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Below you can see the top ranked wrestler for each month of Pro Wrestling Illustrated's WWE Smackdown category.
IssueHighest Ranked
August 2002United States Triple H
September 2002United States Hulk Hogan
October 2002United States The Undertaker
November 2002United States The Undertaker
January 2003United States Brock Lesnar
February 2003United States Brock Lesnar
March 2003United States Brock Lesnar
April 2003United States The Big Show
May 2003United States Kurt Angle
June 2003United States Kurt Angle
August 2003United States Brock Lesnar
September 2003United States Brock Lesnar
October 2003United States Brock Lesnar
December 2003United States Kurt Angle
January 2004United States Brock Lesnar
February 2004United States Brock Lesnar
April 2004United States Brock Lesnar
May 2004United States Brock Lesnar
June 2004United States Eddie Guerrero
July 2004United States Eddie Guerrero
August 2004United States Eddie Guerrero
October 2004United States John Bradshaw Layfield
December 2004United States John Bradshaw Layfield
February 2005United States John Bradshaw Layfield
March 2005United States John Bradshaw Layfield
April 2005United States John Bradshaw Layfield
June 2005United States John Bradshaw Layfield
July 2005United States John Cena
August 2005United States John Cena
October 2005United States John Cena
November 2005United States Batista
December 2005United States Batista
January 2006United States Batista
February 2006United States Batista
March 2006United States Batista
May 2006United States Kurt Angle
July 2006United States Rey Mysterio
August 2006United States Rey Mysterio
September 2006United States Rey Mysterio
November 2006United States King Booker
December 2006United States King Booker
January 2007United States King Booker
February 2007United States King Booker
March 2007United States Batista
May 2007United States Batista
July 2007United States The Undertaker
Summer 2007Canada Edge
September 2007Canada Edge
November 2007India The Great Khali
December 2007India The Great Khali
February 2008United States Batista
March 2008Canada Edge
June 2008Canada Edge
September 2008Canada Edge
October 2008United States Triple H
February 2009United States Triple H
June 2009United States Triple H
August 2009Canada Edge
September 2009Canada Edge
October 2009United States CM Punk
November 2009United States Jeff Hardy
December 2009United States CM Punk
February 2010United States The Undertaker
March 2010United States The Undertaker
June 2010United States The Undertaker
August 2010United States Jack Swagger
September 2010United States Jack Swagger
October 2010United States Rey Mysterio Jr.
November 2010Spain Kane
December 2010Spain Kane
February 2011Spain Kane
March 2011Canada Edge
June 2011Canada Edge
August 2011Mexico Alberto Del Rio
September 2011United States Randy Orton
November 2011Canada Christian
January 2012United States Mark Henry
May 2012United States Daniel Bryan
September 2012Republic of Ireland Sheamus

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