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starCards on This Day in History

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datepromotioncard namelocation
Sun, Feb 11th 2024STARDOMLive In FujiFujisan, Shizuoka
Sun, Feb 11th 2024Dragon GateTruth Gate 2024 - Day 4 ~ Day ShowFukuoka, Fukuoka
Sun, Feb 11th 2024Dragon GateTruth Gate 2024 - Day 4 ~ Evening ShowFukuoka, Fukuoka
Sun, Feb 11th 2024RevProLive In Southampton 28Southampton, England
Sun, Feb 11th 2024NJPWThe New Beginning In Osaka 2024Osaka, Osaka
Sat, Feb 11th 2023STARDOMTriangle Derby I - Day 9: In JoetsuJoetsu, Niigata
Sat, Feb 11th 2023NWANuff SaidTampa, Florida
Sat, Feb 11th 2023AIWThis Aggression Will Not Stand ManYoungstown, Ohio
Sat, Feb 11th 2023ICW No Holds BarredVolume 41Leeds, England
Sat, Feb 11th 2023AAALuchando Por MexicoMiguel Hidalgo, Federal District
Sat, Feb 11th 2023DREAMWAVEIn With The Out CrowdLaSalle, Illinois
Sat, Feb 11th 2023NXTCitrus Springs ShowCitrus Springs, Florida
Sat, Feb 11th 2023wXwRoad to 16 Carat Gold 2023Bielefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia
Sat, Feb 11th 2023Freelance UndergroundBack For MoreJoliet, Illinois
Sat, Feb 11th 2023DEFYYear 6Seattle, Washington
Sat, Feb 11th 2023GCW/JCW (NJ)Jersey J-Cup 2023 - Session 1Jersey City, New Jersey
Sat, Feb 11th 2023GCW/JCW (NJ)Jersey J-Cup 2023 - Session 2Jersey City, New Jersey
Sat, Feb 11th 2023Dragon GateRey De Parejas 2023 - Day 4Kobe, Hyogo
Sat, Feb 11th 2023WrestleProViolencetines DayRahway, New Jersey
Sat, Feb 11th 2023DDTYokohama Unlimited Vol. 1Yokohama, Kanagawa
Sat, Feb 11th 2023NJPWThe New Beginning In Osaka 2023 Osaka, Osaka
Fri, Feb 11th 2022AIWYou Know What? I'm Not Leaving!Cleveland, Ohio
Fri, Feb 11th 2022West Coast ProThe Art Of DrowningSan Francisco, California
Fri, Feb 11th 2022NJPWNew Years Golden Series 2022 - Day 9Sendai, Miyagi
Fri, Feb 11th 2022CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Feb 11th 2022NOAHStep Forward 2022 - Day 3Tokyo, Tokyo
Fri, Feb 11th 2022Dragon GateTruth Gate 2022 ~ Final Burst Out! K-Ness Forever - Day 4Kyoto, Honshu
Fri, Feb 11th 2022WWEFriday Night SmackdownNew Orleans, Louisiana
Fri, Feb 11th 2022WWEFriday Night Smackdown TapingNew Orleans, Louisiana
Thu, Feb 11th 2021IWA-MSHeartbreak 2021Jeffersonville, Indiana
Thu, Feb 11th 2021Dragon GateTruth Gate 2021 - Day 4Toyohashi, Aichi
Thu, Feb 11th 2021NXT UKTV #131 (airdate)London, England
Thu, Feb 11th 2021STARDOMWe Are Stardom!! Broadcast Start CommemorationKyoto, Honshu
Thu, Feb 11th 2021NJPWThe New Beginning in Hiroshima 2021 - Day 2Hiroshima, Hiroshima
Tue, Feb 11th 2020STARDOMNew Years Stars 2020 - Day 5 - Afternoon ShowOsaka, Osaka
Tue, Feb 11th 2020STARDOMNew Years Stars 2020 - Day 5 - Evening ShowOsaka, Osaka
Tue, Feb 11th 2020Dragon GateTruth Gate 2020 - Day 7 ~ Dragon Kid Homecoming ~Tokai, Aichi
Tue, Feb 11th 2020OVWTV #1070 / Overdrive TapingLouisville, Kentucky
Tue, Feb 11th 2020AJPWExcite Series '20 - Day 1Tokyo, Tokyo
Mon, Feb 11th 2019AJPWExcite Series '19 - Day 5Kochi, Kochi
Mon, Feb 11th 2019STARDOMIdols 3rdTokyo, Tokyo
Mon, Feb 11th 2019NOAHNavigation For Progress 2019 - Day 1Fukushima, Fukushima
Mon, Feb 11th 2019Dragon GateTruth Gate 2019 - Day 6Oro, Kagoshima
Mon, Feb 11th 2019WWEMain Event TapingGrand Rapids, Michigan
Mon, Feb 11th 2019WWEMonday Night RawGrand Rapids, Michigan
Mon, Feb 11th 2019NJPWThe New Beginning in Osaka 2019Osaka, Osaka
Sun, Feb 11th 2018PROGRESSChapter 63: Take Me UndergroundManchester, England
Sun, Feb 11th 2018Dragon GateKotoka Road To Final - Day 7Hakata, Fukuoka
Sun, Feb 11th 2018NOAHNavigation of Dash 2018 - Day 2Osaka, Osaka
Sat, Feb 11th 2017WWEWWE Live: Road To Wrestlemania (Raw)Anchorage, Alaska
Sat, Feb 11th 2017ROHSteel City ExcellencePittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sat, Feb 11th 2017Freelance WrestlingThe Hammer Of DawnChicago, Illinois
Sat, Feb 11th 2017IWA-MSOpportunity 2017Memphis, Indiana
Sat, Feb 11th 2017wXwWe Love Wrestling Tour 2017: KölnCologne, North Rhine-Westphalia
Sat, Feb 11th 2017WrestleProBrooklyn ShowBrooklyn, New York
Sat, Feb 11th 2017Michinoku ProJapan Expo Thailand 2017 - Day 1Bangkok, Bangkok
Sat, Feb 11th 2017WWEWWE Live: Road To Wrestlemania (Smackdown)Las Cruces, New Mexico
Sat, Feb 11th 2017NJPWThe New Beginning in Osaka 2017Osaka, Osaka
Sat, Feb 11th 2017FIPAscension 2017Ybor City, Florida
Sat, Feb 11th 2017STARDOMNew Years Stars 2017 - Day 5Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Feb 11th 2017NXTAlbany ShowAlbany, New York
Sat, Feb 11th 2017NXTGainesville ShowGainesville, Florida
Sat, Feb 11th 2017CZWEighteen and Still Like Nothing Else!Voorhees, New Jersey
Sat, Feb 11th 2017WSU10th Anniversary ShowVoorhees, New Jersey
Sat, Feb 11th 2017NOAHThe Second Navigation 2017 - Day 1Sendai, Miyagi
Sat, Feb 11th 2017Dragon GateTruth Gate 2017 - Day 6Kokura, Fukuoka
Thu, Feb 11th 2016NJPWThe New Beginning in OsakaOsaka, Osaka
Thu, Feb 11th 2016NOAHThe Second Navigation 2016 - Day 3Tokyo, Tokyo
Thu, Feb 11th 2016Dragon GateTruth Gate 2016 - Day 6Toyohashi, Aichi
Thu, Feb 11th 2016WWEWWE Live - Road To WrestlemaniaCologne, North Rhine-Westphalia
Thu, Feb 11th 2016NXTJacksonville ShowJacksonville, Florida
Wed, Feb 11th 2015NXTTakeOver: RivalWinter Park, Florida
Wed, Feb 11th 2015OVWTV Taping #808Louisville, Kentucky
Wed, Feb 11th 2015AJPWExcite Series '15 - Day 4Tatebayashi, Gunma
Wed, Feb 11th 2015NJPWThe New Beginning In Osaka '15Osaka, Osaka
Wed, Feb 11th 2015CZWDojo Wars 20Blackwood, New Jersey
Wed, Feb 11th 2015NOAHGreat Voyage 2015 in NagoyaNagoya, Aichi
Wed, Feb 11th 2015Dragon GateTruth Gate 2015 - Day 6Kanazawa, Ishikawa
Tue, Feb 11th 2014WWEMain Event TapingOntario, California
Tue, Feb 11th 2014WWESmackdown! TapingOntario, California
Tue, Feb 11th 2014Dragon GateTruth Gate 2014 - Day 8Shimizu, Hokkaido
Tue, Feb 11th 2014AJPWSuwa Machiokoshi Vol. 3Kanagawa, Kanagawa
Tue, Feb 11th 2014NJPWNew Beginning in Osaka '14Osaka, Osaka
Mon, Feb 11th 2013Dragon GateMemorial Gate In Wakayama 2013Iwade, Wakayama
Mon, Feb 11th 2013NJPWNew Japan Road '13 - Day 1Osaka, Osaka
Mon, Feb 11th 2013WWESuperstars TapingNashville, Tennessee
Mon, Feb 11th 2013WWEMonday Night RawNashville, Tennessee
Mon, Feb 11th 2013AJPWExcite Series '13 - Day 3Kumamoto, Kumamoto
Sat, Feb 11th 2012CZW13th Anniversary ShowVoorhees, New Jersey
Sat, Feb 11th 2012Dragon GateTruth Gate 2012 - Day 4Tajimi, Gifu
Sat, Feb 11th 2012AJPW40th Anniversary Year Excite Series '12 - Day 5Osaka, Osaka
Sat, Feb 11th 2012STARDOMSeason 5 - New Year Stars 2012 - Day 4Nagoya, Aichi
Sat, Feb 11th 2012EWFEmpire Wrestling FederationLake Elsinore, California
Sat, Feb 11th 2012WWEWWE Live - World Tour (Raw)Abu Dhabi, Emirate of Abu Dhabi
Sat, Feb 11th 2012WWEWWE Live - Road To WrestleMania (Smackdown)San Francisco, California
Fri, Feb 11th 2011NJPWCircuit '11 New Japan ISM - Day 8Osaka, Osaka
Fri, Feb 11th 2011FCWGainesville Show (Feb '11)Gainesville, Florida
Fri, Feb 11th 2011AJPWExcite Series '11 - Day 4Osaka, Osaka
Fri, Feb 11th 2011AAWPath of Redemption 2011Merrionette Park, Illinois
Fri, Feb 11th 2011CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Feb 11th 2011TNATNA LiveElmira, New York
Fri, Feb 11th 2011Dragon GateTruth Gate 2011 - Day 5Kawagoe, Saitama
Thu, Feb 11th 2010NJPWCircuit '10 New Japan ISM - Day 10Gifu, Gifu
Thu, Feb 11th 2010AJPWExcite Series '10 - Day 4Maebashi, Gunma
Thu, Feb 11th 2010FCWTampa Show (Feb '10 #1)Tampa, Florida
Thu, Feb 11th 2010Dragon GateTruth Gate 2010 - Day 4Chiba, Chiba
Wed, Feb 11th 2009NJPWCircuit '09 New Japan ISM - Day 7Hamamatsu, Shizuoka
Wed, Feb 11th 2009OVWTV Taping #497Louisville, Kentucky
Wed, Feb 11th 2009Dragon GateTruth Gate 2009 - Day 3Chiba, Chiba
Wed, Feb 11th 2009AJPWExcite Series '09 - Day 3Tokorozawa, Saitama
Mon, Feb 11th 2008NJPWCircuit '08 New Japan ISM - Day 6Gifu, Gifu
Mon, Feb 11th 2008Dragon GateTruth Gate 2008 - Day 5Chiba, Chiba
Sun, Feb 11th 2007TNAAgainst All Odds '07Orlando, Florida
Sun, Feb 11th 2007Dragon GateTruth Gate 2007 - Day 3Wakayama, Wakayama
Sat, Feb 11th 2006NJPWCircuit '06 Acceleration - Day 10Osaka, Osaka
Sat, Feb 11th 2006CZWSeven Years Strong: Settling the ScorePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Sat, Feb 11th 2006APWGym WarsHayward, California
Sat, Feb 11th 2006ROHUnscripted IILake Grove, New York
Sat, Feb 11th 2006OVWCorydon Show (Feb '06)Corydon, Indiana
Fri, Feb 11th 2005HUSTLEPPV 7Nagoya, Aichi
Fri, Feb 11th 2005FIPNew Dawn RisingLakeland, Florida
Fri, Feb 11th 2005NJPWNew Year Gold Series '05 - Day 8Osaka, Osaka
Fri, Feb 11th 2005AJPWExcite Series '05 - Day 6Isahaya, Nagasaki
Fri, Feb 11th 2005Dragon GateTruth Gate 2005 - Day 4Wakayama, Wakayama
Fri, Feb 11th 2005wXwJoint@Venture - Day 1Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Fri, Feb 11th 2005CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Feb 11th 2005IWA-MSShadows Over VincennesVincennes, Indiana
Wed, Feb 11th 2004NJPWFighting Spirit '04 - Day 11Osaka, Osaka
Wed, Feb 11th 2004DDTFuture Port 2004Yokohama, Kanagawa
Wed, Feb 11th 2004OVWTV Taping (February '04 #2)Louisville, Kentucky
Wed, Feb 11th 2004NWA TNAWeekly PPV #81: America's X Cup Part INashville, Tennessee
Wed, Feb 11th 2004NWA TNAXplosion #66 TapingNashville, Tennessee
Wed, Feb 11th 2004AJPWExcite Series '04 - Day 1Tokyo, Tokyo
Tue, Feb 11th 2003WWESmackdown! TapingBakersfield, California
Tue, Feb 11th 2003NJPWFighting Spirit '03 - Day 7Gifu, Gifu
Tue, Feb 11th 2003WWEVelocity #39 TapingBakersfield, California
Tue, Feb 11th 2003AJPWExcite Series '03 - Day 4Kyoto, Honshu
Mon, Feb 11th 2002NJPWFighting Spirit '02 - Day 7Osaka, Osaka
Mon, Feb 11th 2002NOAHNavigate for Evolution '02 - Day 7Toyota, Aichi
Mon, Feb 11th 2002WWFMonday Night RawJonesboro, Arkansas
Mon, Feb 11th 2002WWFJakked #129 TapingJonesboro, Arkansas
Mon, Feb 11th 2002AJPWExcite Series '02 - Day 3Toyohashi, Aichi
Sun, Feb 11th 2001NOAHNavigation For Progress - Day 2Tokyo, Tokyo
Sun, Feb 11th 2001NJPWFighting Spirit '01 - Day 7Osaka, Osaka
Sun, Feb 11th 2001WWFWWF LiveBoston, Massachusetts
Sun, Feb 11th 2001WCWWCW LiveBaton Rouge, Louisiana
Fri, Feb 11th 2000ECWWashington Show (Feb '00)Washington, DC
Fri, Feb 11th 2000NJPWFighting Spirit '00 - Day 7Osaka, Osaka
Fri, Feb 11th 2000CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Feb 11th 2000WCWMillenium Tour '00 - Day 1Hamburg, Lower Saxony
Thu, Feb 11th 1999NJPWFighting Spirit '99 - Day 12Osaka, Osaka
Thu, Feb 11th 1999ECWFreeport Show (Feb '99)Freeport, New York
Thu, Feb 11th 1999WWF/IWA Puerto RicoWWF LiveCarolina, Puerto Rico
Wed, Feb 11th 1998NJPWFighting Spirit '98 - Day 13Osaka, Osaka
Wed, Feb 11th 1998WARTokyo Show (Feb '98)Tokyo, Tokyo
Wed, Feb 11th 1998OVWTV Taping (February '98 #2)Jeffersonville, Indiana
Tue, Feb 11th 1997NJPWFighting Spirit '97 - Day 12Osaka, Osaka
Sun, Feb 11th 1996NJPWOsaka Show (Feb '96)Osaka, Osaka
Sun, Feb 11th 1996WCWSuperBrawl VISt. Petersburg, Florida
Sat, Feb 11th 1995SMWMorristown Show (February '95)Morristown, Tennessee
Fri, Feb 11th 1994NJPWFighting Spirit '94 - Day 10Osaka, Osaka
Fri, Feb 11th 1994CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Feb 11th 1994JWPTokyo Show (Feb '94)Tokyo, Tokyo
Thu, Feb 11th 1993WWFWinter Tour '93 - Day 8Aschaffenburg, Bayern
Thu, Feb 11th 1993SMWBeckley Show (February '93)Beckley, West Virginia
Tue, Feb 11th 1992NJPWMie Show (Feb '92)Mie, Oita
Mon, Feb 11th 1991NJPWSuper February '91 - Day 8Kawagoe, Saitama
Fri, Feb 11th 1983EMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Feb 11th 1983NWASt. Louis Show (Feb '83)St. Louis, Missouri
Thu, Feb 11th 1982NJPWGamagori Show (Feb '82)Gamagori, Aichi
Sun, Feb 11th 1979AWAMinneapolis Show (Feb '79)Minneapolis, Minnesota
Fri, Feb 11th 1977NWASt. Louis Show (Feb '77)St. Louis, Missouri

starWrestlers Born on This Day in History

Date of BirthWrestlerPlace of Birth
Fri, Feb 11th 2000Ryuki HondaMachida, Tokyo
Thu, Feb 11th 1993CavemanGuayama, Puerto Rico
Sun, Feb 11th 1990Koji DoiUnknown, Unknown
Sat, Feb 11th 1989BonesawUnion City, New Jersey
Tue, Feb 11th 1986Soul RockerUnknown, Unknown
Mon, Feb 11th 1980Kacee CarlisleWashington, DC
Sun, Feb 11th 1973HernandezHouston, Texas
Wed, Feb 11th 1970Hiroshi ItakuraUnknown, Unknown
Tue, Feb 11th 1964Ken ShamrockMacon, Georgia
Sun, Feb 11th 1962Bestia SalvajeGuadalajara, Jalisco
Fri, Feb 11th 1949T. John TibbedeuxHouston, Texas
Sun, Feb 11th 1940Espanto IIITorreon, Coahuila
Tue, Feb 11th 1936Burt ReynoldsWaycross, Georgia
Mon, Feb 11th 1935Cowboy BradleyUnknown, Texas

starWrestlers Died on This Day in History

Date of DeathDate of BirthWrestlerCause of Death
Sat, Feb 11th 2017 Jan 7th 1949Chavo Guerrero, Sr.cancer
Thu, Feb 11th 2021 Feb 7th 1958Rusty BrooksUnknown
Thu, Feb 11th 2016 Aug 10th 1971Kevin Randlemandrug overdose/ heart attack


starHalls of Fame on This Day in History

Date of Entry Hall of Fame
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