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LaSalle Knights of Columbus, LaSalle, Illinois, United States

Highest claimed attendance: 620 on Sat, Feb 5th 2011 at DREAMWAVE Season Premiere 2011

starLaSalle Knights of Columbus

date promotion card name attendance
Sat, Jun 15th 2024 DREAMWAVE No Escape 2024 unknown
Sat, Apr 20th 2024 DREAMWAVE Anniversary IX 400
Fri, Apr 19th 2024 DREAMWAVE Uprising: Women Athletes 2 400
Sat, Feb 10th 2024 DREAMWAVE Run This Town unknown
Sat, Dec 9th 2023 DREAMWAVE Good As Gold 2023 unknown
Fri, Dec 8th 2023 DREAMWAVE Uprising 2023 unknown
Sat, Oct 14th 2023 DREAMWAVE Follow Your Hart unknown
Sat, Aug 5th 2023 DREAMWAVE Those Summer Nights unknown
Fri, Aug 4th 2023 DREAMWAVE Summer Spectacular 2023 unknown
Sat, Jun 17th 2023 DREAMWAVE Nothin' But A Good Time unknown
Sat, Apr 22nd 2023 DREAMWAVE Anniversary VIII unknown
Sat, Feb 11th 2023 DREAMWAVE In With The Out Crowd unknown
Sat, Dec 10th 2022 DREAMWAVE Nevermore unknown
Sat, Aug 20th 2022 DREAMWAVE Summer Spectacular 2022 unknown
Sat, Oct 26th 2019 DREAMWAVE Dream On unknown
Sat, Dec 8th 2018 AAW Last Call unknown
Sat, Nov 10th 2018 AAW Legacy 2018 unknown
Sat, Sep 8th 2018 AAW Seize the Day 2018 unknown
Sat, Aug 4th 2018 AAW Jawbreaker 2018 unknown
Sat, May 5th 2018 AAW Day of Defiance 2018 unknown
Sat, Mar 31st 2018 AAW Path of Redemption 2018 unknown
Sat, Feb 3rd 2018 AAW The Chaos Theory 2018 unknown
Sat, Dec 2nd 2017 AAW Legacy unknown
Sat, Nov 4th 2017 AAW Rise of the Dragon unknown
Sat, Oct 7th 2017 AAW Seize the Day unknown
Sat, Aug 5th 2017 AAW Jawbreaker 2017 335
Sat, Apr 22nd 2017 AAW Path of Redemption 2017 unknown
Sat, Mar 4th 2017 AAW The Chaos Theory 2017 unknown
Sat, Feb 4th 2017 AAW End of Innocence unknown
Sat, Jan 7th 2017 AAW Tradition Continues unknown
Sat, Dec 3rd 2016 DREAMWAVE The End unknown
Sat, Nov 5th 2016 DREAMWAVE 100 550
Sat, Oct 1st 2016 DREAMWAVE Hardcore Halloween unknown
Sat, Sep 3rd 2016 DREAMWAVE Good as Gold 2016 unknown
Sat, Aug 6th 2016 DREAMWAVE Summer Spectacular 2016 450
Sat, Apr 9th 2016 DREAMWAVE Anniversary VII unknown
Sat, Mar 5th 2016 DREAMWAVE Road to Anniversary VII unknown
Sat, Feb 6th 2016 DREAMWAVE Immortality 2016 unknown
Sat, Jan 2nd 2016 DREAMWAVE Season Premiere 2016 unknown
Sat, Dec 5th 2015 DREAMWAVE The Fight Before Christmas 2015 unknown
Sat, Nov 7th 2015 DREAMWAVE Survival of the Fittest 2015 unknown
Sat, Oct 3rd 2015 DREAMWAVE No Escape 2015 unknown
Sat, Sep 5th 2015 DREAMWAVE Good As Gold 2015 unknown
Sat, Aug 1st 2015 DREAMWAVE Adversity 2015 unknown
Sat, Jul 11th 2015 DREAMWAVE Summer Spectacular 2015 unknown
Sat, Jun 6th 2015 DREAMWAVE Immortality 2015 unknown
Sat, May 2nd 2015 DREAMWAVE Retaliation 2015 unknown
Sat, Apr 11th 2015 DREAMWAVE Anniversary VI unknown
Sat, Mar 7th 2015 DREAMWAVE Road to Anniversary: Misfortune 2015 unknown
Sat, Feb 7th 2015 DREAMWAVE Season Premiere 2015 unknown
Sat, Dec 6th 2014 DREAMWAVE The Fight Before Christmas 2014 unknown
Sat, Nov 1st 2014 DREAMWAVE Survival of the Fittest 2014 unknown
Sat, Oct 4th 2014 DREAMWAVE No Escape 2014 unknown
Sat, Sep 13th 2014 DREAMWAVE Good As Gold 2014 unknown
Sat, Aug 2nd 2014 DREAMWAVE Adversity 2014 unknown
Sat, Jul 12th 2014 DREAMWAVE Summer Spectacular 2014 unknown
Sat, Jun 7th 2014 DREAMWAVE Immortality 2014 unknown
Sat, May 3rd 2014 DREAMWAVE Retaliation 2014 unknown
Sat, Apr 12th 2014 DREAMWAVE AnniVersary V unknown
Sat, Mar 1st 2014 DREAMWAVE Road to Anniversary: Misfortune 2014 unknown
Sat, Feb 1st 2014 DREAMWAVE Season Premiere 2014 unknown
Sat, Dec 7th 2013 DREAMWAVE The Fight Before Christmas 2013 unknown
Sat, Nov 2nd 2013 DREAMWAVE Survival of the Fittest 2013 unknown
Sat, Oct 5th 2013 DREAMWAVE No Escape 2013 unknown
Sat, Sep 14th 2013 DREAMWAVE Good as Gold 2013 unknown
Sat, Aug 3rd 2013 DREAMWAVE Adversity 2013 unknown
Sat, Jul 13th 2013 DREAMWAVE Summer Spectacular 2013 unknown
Sat, Jun 8th 2013 DREAMWAVE Immortality 2013 unknown
Sat, May 4th 2013 DREAMWAVE Retaliation 2013 unknown
Sat, Apr 13th 2013 DREAMWAVE Anniversary IV unknown
Sun, Mar 3rd 2013 DREAMWAVE Road to Anniversary: Misfortune 2013 unknown
Sat, Feb 2nd 2013 DREAMWAVE Season Premiere 2013 unknown
Sat, Dec 1st 2012 DREAMWAVE The Fight Before Christmas 2012 unknown
Sat, Nov 3rd 2012 DREAMWAVE Survival of the Fittest 2012 unknown
Sat, Oct 6th 2012 DREAMWAVE No Escape 2012 unknown
Sat, Sep 15th 2012 DREAMWAVE Good as Gold 2012 unknown
Sat, Aug 18th 2012 DREAMWAVE Fighting For Lily Benefit Show unknown
Sat, Aug 4th 2012 DREAMWAVE Adversity 2012 unknown
Sat, Jul 14th 2012 DREAMWAVE Summer Spectacular 2012 unknown
Sat, Jun 9th 2012 DREAMWAVE Immortality 2012 unknown
Sat, May 5th 2012 DREAMWAVE Retaliation 2012 unknown
Fri, Apr 6th 2012 DREAMWAVE Anniversary III unknown
Sat, Mar 3rd 2012 DREAMWAVE Road to Anniversary 2012 unknown
Sat, Feb 4th 2012 DREAMWAVE Season Premiere 2012 unknown
Sat, Dec 3rd 2011 DREAMWAVE The Fight Before Christmas 2011 unknown
Sat, Nov 5th 2011 DREAMWAVE Survival of the Fittest 2011 unknown
Sat, Oct 1st 2011 DREAMWAVE No Escape 2011 unknown
Sat, Sep 10th 2011 DREAMWAVE Good as Gold 2011 unknown
Sat, Aug 6th 2011 DREAMWAVE Adversity 2011 unknown
Sat, Jul 16th 2011 DREAMWAVE Summer Spectacular 2011 unknown
Sat, Jun 4th 2011 DREAMWAVE Immortality 2011 unknown
Sat, May 7th 2011 DREAMWAVE Retaliation 2011 unknown
Sat, Apr 9th 2011 DREAMWAVE Anniversary II unknown
Sat, Mar 5th 2011 DREAMWAVE Road to Anniversary 2011 unknown
Sat, Feb 5th 2011 DREAMWAVE Season Premiere 2011 620
Sat, Dec 4th 2010 DREAMWAVE The Fight Before Christmas 2010 unknown
Sat, Nov 6th 2010 DREAMWAVE Survival of the Fittest 2010 unknown
Sat, Oct 9th 2010 DREAMWAVE No Escape 2010 unknown
Sun, Sep 12th 2010 DREAMWAVE Good as Gold 2010 unknown
Sat, Aug 7th 2010 DREAMWAVE Adversity 2010 unknown
Sat, Jul 17th 2010 DREAMWAVE Summer Spectacular 2010 unknown
Sat, Jun 5th 2010 DREAMWAVE Immortality 2010 unknown
Sat, May 1st 2010 DREAMWAVE Retaliation 2010 unknown
Sat, Apr 3rd 2010 DREAMWAVE Anniversary 2010 unknown
Sat, Mar 6th 2010 DREAMWAVE Road to Anniversary 2010 unknown
Sat, Feb 6th 2010 DREAMWAVE Season Premiere 2010 unknown
Sun, Dec 6th 2009 DREAMWAVE The Fight Before Christmas 2009 unknown
Sat, Nov 7th 2009 DREAMWAVE National Security unknown
Sat, Sep 12th 2009 DREAMWAVE Hart Attack unknown
Sat, Aug 1st 2009 DREAMWAVE Everybody Has A Price unknown
Sat, Jul 18th 2009 DREAMWAVE A New Era Begins unknown
Sat, Jun 6th 2009 DREAMWAVE Immortality 2009 unknown
Sat, May 2nd 2009 DREAMWAVE Open Roads, Broken Dreams unknown
Sat, Apr 4th 2009 DREAMWAVE Beginnings unknown