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Below you can see the top ranked wrestler for each month of Pro Wrestling Illustrated's All Japan category.
IssueHighest Ranked
September 1988Japan Genichiro Tenryu
April 1996Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
May 1996Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
June 1996Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
July 1996Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
August 1996Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
September 1996Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
October 1996Japan Akira Taue
November 1996Japan Akira Taue
December 1996Japan Kenta Kobashi
Winter 1996Japan Kenta Kobashi
January 1997Japan Kenta Kobashi
February 1997Japan Kenta Kobashi
March 1997Japan Kenta Kobashi
April 1997Japan Kenta Kakinuma
May 1997Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
June 1997Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
July 1997Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
August 1997Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
September 1997Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
October 1997Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
November 1997Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
December 1997Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
Holiday 1997Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
January 1998Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
February 1998Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
March 1998Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
April 1998Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
May 1998Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
June 1998Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
July 1998Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
August 1998Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
September 1998Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
October 1998Japan Toshiaki Kawada
November 1998Japan Kenta Kobashi
December 1998Japan Kenta Kobashi
Holiday 1998Japan Kenta Kobashi
January 1999Japan Kenta Kobashi
February 1999Japan Kenta Kobashi
March 1999Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
April 1999Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
May 1999Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
June 1999Japan Toshiaki Kawada
July 1999United States Vader
August 1999United States Vader
September 1999United States Vader
October 1999Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
November 1999Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
December 1999Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
Holiday 1999Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
January 2000Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
February 2000Japan Mitsuharu Misawa
March 2000United States Vader
April 2000United States Vader
May 2000United States Vader
June 2000United States Vader
July 2000United States Vader
August 2000Japan Kenta Kobashi
September 2000Japan Kenta Kobashi
October 2000Japan Kenta Kobashi
November 2000Japan Kenta Kobashi
December 2000Japan Toshiaki Kawada
January 2001Japan Toshiaki Kawada
February 2001Japan Toshiaki Kawada
March 2001Japan Genichiro Tenryu
April 2001Japan Genichiro Tenryu
May 2001Japan Genichiro Tenryu
June 2001Japan Genichiro Tenryu
July 2001Japan Genichiro Tenryu
August 2001Japan Genichiro Tenryu
September 2001Japan Genichiro Tenryu
October 2001Japan Keiji Muto
November 2001Japan Keiji Muto
January 2002Japan Keiji Muto
February 2002Japan Keiji Muto
March 2002Japan Keiji Muto
April 2002Japan Keiji Muto
May 2002Japan Keiji Muto
June 2002Japan Keiji Muto
July 2002Japan Toshiaki Kawada

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