 2000XPWD-DayLos Angeles, California
Wed, May 26th 1999NJPWBest of the Super Juniors VI - Day 7Uozu, Toyama
Wed, May 26th 1999OVWTV Taping (May '99 #4)Jeffersonville, Indiana
Wed, May 26th 1999WCWWCW LiveSavannah, Georgia
Wed, May 26th 1999HWAFort Mitchell ShowFort Mitchell, Kentucky
Tue, May 26th 1998NJPWBest of the Super Juniors V - Day 10Otsu, Shiga
Mon, May 26th 1997WCWNitroNashville, Tennessee
Mon, May 26th 1997WWFMonday Night RawEvansville, Indiana
Mon, May 26th 1997NJPWBest of the Super Juniors IV - Day 10Takamatsu, Kanagawa
Mon, May 26th 1997WWFShotgun Saturday Night #22 TapingEvansville, Indiana
Sun, May 26th 1996WWFIn Your House 8: Beware Of Dog (1)Florence, South Carolina
Sun, May 26th 1996NJPWOmiya Show (May '96)Omiya, Saitama
Sun, May 26th 1996WARYokohama Show (May '96)Yokohama, Kanagawa
Sun, May 26th 1996IWA JapanALL I NEED TOUR ’96 ~Give Me A Chance~ - Day 6Haramachi, Fukushima
Fri, May 26th 1995SMWHarlan Show (May '95)Harlan, Kentucky
Fri, May 26th 1995CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Wed, May 26th 1993NJPWExplosion Tour '93 - Day 2Omiya, Saitama
Sat, May 26th 1990AJPWSuper Power Series '90 - Day 10Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, May 26th 1985NJPWIWGP & WWF Champion Series '85 - Day 14Tottori, Tottori
Tue, May 26th 1981CWALouisville Show (May '81)Louisville, Kentucky
Fri, May 26th 1978NJPWTakamatsu ShowTakamatsu, Kanagawa
Sun, May 26th 1974AJPWMadison Square Garden Series '74 - Day 2Kamogawa, Chiba

starWrestlers Born on This Day in History

Date of BirthWrestlerPlace of Birth
Thu, May 26th 1994Miranda AlizeHouston, Texas
Thu, May 26th 1988Dabba-KatoOle?nica, Wroclaw Voivodeship
Tue, May 26th 1987Steve MaclinRutherford, New Jersey
Sat, May 26th 1984C. J. O'DoylePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Thu, May 26th 1983Scotty VortekzIndianapolis, Indiana
Wed, May 26th 1982NatalyaCalgary, Alberta
Tue, May 26th 1981R. J. SinghHertford, England
Sat, May 26th 1979Ashley MassaroBabylon, New York
Sun, May 26th 1968Pat KenneyWilmington, Delaware
Thu, May 26th 1966Polvo de EstrellasAcapulco, Guerrero

starWrestlers Died on This Day in History

Date of DeathDate of BirthWrestlerCause of Death
Sun, May 26th 2013 Jun 12th 1969Hector Garzacancer
Sat, May 26th 2012 Feb 7th 1925Hans SchmidtUnknown
Fri, May 26th 1972 Feb 22nd 1910Murcielago Velazquezliver cirrhosis


starHalls of Fame on This Day in History

Date of Entry Hall of Fame
no Halls of Fame found for this day of the year